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<cone-827> ffmpeg Michael Niedermayer master:82cce209349d: doc/examples/qsv_transcode: Simplify loop
<cone-827> ffmpeg Michael Niedermayer master:c9c11a0866d4: doc/examples/vaapi_transcode: Simplify loop
<cone-827> ffmpeg Michael Niedermayer master:191950d1bfc3: doc/examples/qsv_transcode: Simplify str_to_dict() loop
<cone-827> ffmpeg Michael Niedermayer master:cae0f2bc5503: doc/examples/qsv_transcode: Initialize pointer before free
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<Sean_McG> those 2 new iamf tests fail on big-endian
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<wbs> Sean_McG: they also fail on little-endian 32 bit
<Sean_McG> hm, and so they do
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<Sean_McG> .... does not fail on 64-bit BE so I guess this is the bitness not the endianness
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<haasn> what's the deal with how we sometimes use #define for flags and sometimes anonymous enums?
<haasn> is there a clear pattern or is it just randomly based on that author's feelings?
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<JEEB> I would guesstimate that older code utilized generic int, while newer code might be more likely to utilize enum
<Lynne> yeah, you can define stuff in structs next to fields is an advantage of defines
<Lynne> I prefer enums everywhere, even for bitfields, c23 surely isn't that far away to allow uint64_t enums
<haasn> should we strictly speaking strip metadata like AV_FRAME_DATA_SPHERICAL that can contain a bounding box when we resize something with vf_scale?
<haasn> because the bounding box will no longer be up-to-date
<haasn> (though I'm not sure if this bounding box is actually used in practice)
<thardin> reading up on mpegts some more, feeling inspired to try and write a hammer parser for it
<JEEB> as a protip: the 2021 edition is freely available as H.222 on ITU's side
<haasn> can hammer handle parsing structs where you need to do nontrivial processing (including memory allocation of temporary, dynamically sized arrays) mid-stream in order to know how the struct continues?
<JEEB> btw did we have variables affecting the reference file path in FATE? I thought if I could just add zlib-ng configure variable and then have a separate reference file for that :P
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<beastd> Lynne, haasn, JEEB: Is there control over the type underlying enum in C11? If not I think that could be a hard reason against enum in some cases.
<JEEB> yea it seems like by default just int
<haasn> that seems orthogonal to my question
<haasn> but it requires C23
<haasn> before C23 the implementation can do whatever it wants
<JEEB> apparently by adding a value that's UINT_MAX makes it unsigned?
<haasn> for clarity, I was asking about: enum { A = 1, B = 2, C = 4 }; int flags; vs #define A 1 #define B 2 #define C 4 int flags;
<beastd> haasn: just might explain why it is sometimes not an option. otherwise i guess there were no strict rules to it and more in the hands of the individual authors and reviewers
<haasn> seems to me there's never a reason to prefer the latter
<JEEB> yea, for flags there generally isn't
<nevcairiel> is there a reason to necessarily prefer the former? usign an enum for values that are not enumerated always seem weird to me
<nevcairiel> seems like a purely stylistic choice to me
<JEEB> yea it's more or less just a grouping at that point
<haasn> nevcairiel: it makes `gdb` print out proper debug info for one
<haasn> or, well, I guess it doesn't make a difference for an `int` field
<nevcairiel> but if those are actual flags and you combine them into one value, how would gdb know?
<haasn> oh, but I think it fixes tab completion inside gdb etc.
<Lynne> compilers tend to optimize enums if they can, and can figure out if there's a large value in it that it should be a larger int
<Lynne> but that's not required
<haasn> yes, tab completion works for anonymous enums but not #define symbols inside gdb
<haasn> could be seen as a gdb shortcoming but it does go to show that using "first class" language features instead of a preprocessor has its advantages in principle
<Lynne> I've only ran into flags in enums issue with switch () statements, where if you don't have a default: the compiler will complain that not every case is considered
<beastd> i think for the bitflags use case an enum is conceptually wrong, but in reality it might have advantages as you say. just feels weird to construct values by ORing etc that aren't part of the defined enumeration at all.
<nevcairiel> these kind of things annoy me in compilers anyway, what if I only want to consider 2 out of a hundred cases, now i need to add the stupid default just so the compiler doesnt get in my way ... maybe i'm too old for such features :P
<haasn> Lynne: not if you switch on an `int`, as in my example
<haasn> if you're using anonymous enums as basically C equivalents of constexprs then you're not really using them as enumeration types
<Lynne> you can't switch the type or are you intentionally keeping it as an int?
<haasn> intentionally, for flags
<haasn> I don't think it's technically required for `enum Foo` to be able to represent values not defined in that enumeration
<haasn> actually there is one other advantage to using an enum for flag bits that I learned from vulkan
<haasn> enum VkFooFlagBits { VK_FOO_A = 1 << 0, VK_FOO_B = 1 << 2 }; typedef uint32_t VkFooFlags;
<haasn> this gives a name to the flag bits which can be helpful for source code navigation / documentation purposes
<haasn> since if I see e.g. /* combination of VkFooFlagBits */ I can immediately jump to its definition
<beastd> i guess to use the enum for enumerating the bits and an unsigned int for processing could work as a pattern for these flags use cases. still seems unnatural from the primitves used, but the advantages maybe outweigh the disadvantages (assuming there are no big disadvantages we don't think about right now)
<nevcairiel> enums seem to be getting more popular for this just to get it a tad more definition then just preproc macros, but even in C++ noone seemed to have created a fully featured bit-flags type :D
<JEEB> yea
<beastd> haasn: Is your concern about a specific code at hand that you want to change or create? or is it more about guidelines for the ffmpeg codecase?
