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<testuser[m]> riteo: I do have dbus but it is disabled for pipewire, and the dbus daemon is never run
<testuser[m]> it's only used for the portal stuff, in a namespace
<testuser[m]> did you enable dbus support in the pipewire build?
<sad_plan> phoebos: sbase has fixed the sbase-box-install upstream. so we can now remove the patch in community.
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<asimovsh> Hey guys
<asimovsh> someone have a link for java build?
<sad_plan> ehawkvu: I fixed esources file in the pr. it should be ready now
<sad_plan> asimovsh: I think ehawkvu has some java related things in his repo. else kiss-lang might be it? depending on what you want that is
<sad_plan> alpine linux's aports repo, can also be a pointer on how to build it
<sad_plan> asimovsh: maybe this works for you?
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<asimovsh> also can i isolate dbus for only connect a bluetooth earbuds?
<asimovsh> just need need it for bluetooth audio
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<riteo> testuser[m]: I did not enable dbus for pipewire but I have a daemon constantly running at the user-level
<riteo> I did not want to bother with having to wrap specific programs to use it
<riteo> (sorry for the delay, I was more active last week as I was sick but now I'm going to school again)
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