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<JEEB> branches 3.1 and 3.0 contain an arc4random check issue from https://git.videolan.org/?p=ffmpeg.git;a=commit;h=39f8c7961dcd530e88d13c600145097106647d2e , so they require a cherry-pick of 79dc94a63b30369e39792e81cb032f2cf40539b4 to build nowadays :D
<JEEB> 2.8, finally hitting the point where testsrc2 no longer exists :D
<JEEB> fun, either 3.0 -> 2.8 or testsrc2 -> testsrc bumped memory consumption of the test case from 4 gigs to 8 gigs
<JEEB> ok, so that is just the diff between testsrc and testsrc2
<JEEB> (re-tested with 3.0 and testsrc and it's also closer to 8 gigs)
<JEEB> 2.7 also affected
<JEEB> 2.6 also checks out :D
<JEEB> with the amount of recompiles I'm not sure if I should have just plain utilized git bisect with the whole history... was hoping I'd get it between two releases at least ^^;
* galad buys JEEB a working time machine
<JEEB> 2.5 and still 8 gigs of memory usage vs around 60 that was until 2023-12 possible to achieve with the input being separate from the filter chain
<JEEB> *vs around 60 megs
<JEEB> 2.4 and 2.3 too :)
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<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:f55b58782084: aacdec: move aacdec_common to aac/aacdec_tab
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:3600f757db3f: aacsbr_template: include mem.h
<cone-691> ffmpeg Andreas Rheinhardt master:6975d965fcb6: avcodec/aacsbr: Make ff_aac_sbr_* funcs accept ChannelElement*
<cone-691> ffmpeg Andreas Rheinhardt master:5bd7b8d9995b: avcodec/aacdec: Split SBR context from ChannelElement
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:ed009bfd3d2d: aacdec: add a decoder DSP structure
<cone-691> ffmpeg Andreas Rheinhardt master:fc3c2ea8dce6: avcodec/aacdec: PredictorState array out of SingleChannelElement
<cone-691> ffmpeg Andreas Rheinhardt master:7117e0c7be6a: avcodec/aacdec: Use same AACDecContext for fixed and float
<cone-691> ffmpeg Andreas Rheinhardt master:e3693c6f564d: avcodec/aacdec_template: Deduplicate aac_decode_close()
<cone-691> ffmpeg Andreas Rheinhardt master:8b2261e573b9: avcodec/aacdec: Always include AV(Fixed|Float)DSPContext in AACDecContext
<cone-691> ffmpeg Andreas Rheinhardt master:980a55fb4677: avcodec/aacdec_template: Deduplicate AVClass+AVOptions
<cone-691> ffmpeg Andreas Rheinhardt master:9de66fd449eb: avcodec/aacdec_template: Deduplicate common part of aac_decode_init()
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:7f3b3e2df1d2: aacdec: switch-ify scalefactor decoding
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:77a88bbddaa9: aacdec: give spectrum dequant+decode SCE rather than an ICS
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:60b60dd635a4: aacdec: separate out scalefactor dequantization from decoding
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:a6295586f504: aacdec: template scalefactor dequantization separately
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:9f3fa77e0dac: aacdec: template mid/side stereo application separately
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:ad16349f9bb8: aacdec: template intensity stereo application separately
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:db5128ef7000: aacdec: template TNS application separately
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:e9fc7661daac: aacdec: template LTP application separately
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:a309aa412755: aacdec: duplicate table initialization
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:091d85217d82: aacdec: template windowing and transforms separately
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:5c026e66372f: aacdec: remove unnecessary decode_spectrum_and_dequant arguments
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:eef9100a8e57: aacdec: template LTP windowing separately
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:b7387ea00e83: aacdec: deduplicate table initizalization
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:41ae2b03a5cf: aacdec: move spectrum decode and dequantization to a new file
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:87a93a5670dd: aacdec: split off channel coupling into a new file
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:41c04bec0ad3: aacdec: move fixed-point clipping to a separate function
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:49e7be1e370a: aacdec: move prediction to separate files
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:905fdb06010e: aacdec: reuse TNS and LTP tables between fixed and float decoders
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:b1718ce0f982: aacdec: move CCE decoding to a separate templated file
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:ce740618d194: aacdec: move LATM decode functions into a separate file
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:cd1e404a1020: aacdec: merge previously-templated code
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:e93793bf3cf1: aacdec: fully detemplate decoder core
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:2f90d8398148: aacdec: move fixed/float DSP initialization to templated init functions
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:ae7c6cc17d57: aac: move aacdec.c to aac/aacdec.c
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:551ce16b59b1: aacdec: move aacdec.h into libavcodec/aac
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:e3650886c7e1: aacdec: initialize float/fixed SBR tables only when either is needed
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:176c922e4eda: aacsbr: constify the only SBR table
<cone-691> ffmpeg Lynne master:03cf10164578: aacdec: remove AAC-specific MIPS optimizations
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<JEEB> release/1.2 and finally something different, although unfortunately that something is signal 11 :D
<Lynne> complex filtergraphs are that old?
