<byteit101[m]> Oh, that's a fun few symbols in the method name: public void __super$__rubyobj__FormattedTableCellFactory_TableCell$updateItem/* $FF was: __super$=rubyobj,FormattedTableCellFactory_TableCell$updateItem*/
<byteit101[m]> Sadly, I think the super dispatch needs a bit more work: org.jruby.exceptions.NoMethodError: (NoMethodError) super: no superclass method `updateItem' for #<FormattedTableCellFactory_TableCell:0x30c7be6f>
<byteit101[m]> Did you mean? updateItem
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<kares[m]> hey, just got back from time-off this week and bumped into the jruby-openssl issue.
<kares[m]> have been working on it but it seems to require porting over the certificate verification from OpenSSL 1.1
<kares[m]> while jruby-openssl has this code based on OpenSSL 1.0 so it's not that easy.
<kares[m]> johnphillips31416: no eta for fix delivery atm but we should be smarter towards the end of the week (assuming I will have time to work in this today/tomorrow)
<kares[m]> will commnent on the public issue once I know smt solid that hasn't been mentioned before ...
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<headius> kares: I looked at a cert expiration issue some years ago but was worried about trying to fix it... I will look for your comment and see if I can help
<headius> we are going to need to spike some new openssl impl at some point because maintaining the Ruby lib as well as much of the crypto guts is not sustainable anymore
<headius> byteit101: ha yeah I guess so
<headius> woot pattern matching: 1 file, 87 examples, 112 expectations, 1 failure, 0 errors, 0 tagged
<headius> enebo: the one failure is a spec just added, Pattern matching find pattern captures both preceding and following elements to the pattern FAILED
<enebo[m]1> ok
<headius> this is out of the main ruby/spec repo, we'll probably want to work from there while more 3.0 specs come in
<kares[m]> headius: interesting, did not realize you were looking at the same issue.
<kares[m]> yeah I am not sure about the jossl maintenance - raising concerns at Elastic (the bug impacted them) but as usual no expectations.
<headius> it was quite a long time ago
<kares[m]> locally I ported the logic over from OpenSSL 1.1 - it's ~ 80/20 finished, realized the feature is present in 1.0 so I will try to come up with a simpler patch instead (so we could ship a patch version soonish)
<headius> I was trying to figure out the algorithm that allows openssl to substitute a newer cert for an older one but it scared me because I wasn't sure how it verifies they are equivalent
<headius> an older expired or revoked cert that is
<kares[m]> sounds like the same thing - there's a feature flag and logic at C OpenSSL so I will follow that ...
<headius> ok let me know if there's anything I can help with then
<headius> there are a other issues about the same thing
<headius> enebo: it always amazes me that people actually use the installer, but I guess Windows users will be Windows users: https://github.com/jruby/jruby/issues/6849
<klobuczek[m]> does anyone have a hint for me how I could use a maven project from source during development instead of just having a dependency on a jar in gemspec?
<headius> like putting the project's target/classes in classpath?
<klobuczek[m]> yes
<headius> I have generally just added logic to build the jar but I can see why you would like to skip that step
<headius> adding the classes to classpath and attempting to access them directly before trying the jar might work fine
<headius> it is not something I have thought to try before 🤔
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<enebo[m]1> headius: I think installer is simplest for windows since it does figure out some settings for you
<headius> enebo: like what?
<headius> I think I have a fix for the exit! thing
<headius> mostly just moves the final exeption-handling and printing outside of the runtime teardown
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<headius> but it is a little scary
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<enebo[m]1> It sets up jruby in the path. It makes sure there is a valid JRE available. It does the unpacking in a place which has execution
<enebo[m]1> in theory the last one would be people just putting it in Program Files
<enebo[m]1> but it is one click
<headius> sure, my point though is that after doing a one-click installer they will proceed to drop into a shell and use shell commands to work with JRuby anyway
<headius> the PATH issue is hard to get around because Windows makes it hard
<headius> there could be a cmd script in the zip that you run to set that stuff up
<enebo[m]1> yeah I personally would use the installer over a tar or zip but just because I don't have to mess with the path at all
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<headius> I get it though, Windows has its own way of making you do things and it is a CLI-hostile environment
<enebo[m]1> win10 (probably 7+) did improve path management with per element listing in their dialogues
<headius> it is just such a difference
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<headius> and more for us to maintain
<enebo[m]1> but even then it is not fun for me
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<enebo[m]1> yeah
<enebo[m]1> It would be nice to not support as many things during release but I feel this is an expected item
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<johnphillips3141> Thank you kares
<headius> man the behaviors around at_exit are always bizarre
<headius> enebo: at_exit thing seems to be fixed and all tags for Kernel#at_exit/exit! and Process.exit! are gone now
<enebo[m]1> sweet!
<headius> hmm I need a rubgems staging server to work on this gem push thing
<enebo[m]1> I was thinking maybe make a bogus gem OR if it really won't succeed just rev something with a README change
<headius> yeah I am just worried about it succeeding
<headius> I guess I could just push pre gems or a dummy gem and yank if necessary
<headius> I don't want to take up some new namespace just for testing either
<enebo[m]1> just use something no one will like authenticator
<enebo[m]1> joking aside remember when I think drnic was recommending everyone fork gems and just prefix the name with their username?
<headius> there was some automatic github thing that turned your repo into a gem automatically
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