<headius> 9.3 merged to master
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<headius> enebo: I'm adding an unconditional nightly snapshot build for master at 6:30 UTC
<headius> should be a time when the least activity is going into repo
<enebo[m]> sounds good
<headius> this will feed into having a snapshot docker images, which has been requested by a few folks
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<headius> enebo: how are we handling priority of failures that are not specifically new 2.7-3.1 stuff?
<headius> the first one I look at today is not guarded by version, probably just got marked as wip because of a spec update
<headius> it "reads the contents of the file with default encoding" do... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/c63c802d8d022583e086886a3aca9828321140f2)
<enebo[m]> yeah there had been a few PRs which ended up getting tagged normally
<headius> oh, actually this one is passing... not sure how it got marked as WIP
<headius> but the question stands
<enebo[m]> I think personally it depends on how important it is as a failure but if it is important it probably should be considered for 9.3
<headius> so case by case
<enebo[m]> we could be more dogmatic about this but we should just evaluate it. It would be nice to realize it is 2.6 in case it should be fixed on jruby-9.3
<enebo[m]> but since we know we have those cases we should just verify it is really 2.7+ perhaps
<enebo[m]> I do quite a few fixes where I extract the test to a script so in those cases I think it is easy to check
<headius> ok
<enebo[m]> but I think we both can somewhat see that it is a new option or something like that
<headius> ok I'm skipping this argf thing
<headius> it only fails in a full run and I can't figure out what triggers it
<headius> there's a lot of default_internal/external juggling in these specs so who knows
<headius> moving it to fails and we can try to do an argf pass some time
<enebo[m]> argf is not a huge thing for JRuby
<enebo[m]> and we obviously pass most basic behavior
<headius> you mean people aren't using us for heavy command-line processing of files?!
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