<JEEB> yea
<JEEB> I mean on the other hand 1.2 is just 2013
<JEEB> meanwhile, I did not expect we'd be getting this amount of snow now
<JEEB> I think it was around 5cm yesterday it sure ain't stopping this morning
<JEEB> yea, quickly tested 1.1 as well and it also just signal 11s, so that's no longer as testable. should check tomorrow morning when that new sync logic was added to lavfi
<JEEB> since that is one of the things that might be relevant
<JEEB> unless I just hit that with 1.2
<JEEB> which is why it now segfaults instead
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<cone-691> ffmpeg Zhao Zhili master:309cff378cdb: configure: Lower Android API level requirement of mediandk
<cone-691> ffmpeg Zhao Zhili master:98b5e80fd698: avcodec/mediacodec_wrapper: link to NDK mediacodec API directly
<cone-691> ffmpeg Zhao Zhili master:32fa20c0c924: avcodec/mediacodec_wrapper: Fix unused variable warning
<cone-691> ffmpeg Zhao Zhili master:a5a3788f5620: avcodec/mediacodecenc: Fix return empty packet when bsf is used
<cone-691> ffmpeg Zhao Zhili master:3cfea6993ac5: avcodec/mediacodecenc: Remove write only variable
<cone-691> ffmpeg Zhao Zhili master:9e4991519575: avcodec/mediacodecenc: Add global header support
<cone-691> ffmpeg Zhao Zhili master:66161166dccd: avcodec/mediacodecenc: add AV_CODEC_CAP_ENCODER_FLUSH support
<cone-691> ffmpeg Zhao Zhili master:1b416311852c: fftools: Fix implicit-const-int-float-conversion warning
<cone-691> ffmpeg Zhao Zhili release/7.0:13e93ffbfd08: avcodec/mediacodecenc: Fix return empty packet when bsf is used
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<BBB> I don't know who's in charge of the linkedin ffmpeg account
<BBB> but asking netint to contribute a wrapper is fine, only if the sdk-being-wrapped is actually compatibly opensourced
<BBB> (I understand it's a hw encoder)
<BBB> if it's a proprietary encoder, I'd rather not upstream it
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<BBB> (encoder=sdk)
<BtbN> Don't those usually fall under the system lib exception, cause driver?
<BBB> I don't know where to draw that line exactly. but we had capture card sdks and support for that was removed
<BBB> we also had real (realvideo) encoder contributions and that was rejected as well
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<JEEB> yea I think the SDK needs to be OSS, and then the device should be something actually purchasable or so?
<JEEB> so real => this is software and not OSS, so nope. random amazon or so specific HW encoder => not available to common folk so nope
<BBB> something like that, yes
<BBB> also remember how dll loaders like what mplayer had back in the day were discouraged and rejected
<BBB> we said we preferred RE'ing opensource implementations
<BBB> which we did, and I believe it's one of the (many) reasons ffmpeg became so popular
<BBB> svq1, svq3, that sort of stuff. later mpeg4/h264 decoders
<BBB> etc.
<BBB> (mpeg4/h264 was not RE'ed, but the divx3 compatibility of msmpeg4 was helpful
<BBB> and then divx4/5 compat of mpeg4 also, later
<BBB> etc.
