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< NacOJerk> Is there a good guide for building a neural network using mlpack ?
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< jenkins-mlpack2> Project docker mlpack nightly build build #164: STILL UNSTABLE in 3 hr 20 min:
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< Soonmok> Hey! is here anyone who applied for GSOC for this project?
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< NacOJerk> is there a guide somewhere about how to use nvblas with mlpack ?
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< Hemal> I am having difficulty in using cmake after making some changes in the source file, could anyone guide me , how do i build the file using cmake and run it to test whether the changer are workingnor not,
< Hemal> When I run cmake . I get "confuguring incomplete , errors occured !"
< zoq> NacOJerk: Hello, set ARMA_USE_BLAS and ARMA_USE_LAPACK in armadillo/include/config.hpp and link against nvblas in the build step.
< zoq> Hemal: Is this the only output you get?
< Hemal> zoq, no, i get : cannot set "mlpack_srcs" current source has no parent ,
< Hemal> Then unkown cmake command "add_cli_executable
< Hemal> (warning) cmake_minimum_required not set
< zoq> did you change one of the cmakefiles as well?
< Hemal> No, i haven't
< zoq> also you run the cmake command from within the build folder?
< Hemal> No
< Hemal> I tried from within build, just now, the build is successful, thanks !
< zoq> okay, great
< Hemal> It shows "could not find Doxygen" is that ok ?
< zoq> yeah, unless you like to build the documentation that's fine
< Hemal> Yes i would like to build the documentation, could you guide me on how to get/use doxygen
< zoq> you can just install doxygen via the package manager e.g. on debian it#s just apt-get install doxygen
< Hemal> Ok , thanks !
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< Hemal> @zoq, the build says for doxygen missing components : dot and
< Hemal> After building , the documentation found using "--help" should change( with changes I have made in the source file), right ? But it is not reflecting the change
< zoq> Hemal: Do you run the executable from the build folder?
< Hemal> No, i've just put mlpack_logistic_regression --help on the command line..
< zoq> I see, so either you type 'make install' after the build step or use mlpack_logistic_regression from the build folder
< Hemal> Ok, i tried running the /build/bin/mlpack_logistic_regression --help , the change hasn't been reflected,
< Hemal> I am trying make install now.
< zoq> should be the same
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< Hemal> So what could be the reason for the change not reflected ? I changed the source file with code document change, then i built it, the build is successful and i try to run the executable.
< zoq> 'git diff' does show the change?
< Hemal> Yes
< zoq> do you mind to paste the change e.g. via pastebin or github gist here?
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< ShikharJ_> rcurtin: Does an organization also need to prepare a proposal in order to apply for GSoC?
< ShikharJ_> rcurtin: When does that usually happen? Please count me in for the list of mentors.
< rcurtin> ShikharJ_: the applications for organizations start on 1/15, and we'll probably have something like two weeks
< rcurtin> I will be sure to make sure you are involved in the application process :)
< ShikharJ_> rcurtin: I have been receiving a number of e-mails already from interested students, I can only wonder how many you'd be receiving everyday :/
< rcurtin> actually so far it has not been too many :)
< rcurtin> there will be a lot in late February and March though for sure
< ShikharJ_> rcurtin: Do you reply to all of them personally? I reckon it might get to a point where it is just too much.
< rcurtin> I do my best to, yeah
< rcurtin> ah, unfortunately I actually have to go at the moment. but we can continue this discussion later :)
< ShikharJ_> rcurtin: No worries, happy holidays!
< ShikharJ_> I'll sign off for now as well.
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