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<jdoss> I am trying to install to bare metal with BIOS RAID enabled and FCOS can't find the md device. Booting off the live CD and running in RAM finds it just fine. https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/9vN0ualp/image.png
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<travier[m]> jdoss: If it's BIOS based RAID, then the kernel should just see a disk like normal?
<jdoss> yeah that's what I thought too @travier[m]
<jdoss> It does show up if I do coreos-installer iso customize --live-ignition vs coreos-installer iso ignition embed -i
<jdoss> maybe coreos-installer.service needs to start later in the boot.
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<dustymabe> jdoss: BIOS RAID, i.e. hardware RAID versus software RAID?
<jdoss> BIOS enabled raid. Software RAID but with extra steps and more regrets.
<jdoss> also known as hybrid raid? Here is some lite bathroom reading materials https://www.supermicro.com/manuals/other/Intel_PCH_RAID_Config.pdf
<dustymabe> jdoss: yeah, must be some gaps in my knowledge there
<jdoss> Instead of using mdadm to setup the drives it is done in the BIOS and then mdraid can pick it up.
<jdoss> If I boot with coreos-installer iso customize --live-ignition FCOS sees /dev/md126 just fine.
<dustymabe> jdoss: yeah, sounds like maybe timing?
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<jdoss> dustymabe: here is the butane that I am booting https://gist.github.com/jdoss/7783fae724c9b737c2874e9b50d9185b
<dustymabe> jdoss: maybe add an `ExecStartPre=sleep 60` to that installer service to test your theory
<jdoss> I guess maybe that coreos-installer.service needs another After= to let the mdraid stuff settle.
<jdoss> dustymabe: ooo I like it.
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<dustymabe> spresti[m]: hold off on starting the production builds for this week just yet
<dustymabe> i'm investigating something
<ChinaDoug> I am unable to get Fedora CoreOS to blank the console screen on my lapotp.  I have added consoleblank=15 as a kernel argument and I have verified that the value in /sys/module/kernel/parameters/consoleblank is 15 but my console screen still doesn't blank after 15 seconds.  On the same laptop I used this same kernel argument on Fedora 37 Server
<ChinaDoug> Edition and screen blanking works.
<ChinaDoug> Is something different in the kernel between these two versions that causes the consoleblank argument not to work?
<spresti[m]> Ok, I will hold off!
<spresti[m]> * hold off! dustymabe
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<dustymabe> ChinaDoug: hmm. I've never had to use that feature before
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<ChinaDoug> Yeah.  I have this installed on a laptop and I would like to close the lid and not have the display on.  In general I don't access the laptop physically, just SSH into it to make changes.
<dustymabe> what does `cat /sys/module/kernel/parameters/consoleblank` show?
<ChinaDoug> 15
<ChinaDoug> if I don't put in the kernel argument the default is 0
<dustymabe> ChinaDoug: maybe open an issue in the tracker
<dustymabe> other people may know the answer
<ChinaDoug> will do.  thanks!
<dustymabe> thank you ChinaDoug
<jlebon> dustymabe: before we forget, do you want to open an issue against cosa for the kola denylist warning idea?
<dustymabe> jlebon: yeah I can do that
<jlebon> +1
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<jdoss> @dustymabe Maybe calling coreos-installer-pre which then calls coreos-installer-disable-auto-activation prevents the activation of DM which will setup the BIOS RAID devices. https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/WPBlKWzx/image.png
<jdoss> I will open an issue to address installing to BIOS RAID with this stuff for discussion.
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<dustymabe> jdoss++
<zodbot> dustymabe: Karma for jdoss changed to 1 (for the current release cycle): https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
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<bgilbert> jdoss: to make sure we're talking about the same thing, I assume you mean "FakeRAID" rather than hardware RAID?
<jdoss> yah FakeRAID / BIOS Raid
<bgilbert> jdoss: in that case, I don't think it'll be supported. it's equivalent to trying to install FCOS onto /dev/md0.
<bgilbert> we expect to do our own RAID setup through Ignition
<jdoss> Why wouldn't it be supported? It's a drive managed in the BIOS.