<BBB> fundamentally it's not good if we start making closedsourceware easy to use and take over their maintenance burden, or worse, as if we're endorsing it
<JEEB> yea
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<Lynne> alpha fate passes my aac patches, so I'll guess that loongson will pass too
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<jamrial> Lynne: the aac patches broke msvc
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<cone-221> ffmpeg James Almer master:63702d5f9c92: avcodec/aac/aacdec: remove double colon
<Lynne> jamrial: thanks for fixing that
<jamrial> i have no idea if that's enough. i don't have msvc at hand
<jamrial> nevcairiel: can you confirm that fixed the failures, or is something else needed?
<nevcairiel> i'll try to build
<nevcairiel> seems to have compiled fine
<nevcairiel> and fate-aac worked, so i suppose its fine
<jamrial> it really doesn't like double colons then. it printed a billion errors because of it :p
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<thardin> got two clients asking about scte 35. I see there's a patchset on the ml, but kieran didn't like it due to lack of PCR extrapolation as called for by the spec
<thardin> so I may take a stab at a better solution
<JEEB> scte35 should also be possible to pass into mp4 through emsg packets
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<cone-221> ffmpeg James Almer master:ce33a5f16d7a: avformat/movenc: remove one level of indentation
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<thardin> JEEB: oh?
<JEEB> yea, 23001-18
<JEEB> and referenced by DASH I think?
<JEEB> yea, 23009-1 has emsg there
<JEEB> (3GPP raised hell after ISO singlehandedly changed the requirements for a spec to be free, as they had provided their stuff under the understanding that DASH would be free)
<JEEB> oofff, xscte35 emsg example at the end of the doc
<JEEB> SCTE35... in XML
<JEEB> right, and DASH-IF-IOP pdf then has an example of a binary SCTE35 emsg message
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<thardin> nice
<BBB> is it possible to run hw decoder (e.g. intel) as part of fate?
<BBB> not just locally, but online, continuously
<BBB> (or is that already the case?)
<Lynne> not yet
<JEEB> BBB: as long as you have a runner, yes.
<JEEB> I just don't think anyone has set up a hwaccel runner
<Lynne> we've discussed adding hwaccel tests before, but nothing really came of it
<JEEB> at least HWACCEL is part of tests/Makefile
<JEEB> yea, mentioned in doc/fate
<JEEB> > HWACCEL Specify which hardware acceleration to use while running regression tests
<JEEB> it then ends up as part of dec_opts > dec_opts="-hwaccel $hwaccel -threads $threads -thread_type $thread_type"
<JEEB> so something like vaapi should be testable
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<BtbN> now to figure out how to set up a fate builder on win-on-arm
<ePirat> michaelni, can I get permission to edit trac wiki?
<Lynne> anyone can edit anything
<jamrial> ePirat: afaik the wiki is open. only for tickets you need permissions
<ePirat> then I do not understand the interface as I can not figure out how to edit anything
<BtbN> as long as you're logged in, every page has an edit button
<jamrial> bottom left, you should see an edit this page button
<ePirat> oh its there now, seems there was some caching issue when I navigated back to the page after logging in…
<ePirat> https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/FilteringGuide#BurntinTimecode anyone has an idea why there is this weird "(change the : to a ; before the frame count)_____…" ?
<ePirat> it seems to date back to then it was first added… https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/FilteringGuide?action=diff&version=12
<BtbN> looks broken at the very least
<BtbN> like someone wanted to force a newline?
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<ePirat> also I do not understand what the "non drop frame" and "drop frame" are supposed to mean?
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<JEEB> drop frame I think has to do with the whole /1.001 mess?
<JEEB> in timecodes. which are not the same as timecodes (although matroska has during the years brought up many a people who think timecodes = timestamps)
<JEEB> *which are not the same as timestamps
<Lynne> remember when facebook tried to end non-integer framerates?
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<frankplow> You'd think Microsoft employees might refrain from making demands while proclaiming they are Microsoft employees for a little while, apparently not
<frankplow> Well to be fair to the guy, "demand" is probably a bit harsh this is more politely worded than that trac issue.
