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<Guest53> Hey! Is kiss linux compatible with any of the latest lts kernels?
<sewn> Guest53: try it and see
<sewn> kiss doesn't care about your kernel, that's your job to do
<Guest53> okay thx
<Guest53> also is it really up to date (security wise i mean), last commit was 3 years ago so i just wondered.
<sad_plan> kiss doesnt require any specific linux version. so use w/e floats your boat. regarding commits. use
<sad_plan> dylan araps is on a hiatus, so no updates. the community picked up the slack instead
<sad_plan> which is what is
<Guest53> okay, thanks also other question (i'm quite new to building your own system sorry...), this is the main repo : and in this repository with all the basic tools like baseinit etc. And in this repo there's the tarball, but where's the source to that? thx in advance
<Guest53> by the tarball i mean the file u extract in the root of your disk
<sad_plan> use instead. the one you linked is not active. as I stated. but initially, theyre the same yes
<sad_plan> you can find a tarball at codeberg repo aswell. which is up to date. more or less anyway. not sure when the latest tarball was released, as I havent checked
<sad_plan> the source to the tarball, is the repo itself. its built using that repo
<Guest53> oh yeah mybad wrong link i did check the community, i'm gonna all start from scratch with it. Thanks!
<sad_plan> np. if youre having trouble figuring out the install, its on
<sad_plan> unless youd already found that one :p
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<Guest53> yeah found that one 😝
<Guest53> But now i'm facing a new problem while building menuconfig with kernel 6.76 and 6.6.18 LTS
<Guest53> any idea why that would happen bc the error output is just nonsense to me
<sad_plan> please post logs at or similar sites
<Guest53> there :
<sad_plan> hm. thats not the kiss-chroot is it? try using building it from inside the chroot instead
<sad_plan> run /mnt/bin/kiss-chroot /mnt
<sad_plan> this will chroot into the tarball youve extracted. assuming youve already did that
<sad_plan> oh, wait, its in the chroot. says so on the top. didnt notice that.
<Guest53> yeah i'm in the kiss-chroot inside the /mnt
<ukky> old thread on Gentoo forum related to the same error:
<Guest53> like the install wiki said
<Guest53> could it be because i'm in a vm ?
<sad_plan> hm. its related to ncurses anyhow. could try to rebuild ncurses. sometimes that fixes the issue
<sad_plan> no, vm or not, shouldnt matter
<Guest53> could it be because ncurses is built with -O2?
<Guest53> got this : do conflicts affect in any way?
<Guest53> btw still getting the same error after rebuilding
<sad_plan> -O2 is just the optimization level for the compiler. it dont matter. its also the recommended one, appart from using -Os instead for size.
<sad_plan> no, busybox has those iirc
<sad_plan> clear and reset I mean
<sad_plan> this is the alternative system in use actualy
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<sad_plan> its a neat system. lets you swap out components of the system
<sad_plan> as oppposed to just overwrite them
<Guest53> i should reset everything?
<sad_plan> no need for that
<sad_plan> i refered to clear and reset as /usr/bin/reset and /usr/bin/clear, as you shown in the screenshot
<sad_plan> atm, its provided by busybox, but you can use the alternative system and switch to ncurses as provider instead if you want. its some documentation about it on the kisslinux site
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<Guest53> okay thx i'll try
<sad_plan> np
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