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<asimovsh> hey guys
<asimovsh> someone have a build of librsvg?
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<sewn> why?
<phinxy> Anyone got Inkscape 1.3 working? It builds but segfault with "__setjmp in /lib/ld-musl".
<sewn> phinxy: flatpak
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<asimovsh> sewn: i tried to build hyprland and needed librsvg for hyprcursor depends
<asimovsh> but already solved
<sewn> hyprland yuck
<asimovsh> yeah
<asimovsh> but it looks good
<sewn> hyprland is a whore
<asimovsh> i tried swayfx but it seems buggy with wlroots upstream
<asimovsh> like a whore it give you pleasure in a shit way
<asimovsh> anyway
<asimovsh> if anyone here have a hyprland build it will be nice to test
<asimovsh> i will still make my build
<asimovsh> sewn: what distro are you using right now?
<sewn> hyprland was hard for me to deal with on kiss in the packaging side of things
<sewn> author was very hostile about it
<sewn> so i had to patch hyprland to package it properly
<asimovsh> I know
<sewn> i dont know why people use software made by a shitty author
<asimovsh> you have the build? maybe i can handle it in community
<sewn> this is 2 years ago asimovsh
<sewn> not sure you'd want that
<sewn> asimovsh: keep your shitware outside kiss community :D
<asimovsh> just for test
<asimovsh> and maybe some people will like it
<sewn> we are on KISS not arch
<asimovsh> thats right
<asimovsh> what distro are you using right now?
<asimovsh> U said that you are not in kiss anymore
<sewn> alpine
<sewn> best distro by far for me
<asimovsh> why?
<sewn> i like it's design and simplicity
<sewn> and i like my convenience - things work more and i have to worry less about my system
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<asimovsh> i like alpine but the system build is a problem
<sewn> abuild is so nice
<asimovsh> binaries force you to use xwayland and stuff
<sewn> and do you happen to know why that is?
<sewn> why they build with full feature support?
<asimovsh> for convenience
<asimovsh> less problem
<sewn> yes
<sewn> its aimed to satisfy everyone
<sewn> and its doing a rather great job
<asimovsh> yeah
<asimovsh> i prefer musl gentoo
<sewn> gentoo is much more bloated than alpine
<asimovsh> the problem with gentoo is just the core utils and the package manager
<sewn> alpine uses apk (C) and abuild (ash), while gentoo just uses python for everything, and the build system in general is badly designed
<sewn> it is really hard to deal with for the user too
<asimovsh> yeah
<asimovsh> but useflags are a good option to customize your system
<asimovsh> thats the good in gentoo
<sewn> the only good thing really yeah
<asimovsh> thats what a like
<asimovsh> maybe i will try alpine some day
<asimovsh> for now kiss is doing great again
<asimovsh> i can customize for what i need
<sewn> i understand
<asimovsh> also van anyone here pull my libtorrent fix?
<asimovsh> in community
<asimovsh> sewn: are you using a wayland compositor in alpine?
<sewn> i am using my fork of dwl
<asimovsh> I thinking in try it
<asimovsh> Is that good?
<sewn> trying dwl?
<asimovsh> Yeah
<sewn> do you like bspwm?
<asimovsh> not so much i like it time ago
<sewn> do you like i3?
<asimovsh> never used
<asimovsh> I liked dwm when i used xorg
<sewn> do you like dwm bar or a fancier bar
<asimovsh> i dont have a need for bar so not a problem
<sewn> ok use dwl
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<asimovsh> sewn: are you having problems in foot terminal in alpine?
<sewn> no
<asimovsh> my kiss foot is buggy
<sewn> i like foot(1)
<sewn> what is the issue..?
<asimovsh> Evert time i launch a terminal
<asimovsh> i get 3 lines terminal
<asimovsh> like \n or it made a enter 2 times
<sewn> resize your terminal
<sewn> and observe what happens
<asimovsh> get a new line
<sewn> yep
<sewn> its an ash bug
<sewn> this happens in st as well
<sewn> thats how i know
<asimovsh> alpine solved it?
<sewn> apparently
<sewn> i dont know why but the bug is gone on alpine
<sewn> but it is specific to the shell
<sewn> if you use oksh, mksh, yash the issue is gone
<asimovsh> and about the line breaking in typing?
<sewn> what?
<sewn> this osunds new
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<asimovsh> seems that the terminal get a line break even the words are not in the last pixel possible in terminal
<asimovsh> it break a line before the terminal line size maximum
<sewn> hmm never seen that
<asimovsh> heres a sample
<sewn> foot?
<sewn> i don't have this issue
<asimovsh> strange
<sewn> i think its got to do with stuff like termconfig or ncurses
<sewn> ash right?
<asimovsh> ash
<asimovsh> I think is another ash problem
<asimovsh> Seems bash not have this issue
<sewn> interesting
<asimovsh> can you check if alpine ash have this issue too?
<sewn> i checked
<sewn> it doesn't
<asimovsh> strange
<asimovsh> you use foot as default terminal?
<sewn> i do
<asimovsh> i will look in alpine busybox build
<asimovsh> maybe some patch solved it
<thikkl> @asimovsh: if your prompt has escape sequences (like colors) you might have to surround them with \[ and \] so it doesn't count those characters towards the length of text
<sewn> are you on matrix
<asimovsh> me?