<ePirat> yeah and also they not using git.ffmpeg.org for vcpkg is probably for the better, load-wise…
<another|> not sure what they meant by sha512 though
<JEEB> ?
<jamrial> JEEB: see Javier Matos' email
<JEEB> ah
<Lynne> I hadn't even heard of rtmpdump, let alone known we host a repo for it
<JEEB> it's the classic tool that used to get usage, was related to mplayer IIRC?
<ePirat> another|, I think they mean stable sha512 for stuff like https://github.com/mirror/rtmpdump/archive/f1b83c10d8beb43fcc70a6e88cf4325499f25857.tar.gz
<frankplow> another|: For Git clones via SSH I guess?
<JEEB> I thought it got forked a few times for random stuff, so no idea what is the most feature-complete edition
<ePirat> Lynne, I've heard of it and used it but had no idea it was hosted by ffmpeg
<JEEB> yea I only recall it being on mplayerhq
<ePirat> another|, according to https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/vcpkg/maintainers/functions/vcpkg_from_github "The SHA512 hash that should match the archive (https://github.com/${REPO}/archive/${REF}.tar.gz)."
<ePirat> another|, which would not work for git.ffmpeg.org as iirc the hash there can be different each time…
<another|> ePirat: does git.f.o even provide tarballs?
<beastd> Lynne: What's the matter with rtmpdump?
<ePirat> another|, actually not sure, I know gitweb has a way but not sure if its enabled for git.ffmpeg.org or how to download them…
<another|> ePirat: but rtmpdump isn't on gitweb and the email specifically said git://..
<Lynne> all our repos support git://, it's just that it's not listed
<Lynne> because videolan wanted users to use the http:// versions which are cached
<another|> huh. https://git.ffmpeg.org/gitweb doesn't list it
<another|> what's videolan to do with it?
<Lynne> pretty sure our cgit is hosted there
<another|> cgit != gitweb
<another|> also, g.f.o != g.v.o
<Lynne> I'm not sure about that
<Lynne> but I clearly remember when the change to remove git:// was made, and the one who made it
<another|> not sure about what?
<Lynne> not sure about the last one you mentioned
<another|> `host git.ffmpeg.org ; host git.videolan.org`
<ePirat> I think its just a mirror
<JEEB> at least always when I push my changes, it's to git.videolan.org
<Lynne> I'm the other way around, I pull g.v.o and I push to g.f.o
<beastd> IIRC the primary Git repo was since like forever at videolan. Do you suspect it was changed?
<BtbN> Does fate.sh really only support git: urls? No https?
<nevcairiel> why would it care?
<jkqxz> Lynne: Do you know where to find the Vulkan CTS input samples?
<BtbN> well, it does
<nevcairiel> that looks easy enough to fix
<BtbN> I worked around this now by just manually cloning it to that path
<BtbN> It's a chicken/egg problem anyway, fate.sh needs to exist first :D
<nevcairiel> thats why my own scripts around it do the pull as well
<beastd> BtbN, nevcairiel: If I read the history correctly the switch-case git: differentiation are a leftover from the time we needed to support both svn and git
<beastd> could be changed to support more prefixes or probably even better make it a catch all if i'm not missing sth
<BtbN> yeah, assuming it's a git url by default is probably sane
<nevcairiel> just adding http* to it sounds like a safe change
<beastd> i think it shouldn't matter much
<Lynne> jkqxz: it uses the argon testsamples
<beastd> BtbN, nevcairiel: the repo related commands in fate.sh use the global repo which is set by the sourced config.sh file.
<beastd> if everything is allowed it would make it possible to even clone/fetch from fs on the same machine
<BtbN> Sounds fine to me?
<jkqxz> Huh, how surprisingly sensible.
<Lynne> I know, right?
<BtbN> hmm, what assembler does one use for win on aarch64?
<BtbN> Specially with MSVC, configure does not seem happy with anything I throw at it
<another|> llvm-mingw ?
<BtbN> Where would that come from?
<BtbN> Do I really need to install another entire toolchain, just for the assembler?
