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<rockorager> dnkl: I read the issue for font selection and have some ideas but wanted to run past you first
<rockorager> To preface it, monaspace coming out with fonts intended to be mixed in a code editor changes the need of font selection
<rockorager> It would need to be a cell attribute, and probably is best specified as an SGR - where users configure there base set of fonts (like in a browser)
<rockorager> In firefox I pick my serif, sans-serif, monospace (but css also has cursive and fantasy as generic font families)
<rockorager> Following that sense, I think it would make sense to have an SGR sequence which can select from one of several fonts in a palette
<rockorager> The base number doesn't matter but I chose 15: `SGR 15 : Ps m`
<rockorager> Ps 0 => default, Ps 1 => sans, Ps 2 => serif, Ps 3 => cursive, Ps 4+ => user defined
<rockorager> And then users configure their font stack in the terminal config
<rockorager> "font-serif", "font-cursive", "font-sans" etc
<rockorager> This would add I'm guessing 1 byte per cell for a bitmask of which font is active
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<wael> Hello, when SSHing to a server where I cannot install the terminal type, what should I change $TERM to so I avoid breakage?
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<beerman> xterm should work mostly fine
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<E9> How can I do copy on select? Like when I select something I want it to be automatically copied to the system clipboard.
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<flowy> E9: sorry if you already know this but foot already copies on select, but to the 'primary' clipboard (which is not the same thing as system clipboard)
<flowy> so you might investigate ways of syncing the two clipboards to accomplish what you want
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<novakane> there is a config option to choose the clipboard you want iirc
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