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<FromGitter> <> no way to set a default type for a generic? :(
<FromGitter> <>
<FromGitter> <> use-case, i'd like to infer T from a nil'able ctor ivar: ⏎ (i'd really like `bar` to be optional - but dictate T in case it's provided)
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<FromGitter> <naqvis> sth like
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<FromGitter> <> ah, could've sworn i've tried that. thanks!
<frojnd> Hi there.
<frojnd> I am on a project where I have to debug stuff in logs like Android's logcat: Problem with this is that files can be huge,... up to 200MB. Sometimes I don't get the correct timestamp of issue. Sometimes I don't get a timestamp at-all. So I can have 24hours sometimes even 48hours of logs in one file and I have to look for something... Now I was thinking of some
<frojnd> sort of AI debugging stuff. Like writing a story of what was happening with device without looking at logs. For example user opened app at 20:20 and then used that app for 10 minutes. Then user closed app and something bad happened: system would detect errors based on tag. In android this is presented with E. and or/just information text <- would have to train it. What shards do you suggest
<frojnd> me for text processing?
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<frojnd> Log convention looks like this: <timestamp> <logLevel> <tag> <line> : <messge>
<frojnd> So I could apply some filters based on timestamp, logLevel tag line and message
<FromGitter> <> hmm. can you influence how/what the apps log? ⏎ ⏎ this should be a lot easier if they include a session-id/client-id with each line.
<FromGitter> <> i don't know of any NLS/AI shards for crystal, but feel like this is something that should rather be addressed with structured logging anyway
<frojnd> What do you mean client-id? In logs there is thread id and pid id. So I know "lifetime" of specific id
<frojnd> logcat includes logs of "everyting" from sytsem apps to user apps....
<FromGitter> <> hmm ah. so if you can already differentiate apps from one another, isn't it just a matter of parsing? ("used app-id X from A until B", "exception E happened while apps A, B, C where open")
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<FromGitter> <naqvis> frojnd write a parser to parse logcat logs and then use one of my shard like CrysDA ( for quick data analysis.
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<frojnd> yeah parser and maybe what @naqvis suggest for quick data analysis
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