<nevcairiel> martin builds arm64 msvc simply with toolchain=msvc, which uses armasm64
<jkqxz> Lynne: Except they've renamed the samples so I can't work out what file it to use?
<BtbN> I guess I need to install https://github.com/FFmpeg/gas-preprocessor ?
<nevcairiel> it tells you to do that, listen to the instructions? =P
<BtbN> How would I know we maintain an entire wrapper somewhere
<BtbN> from that message, I had assumed I need to install something via apt
<nevcairiel> i would expect a dev to just throw a keyword into google, but you found it so whatever :P
<BtbN> Well, google finds _everything_ for that keyword, but nothing helpful
<BtbN> An all it finds talks about old Apple stuff
<beastd> BtbN: hey google, find some gas for my ffmpeg build on windows on arm :P
<beastd> we should also invent some more tools like leg and doors :)
<Lynne> jkqxz: yeah... the files are renamed, b8 -> basic8, etc.
<Lynne> but if you grep for the middle part (e.g. sizeup, or intrabc-extreme), there's a unique match for them in the samples
<beastd> another|, ePirat, Lynne: Regarding ffmpeg.git stuff. It should be like this: a) primary ffmpeg.git on git.videolan.org b) source.ffmpeg.org is an alias for git.videolan.org c) git.ffmpeg.org a mirror of that repo at a
<jkqxz> Um, all argon streams files have names like test34637864_43789743.obu.
<jkqxz> Which are nicely unique to find them, but don't match names with text in them.
<jkqxz> So they've converted to ivf as well.
<Lynne> append the filename you want and you'll get a file
<jkqxz> "No such object: aom-test-data/av1-352x288-main-filmgrain-8.ivf"
<jamrial> jkqxz: av1-1-b{8,10}-23-film_grain-50.ivf work
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<jamrial> you can see the list of samples as xml output if you open Lynne's link directly on firefox
<jkqxz> Ah, I see.
<jkqxz> Lynne: VAAPI gives some matching output to what the CTS apparently does for that frame.
<jkqxz> Vulkan appears to be using the same fields as VAAPI, so I'm not sure why it would be different.
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<BtbN> ah right, MSVC does not support out of tree builds...
<BtbN> welp
<wbs> BtbN: what? I build out of tree with MSVC all the time
<BtbN> well, it messes up royally
<nevcairiel> all my fate boxes build like that, on x86 mind you
<BtbN> cl.exe .... src/libavdevice/alldevices.c
<nevcairiel> must be on the same drive i think
<BtbN> while the correct path would be ../src/...
<BtbN> And it also does stupidities like passing -I/home/timo/WinProjects/fate-runner/workdir/src/compat/atomics/win32 to cl.exe
<wbs> are you building under WSL?
<BtbN> yes
<nevcairiel> well on WSL you are on your own, the system was setup for mingw :P
<BtbN> There is no msys2 for arm, soo
<jkqxz> Lynne: Have you run Vulkan AV1 with asan? I don't see how those values can be incorrect from the code; memory corruption is my only idea.
<wbs> the x64 one should run quite ok, even if it's emulated
<wbs> BtbN: I presume you're aware of https://github.com/mstorsjo/llvm-mingw/releases if you want a mingw style toolchain, fwiw
<BtbN> That'd defeat the point of setting up a fate runner for native MSVC
<BtbN> Though I do intend to set one up for that toolchain as well
<wbs> yeah I didn't say you shouldn't set up MSVC, just as an addition
<BtbN> I should probably set out to fix configure in a WSL setting at some point
<wbs> but any WSL path oddities from trying to set up native windows building with make/shell in WSL probably is the same there
<BtbN> that issue comes up quite a bit, and shouldn't be that hard to fix
<Lynne> jkqxz: with valgrind, yeah, nothing
<BtbN> For now I'll just mod fate.sh to build in-tree
<Lynne> valgrind does warn there's a single uninitialized jump... in nvidia-egl.so
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<cone-872> ffmpeg Martin Storsjö master:cdf71f789b2f: Remove .travis.yml
<jkqxz> I do mean asan. Valgrind would miss overruns on arrays which go into other valid data, which is what would be needed to get a bad value in loop_filter_levels.