<bgilbert> because of the "Fake" in "FakeRAID"
<dustymabe> bgilbert: to be clear, if it was full hardware RAID your answer would be different?
<bgilbert> dustymabe: yup. hardware RAID always looks like a real disk. fake RAID is just headers to tell Linux md what block devices should be RAIDed together.
<jdoss> Seems kinda short sighted to totally disable the usage of BIOS backed RAID.
<dustymabe> I think there is a difference between the wording "disable" and the fact that it doesn't work
<dustymabe> I don't know if it's ever been tried TBH
<bgilbert> jdoss: why would you want it? FCOS doesn't support dual-booting with other OSes, so this only affects the ergonomics of setting up FCOS
<bgilbert> and configuring RAID outside the Ignition config just means there's an additional source of truth
<jdoss> bgilbert: I have always setup BIOS backed RAID in the past without FCOS. I actually I tried to have Ignition setup RAID in the Ignition config and it didn't work so I figured I would do what I normally do if I don't have a hardware RAID card and I need disk redundancy.
<dustymabe> i see bgilbert's point here. basically FakeRAID is still software RAID so you might as well specify it in your Ignition file and have it manage setting it up
<bgilbert> jdoss: software RAID for the boot disk is a supported feature, and has Butane sugar. if it isn't working for you, please ask here or file an issue
<dustymabe> though as jdoss mentioned he was seeing a failure that way, so maybe we should dig into that failure?
<dustymabe> +
<dustymabe> +1
<bgilbert> jdoss: if you want to file a bug re FakeRAID, feel free, but I suspect supporting it would be non-trivial and not a high priority
<jdoss> The beatings will continue until the FCOS koolaid is drank ;P
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<bgilbert> jdoss: always :-P
<bgilbert> (we have too many things to support already)
<jdoss> I always appreciate your help bgilbert even tho it can be frustrating as a user to go down a rabbit hole that ends in a dead end.
<jdoss> I will PR some document changes to explicitly tell users that FakeRAID is not supported at this time so they don't waste time with it.
<bgilbert> jdoss: no worries, I know this sort of response is frustrating
<bgilbert> jdoss: +1 to docs, thanks!
<bgilbert> and please do let us know if you're having problems with the Ignition RAID flow
<jdoss> yah I will back this sever out of it's current state and try again.
<bgilbert> +1
<travier[m]> TIL about Fake RAID
<dustymabe> travier[m]: yeah I had never used it before
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<dustymabe> jlebon: anything changed recently with ostree that could cause rebasing to our compose repo to not work? it's complaining about not being able to grab a signature file but we don't even have a summary file for that repo.
<dustymabe> [core@coreos-s390x-builder ~]$ sudo rpm-ostree rebase fedora-compose:fedora/s390x/coreos/testing-devel --reboot
<dustymabe> error: While pulling fedora/s390x/coreos/testing-devel: While fetching https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/compose/ostree/repo/summary.sig: [28] Timeout was reached
<dustymabe> oh. hmm. I think this box is having trouble reaching the internet
<dustymabe> spresti[m]: you can go ahead with the prod builds now
<jlebon> dustymabe: i think ostree might always try to fetch that URL and it's erroring because it's not a 404
<jlebon> i'd have to check the code to be sure
<spresti[m]> kk dustymabe
<dustymabe> jlebon: yeah the machine didn't have internet connection
<dustymabe> it worked after I poked a hole in the security group
<jlebon> +1
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<jdoss> bgilbert: the thing that I think caught me up on the Software RAID documentation is on the moving the root file system to RAID0 (RAID1 in my case) does that mean that I should set `coreos-installer install --offline -i /etc/install.ign /dev/md/root` to install to that device?
<bgilbert> install onto one device, then let Ignition redo everything
<jdoss> so set it to `/dev/sda`
<bgilbert> yup
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<jdoss> @bgilbert weird, the second drive in the RAID 1 wouldn't clear correctly. https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/IxOfsFJ1/image.png