<sewn> thikkl
<thikkl> wdym matrix
<sewn> nvm
<asimovsh> thikkl: thats solve one problem
<asimovsh> But the line problem still remains
<thikkl> what does it look like now? Same as before?
<asimovsh> also
<asimovsh> the breaking line in typing solved
<asimovsh> but the new line in terminal resize no
<asimovsh> also looking in alpine build
<asimovsh> they have a patch for this problem and descibred it
<asimovsh> i will try it
<thikkl> ok
<thikkl> @sewn I found out what you meant by matrix
<asimovsh> Bruh
<asimovsh> wtf
<thikkl> I'm not using matrix
<asimovsh> why the fucking patch command in busybox is wrong?
<asimovsh> also solved it
<thikkl> cool
<asimovsh> For christ
<asimovsh> this is a simple patch
<asimovsh> and this problem is been here for years
<asimovsh> thats why i leaved kiss times ago
<asimovsh> community is dead
<sewn> chill
<sewn> we all know kiss is dead
<sewn> oh man what that is actually sad
<sewn> asimovsh: you're right
<sewn> thats just
<sewn> wow
<sewn> i dont know what to say
<asimovsh> that patch is from 2023 jan
<asimovsh> and are other several patches from alpine
<asimovsh> saddly
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<asimovsh> testuser[m]: can you accept my pull request in community?
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<testuser[m]> asimovsh that command was correct
<testuser[m]> in sources the patches are stored under `patch`
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<asimovsh> testuser[m]:
<asimovsh> the previus command used patch/*.patch
<asimovsh> the patch files are store in patches dir
<asimovsh> and i already builded with the previous command and the patch from my new patch file dont worked
<asimovsh> i have to change the command
<asimovsh> also the style guide use what i merged
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<asimovsh> hey guys
<asimovsh> The make style guide is correct?
<asimovsh> Using the function mk () cant install correctly gcompat libs
<asimovsh> I tried but i needed to use other style code
<asimovsh> testuser[m]:
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<kirsty> hello! bit of a weird one but my screen goes black after decompressing/booting kernel? i think it might be drm even though it's enabled? i haven't done firmware because im sure i don't need it but any help is appreciated!! similar to this post just without the firmware bit:
<asimovsh> i think is related to framebuffer
<asimovsh> kirsty: add the option CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE
<asimovsh> Maybe solve it
<asimovsh> testuser[m]: you know how i can handle codecs in pipewire?
<asimovsh> I wanna know if my ldac codec is working
<asimovsh> I builded with it
<asimovsh> But pipewire needs sbc for bluetooth so i dont know what codec he is using
<kirsty> added and rebuilt but still the same thing happening :<
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<asimovsh> it just get black screen?
<asimovsh> Init and go black screen?
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<kirsty> just gets stuck yes, i still think it's somehow a drm/framebuffer issue but i've literally enabled everything i can
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<riteo> sewn, re "gentoo build flags are a good thing" wait didn't we have a discussion a few years ago about how they were a bad idea?
<riteo> no idea if it was actually you or somebody else
<sewn> they're bad for kiss because its complicated to implement
<sewn> otherwise they are very convenient
<riteo> oh I see
<sewn> testuser[m]: right?
<riteo> I mean, they're variables pretty much
<riteo> can't be too hard to, dunno, store any var named `KISS_FEATURE_*` into a manifest or something
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<riteo> not sure though how _reliable_ feature flags might be
<riteo> like, you're maintaining exponentially more packages depending on how many flags you have
<riteo> what is it, 2^nflags?
<riteo> like, if you have 3 flags it's a bit like actually maintaning 8 packages
<riteo> I still wonder if there's some alternative to the fork approach or if perhaps it could be made more conveniente
<riteo> perhaps just some good documentation would help thinking about it (e.g. if you want xwayland support just pass `xwayland=true` or refer to this link for instructions on the available flags`)
<riteo> the most annoying part is updating though. Luckily there's kiss-outdated but I feel like it could be even better still
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<niceguy10000> hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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<asimovsh> riteo: i think it could be a good idea for kiss implement something like flags
<asimovsh> more convenience in build
<asimovsh> having to search for everything i want to build is kinda tough
<asimovsh> also anyone here is making the kiss c packaga manager?
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<ehawkvu> asimovsh: not that I'm aware of
<ehawkvu> I'm pretty content w/ my elisp one, though I may end up porting it over to common lisp in the long term
<ehawkvu> Kiss really isn't all that hard to implement (provided you are working with a nicer language than C)
<ehawkvu> asimovsh: I'm going to be adding more implementation specific docs (as in how to implement) to this repo
<asimovsh> I thinking to learn more about C to implemente kiss pkg in C
<asimovsh> ehawkvu: good documentation
<asimovsh> I think we need a more formal distro
<asimovsh> kiss still a mess fragmentation
<asimovsh> i know that the proposal of kiss is to anyone can handle the system without a central system
<asimovsh> but still a mess
<ehawkvu> I think one of the issues w/ kiss rn is that there isn't a BDFL who can direct the project
<ehawkvu> previously we had dylan, and then dilyn
<ehawkvu> now it's up in the air