<BtbN> One more curious thing I'm noticing right now is that makeops from the fate config are somehow completely ignored, and I see no good reason as to why
<wbs> anyway, while it's probably good to improve the use of WSL, it may be worth testing building with the x64 msys as well - it's not a whole lot of code that needs to be emulated, so it can very well be that it's faster than with WSL. or not, who knows
<wbs> did you set up WSL1 or 2?
<jkqxz> I can't see anything nearby which looks like it could overrun, though, so it's a bit of a wild guess.
<BtbN> WSL1 is dead since like 5 years or so
<BtbN> I doubt it was ever implemented for aarch64
<wbs> it was
<BtbN> It at the very least can't run modern distros anymore
<wbs> none of the windows/arm64 devices I have are capable of WSL2 (prototype HW and such where virtualization isn't enabled, and an early first gen commercial device where there was no virtualization available)
<nevcairiel> "dead" is such an overused word, WSL1 still works perfectly fine
<BtbN> https://github.com/FFmpeg/gas-preprocessor/pull/3/files the gas prepro also needs a mod for WSL
<BtbN> nevcairiel: nah, only old distros
<BtbN> modern ones crash due to glibc using syscalls they never implemented
<nevcairiel> personally i really prefer how WSL1 works, i dont need a hypervisor sitting on my system constantly, too bad they gave up and used the easier method
<wbs> yep
<beastd> +1 for WSL1
<nevcairiel> anyway i dont need a "modern" distribution for the things i do, so i'll stick with whatever LTS I have installed in there =P
<BtbN> well, even Ubuntu 22.04 and Debian 12 are too modern
<nevcairiel> my 22.04 disagrees with you
<wbs> I also run 22.04 on WSL1 just fine
<wbs> BtbN: when you have time, can you try building https://martin.st/temp/winpf.c and running it on windows, and share the output? and https://martin.st/temp/getauxval2.c within WSL2
<Lynne> jkqxz: nothing on asan with clang-18
<nevcairiel> tomorrow is supposed to be the presentation of that magical snapdragon cpu thats been hyped for windows on arm, isnt it?
<BtbN> Is the host_os configure option busted, by any chance?
<BtbN> Yeah, seems like it. It just gets plain overwritten
<nevcairiel> it should get initialized to target-os, but then command line settings override it, from what I can see
<BtbN> The override never seems to happen though
<BtbN> set_default is never called on it
<nevcairiel> it wouldnt be
<BtbN> Well, fact is, it doesn't work :D
<BtbN> Maybe the exesuf check accessing it happens too early?
<nevcairiel> what are you setting host-os to?
<wbs> BtbN: thanks!
<BtbN> win64
<nevcairiel> the order of things looks alright
<BtbN> The weird thing is, this has worked fine before. Wonder why it fails now
<BtbN> Like, this should not be different depending on arch
<BtbN> hm, no. The HOSTEXESUF is set correctly.
<BtbN> doc/print_options just seems to ignore it
<BtbN> ah. WSL quirk
<BtbN> wonder if that can be fixed globally, but I doubt it
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<BtbN> There is an odd thing going on which I don't quite understand yet. My changes to the fate.sh config file need a long time to "stick"
<BtbN> like, I change stuff, save. And then re-run fate. And it uses the old version I overwrote
<BtbN> something odd going on there with file caching and locking
<cone-872> ffmpeg Timo Rothenpieler master:61f27e5f71f8: doc: use HOSTEXESUF when calling print_options
<BBB> I wonder why he's asking ffmpeg, not videolan
<BBB> given that videolan is more of an umbrella than videolan is
<BBB> also, microsoft asking us for free stuff... hm...
<BBB> kieran is offline, sad
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<BtbN> *sigh* now make is getting confused by --target-path/--target-samples containing a :
<BtbN> it's not even used in all that many places.
<another|> BBB: upstream is g.f.o
<BtbN> wow, turns out --dep-cc=gcc is the answer
<BtbN> cl.exe was putting absolute C:\... paths into the .d files, and make then chokes heavily on those, but only on the second invocation
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