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<contour[m]> <headius> "So someone out there knows how..." <- for sure lol I joined the team 2 months ago and there was def a migration last july
<contour[m]> We emailed him, he is currently out of the office. So he has some explaining to do...
<contour[m]> <headius> "No problem! It's pretty exciting..." <- its pretty big application and the creators have since retired a while ago
<contour[m]> I just realized enebo headius you guys are the main contributors for jruby! Absolute legends!
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<headius> Well I don't know about legends but yup that's us!
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<headius> enebo: I have rebased my WIP branch on current master and running fast specs again locally
<headius> I will try to get fast specs green in CI today and then we can proceed from the WIP job for ongoing work
<enebo[m]> ok
<headius> whenever we fix something we just remove tag and it will go back into the fast specs
<enebo[m]> yeah it should work out well an incoming PRs we will just show this feature
<enebo[m]> when spec:fast is doneish we can probably do MRI (although we can do it anytime really) but many issues may be gone by that point
<headius> Yeah that would be possible with a separate exclude directory for work in progress stuff
<headius> Though that doesn't overlay on the existing excludes hmm
<headius> I might make a modification to the exclude feature so that you can specify multiple directories
<headius> enebo: if you get a chance you might mention Kiichi and ahorek in their most recent poll requests and point out this WIP thing
<enebo[m]> It would be just an excludes_wip with parallel set but lets cross that bridge later
<enebo[m]> I think it woudl be a copy and add and we would diff the two dirs to see or something like that
<enebo[m]> yeah definitely on notifying
<enebo[m]> It will also be helpful for PR submitters
<enebo[m]> I like the idea of this so we can maintain a run which shows what is left but still have confidence
<headius> We can certainly copy and add but I think it would be a one-liner to make excludes check multiple directories
<headius> I wrote the feature after all
<headius> nobu got his hands on it though so I'm not sure what the code looks like now
<enebo[m]> yeah
<headius> 3489 files, 28179 examples, 107854 expectations, 0 failures, 0 errors, 1543 tagged
<headius> pushing
<headius> enebo: what do you think about having eregon tag incoming specs with WIP from now on
<headius> I was going to tell him he could go back to tagging as fails but tagging as WIP would mean we can review new failing specs as they come in
<headius> We can make the WIP CI run optional and have it always available to show what features we have not finished or evaluated
<enebo[m]> I am pretty indifferent. For development it would make sense but ordinarily I am happy enough to just have them get generic tags
<enebo[m]> I can see the value that it gives us some "triage" ability
<headius> yeah I will think on it a bit... I don't like that new spec failures just silently get tagged but we also don't want to go red every time we update
<enebo[m]> I don't really have much of a feel on it though
<enebo[m]> I will also think about it
<headius> oh yay spec:ruby:fast is green across the board on my PR now
<headius> the WIP job has specdoc turned on and appears to be running correctly:
<headius> I will merge this
<headius> there's a couple things in there that passed on Linux, may be MacOS oddities that got swept into wip
<headius> oh and a TCP#initialize spec appears to have hung
<headius> probably missing timeout: keyword support
<headius> anyway I will merge this, maybe you can do a look on Linux and add any other fails as wip
<headius> I am pinging kiichi and ahorek in the PR
<enebo[m]> I don't see any open pr for kiichi
<headius> I just did it in the wip PR
<headius> I'm probably done for the day, getting ready for trip
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