<anewbhav[m]> <mattpatt[m]> "anewbhav: there's a whole lot of..." <- Thanks. Found out - JAVA_HOME env variable was unset somehow. Once set, all worked smoothly
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<anewbhav[m]> Apart from the --dev flag, what can you suggest to speed up the warm up time. Were are TDDing and need to run specs very often. The warm up time kills the momentum .
<anewbhav[m]> s/Were/We/
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<boc_tothefuture[> Hello folks - I have been working on (with help from this room and others) a JRuby integration for the OpenHAB home automation project. The PR was merged today (yay!) so it should be in the next release. I had a question that I couldn't find an answer to on the wiki or the website (maybe I missed it?). Are there any restrictions on the JRuby logo or can it be included? Most integrations have an icon so the user can visually identify
<boc_tothefuture[> them when installing.
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