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<FromGitter> <HertzDevil> if `T`, `U` are types and `G` is a generic, does `T <= U && U <= T` imply `G(T) <= G(U)` and `G(U) <= G(T)`?
<FromGitter> <HertzDevil> or rather, should it?
<FromGitter> <tenebrousedge> it's way too late to hurt my head thinking about that
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<yxhuvud> Hertzdevil: doesn't the &&-ed combination mean that T == U ?
<yxhuvud> or what is the definition of <= in this context?
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<FromGitter> <> looks like one was started here: (but don't know the status, hasn't been updated in a while)
<FromGitter> <> if one wanted to start a new binding should probably look at libvips instead (faster, less prone to leaks)
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<riza> does crystal build against libressl or just openssl?
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<FromGitter> <> note that on Gitter you sent 1 message into a thread and 1 message outside of it. then on IRC, in turn, the "in reply to" thing had no representation at all. need to just write `riza:` instead 😬 sorry `Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―`
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<FromGitter> <> gah, i'll try to remember.
<riza> .....what
<FromGitter> <> slack has just hardwired me to using "reply to" when replying to an older message (it kinda makes sense to let people know what it refers to when there has been chatter in between)
<riza> I'm looking on gitter... this place is such a disaster I have no idea what's going on
<riza> it says two replies to my graphicsmagick comment but when I click on it nothing happens
<FromGitter> <> sorry πŸ™ˆ
<FromGitter> <> i'll stick with only flat-messages from here. irc-style
<riza> oh I see it now...after the 26th click it opened a sidebar
<riza> it's amazing how badly gitter has aged since crystal started
<FromGitter> <> matrix has made great progress tho
<FromGitter> <> matrix ages like wine, gitter more like milk
<riza> federating chat with IRC is kind of a lost cause if you hope to do much more than just embedd images and clickable links
<FromGitter> <> sadly true
<riza> discord isn't a bad chat experience, and I don't mind running it next to slack
<riza> though if I was working on discord that might be a different experience
<FromGitter> <> meh discord is like slack for babies.
<FromGitter> <> matrix seems fine. a couple more versions and it may be a full-on slack replacement
<riza> "slack for babies" is a needlessly hyperbolic, but it certainly does appeal to the gamer culture
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<FromGitter> <> well i was more referring to the color overdosing and lack of polish. the absence of real threading combined with focus on fluff like badges etc. makes it largely unusable for anything serious.
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<FromGitter> <> it sits between slack and telegram on the messenger spectrum, but far too close to the latter if you wanna do more than exchange memes
<FromGitter> <> moe ( fwiw discord does have real threading now i think
<FromGitter> <> in a beta or such? mine still only has the "quote last message" thing.
<FromGitter> <> i have Create Thread and I've seen people use it too
<FromGitter> <> hm maybe none of my servers has it enabled then, i don't see it
<FromGitter> <> but yea that would be a major upgrade
<riza> the crystal discord has it enabled
<riza> telegram never caught on anywhere in my sphere but their bot api is unmatched
<FromGitter> <> be glad. S/N on telegram is worse than twitter
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<FromGitter> <> Threads are not that great
<FromGitter> <> Some people abuse them
<FromGitter> <> Several threads at the same time is a mess. A linear discussion is easier to follow.
<FromGitter> <> riza: gitter has been bought by Matrix, that's partially why
<riza> without a dobut
<FromGitter> <> well in a public room they can indeed be hit & miss. i guess part of the reason they work so great on slack is because its closed invite-only nature. however, in civilised places like this i would also expect them to work well.
<FromGitter> <> had no idea matrix owns gitter. maybe can merge it into main matrix and save us 1 bridge 🀞
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<FromGitter> <> They are working on, but some guys like you still use it haha πŸ˜„
<Na_Klar> I'm stuck with bootstrapping crystal on riscv. the bootstrap script fails with configure error, cannot guess build type, you must specify one. as I see it the guess works good so far, but the result "riscv64 5.4.61 linux" is nothing which can't be processed further. Am I stuck here?
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> does it need to be the LLVM target triple?
<FromGitter> <> i don't use gitter and not really sure why others do. i guess the auto-linking to issues is nice, but surely that could be done with a matrix widget (which they recently added)
<FromGitter> <> Ha true, sorry. With your name I thought
<FromGitter> <> Why there is inside parenthesis?
<Na_Klar> Blacksmoke16: I don't know. The script trys to guess the system it is running on and as I see it, it recognises riscv64 linux properly, but cannot handle it.
<FromGitter> <> j8r ( np ;) i was IRC, now matrix. just all the productive people in here seem to be on gitter. not sure why it does that, perhaps cause i'm on a custom homeserver (not πŸ€”
<FromGitter> <> In other channels it doesn't do that for others πŸ€”
<FromGitter> <> Remains @Blacksmoke16 to migrate to matrix 😁
<FromGitter> <> on my screen it doesn't do it either. thx for letting me know, will investigate
<FromGitter> <Blacksmoke16> :shrug: i dont see a reason to switch :S
<FromGitter> <> Ho ok, weird
<FromGitter> <> maybe i don't see it cause i'm on the "compact" theme. oh well, will take a look.
<FromGitter> <> Ha i may know why
<FromGitter> <> You are not the only one moe!
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<FromGitter> <> There is a second one, that's why there is your address
<FromGitter> <> ohhhh. now i see it. yep, that's most likely it.
<FromGitter> <> There is also moe (
<FromGitter> <> problem solved 😎
<FromGitter> <> Lol Mr. M. Or, m-o-e
<FromGitter> <> the curse of being too late to the internet...
<FromGitter> <> Or just "Szyslak"
<FromGitter> <> oh, that's one on the house next time you come to the tavern! 😬
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<FromGitter> <> anyway, we should probably stop taking over this channel with matrix chatter πŸ˜… (this would be one of the things where threads would be nice)
<FromGitter> <> Yeah, but I believe it doesn't hurt that much if there is no other activity at all...
<FromGitter> <> True let's back on topic
<FromGitter> <> In my experience threads make also harder to find information. ⏎ Besides chats are also a harder place to find info anyway compared to forums.
<FromGitter> <> Having is great
<FromGitter> <> depends. if the search is good (as it is on slack) then threads actually help it, since they group things together. but well. can be looked into when matrix threads have fully matured, for now it's probably really best to avoid them and play nice with the bridges.