<JEEB> latter so he can figure out how to add new code most likely
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<haasn> both; I just noticed inconsistent definitions in e.g. avutil/frame.h
<haasn> contrast enum AVSideDataProps with AV_FRAME_FLAG_* not soon after it
<haasn> AV_FRAME_CROP_ is again an enum, and FF_DECODE_ERROR_ is a #define
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<cone-741> ffmpeg James Almer master:5fc4a824db16: fate/iamf: don't demux packets in fate-iamf-5_1-{copy,demux}
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<beastd> haasn: in that case I think for your work choose what you prefer.
<beastd> haasn: for the general case: you could propose it on ml and the pattern could be added to the coding style doc if there is no strong argument against it.
<JEEB> > don't demux packets in a demux test :D is there a verb missing there or so?
<JEEB> (like "log" or "output")
* JEEB didn't check the commit itself yet
<beastd> haasn: could also think about providing e.g. additional enums or defines for consistency. though not really sure it's worth the double work for the deprecation period and the hassle for all our lib users. gut feeling tends to no.
<ePirat> haasn, IMO more enums would be great as it makes the docs much easier to navigate too…
<cone-741> ffmpeg Derek Buitenhuis master:bcae59b8982f: avutil/error: Add HTTP 429 Too Many Requests AVERROR code
<cone-741> ffmpeg Derek Buitenhuis master:b79260550b3d: avformat/http: Use AVERROR_HTTP_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS
<cone-741> ffmpeg Derek Buitenhuis master:fa006246932f: avformat/http: Don't bail on parsing headers on "bad" HTTP codes
<cone-741> ffmpeg Derek Buitenhuis master:a776d524e1fc: avformat/http: Rename attempts to auth_attempts
<cone-741> ffmpeg Derek Buitenhuis master:10374ab5eddd: avformat/http: Add options to set the max number of connection retries
<cone-741> ffmpeg Derek Buitenhuis master:31de02cf3191: avformat/http: Add option to limit total reconnect delay
<cone-741> ffmpeg Derek Buitenhuis master:5d568b16a0ab: doc/protocols: Re-order HTTP options to match http.c order
<cone-741> ffmpeg Derek Buitenhuis master:1f8e5b6d9533: doc/protocols: Fill in missing HTTP options
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<BBB> I'm a bit confused by the 5yr plan thread... is the idea to generate a list of plans to work on and submit proposals for funding?
<BBB> or is it to generate ideas that are then considered pre-approved?
<BBB> or both? or something else?
<jdek> BBB: I think STF is orthogonal to this?
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<jamrial> BBB: it's to try and get people to come up with ideas to do something more than general maintenance and adding new codecs and filters
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<frankplow> Has anyone tried implementing any of the ISO 23090 stuff in FFmpeg?
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* Sean_McG peeks in
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<BtbN> What is coverity going on about? "av_dict_set_int" frees array ""type"".
<BtbN> Why would av_dict_set_int free the key, ever?
<nevcairiel> if you set AV_DICT_DONT_STRDUP_KEY it can happen in some cases
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<BtbN> So, what is the usual fate-setup? Run on a schedule once a day?
<BtbN> Run every five minutes, so it run whenever someone pushes?
<nevcairiel> i run every 6 hours, whatever suits your setup and runtime
<BtbN> Well, the box is just sitting there, doing nothing else :D
<wbs> if it's just sitting there, doing nothing, then essentially looping, running fate, with a 5-15 minute sleep inbetween runs probably is fine
<wbs> I run all of mine during the night, since it runs on HW I otherwise use for other things when I'm awake
<nevcairiel> mine is a box i use for all sorts of stuff, so i limit it, but its also in a VM with limited core assignments, so... eh
<nevcairiel> i need to entirely re-do that box at some point
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<Lynne> don't you run it every time there's a push?
<ePirat> BtbN, whats up with av_dict_set_int?
<ePirat> can I see the report somewhere?
<BtbN> just a weird coverity warning
<BtbN> https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/blob/master/fftools/ffmpeg_mux_init.c#L2313 it says this line frees the "type" string literal, which makes no sense
<ePirat> BtbN, yeah… does it say how it comes to that conclusion?
<BtbN> not as far as I can see
<BtbN> It just goes one level deep, and says " freed_arg: av_dict_set frees parameter key"
<ePirat> hmm
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<ePirat> BtbN, it would only do that if AV_DICT_DONT_STRDUP_KEY was set and it fails to alloc the value if I read it correctly…
<BtbN> Yeah, it looks to me like coverity has just decided that "av_dict_set frees parameter key", and now warns everywhere it's used with a static string
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<nevcairiel> static analyzers are so much fun :P
<nevcairiel> conditions? nah screw those
<nevcairiel> the flags parameter is basically always a compile-time constant, it should be able to figure that out
<Sean_McG> I haven't put mine on a schedule yet -- I'm having problems migrating the VM into libvirt so that it survives login/out
<Sean_McG> and even with ccache the runs take 2.5+ hours
<BtbN> What box is that slow?
<Sean_McG> an emulated 32-bit PowerPC G4
<Sean_McG> it runs on my workstation which is a Threadripper 2950X
<BtbN> man, awk inside a Makefile is just a horrible combo
<BtbN> I got a working awk command, but I can't figure out how to put it into a Makefile without causing the most nonsensical random effects
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<Sean_McG> I can't say I've traditionally seen much awk usage in a Makefile, I wonder if that's why
<BtbN> ffmpeg uses it extensively
<BtbN> _DEPCMD='$(DEP$(1)) $(DEP$(1)FLAGS) $($(1)DEP_FLAGS) $< 2>&1 | awk '\''/including/ { sub(/^.*file: */, ""); gsub(/\\/, "/"); if (!match($$0, / /)) print "$@:", $$0 }'\'' > $(@:.o=.d)'