<byteit101[m]> headius: ^ is what I meant
<headius> byteit101: ahh right so they are in the same classloader
<headius> yes that should be part of core JRuby but I'm not sure how it should look... ideally we can abstract that somewhat so users aren't mucking around in ClassLoader internals
<headius> enebo: random PR is done... all MRI tests and rubyspecs pass, including tests of the formatter from securerandom gem
<headius> securerandom gem has a 0.2.0 release that matches Ruby 3.1
<enebo[m]> coolio
<headius> only one failure remaining in securerandom tests that I will continue looking at, but I will merge the PR now
<headius> oh I merged in some PRs from kiichi and mrnoname also
<headius> mrnoname merged in some jruby.sh code that is more explicit about how it munges strings to act like arrays
<headius> some weird hangs on my PR but they don't seem consistent... like one Java version out of three hanging
<headius> yeah don't seem related to my thing
<headius> I'm going to try to get more of our suites green
<headius> enebo: I am finding a lot of failures in jruby suite that are just stale behaviors, I will try to patch them for 3.1 behavior but some like SortedSet tests probably should just be deleted and we can defer to the gem's tests at some point
<headius> if I can trace any of these tests to something duplicate in CRuby suite I'll just delete ours
<headius> SortedSet tests in particular seem to fail several of our jruby/test_set.rb tests so I think we should just ditch them and pick up the gem's tests once we can run the new sorted_set that depends on rbtree
<headius> enebo: this seems like it broke non-Windows: https://github.com/jruby/jruby/commit/65f31a3075834764803a05afbd0dfa287d2ca1bb
<headius> ruby -e 'p File.extname("..")'
<headius> that should still return "" but it returns "." now
<headius> maybe you changed that while trying to run Rails or something real on Windows?
<enebo[m]> headius: that fixed something in spec/ruby
<enebo[m]> It could have broken more things I guess
<headius> ok I see, you basically forced Windows behavior on all platforms
<headius> which fixes most things but breaks this one case
<headius> I'm form-fitting the ".." case and cleaning up the conditionals to fix this
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