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<repo> hm
<repo> so is this channel really still on hold?
<repo> haven't you lost op on freenode like the other projects :D
<repo> i heard gentoo was in the middle of deliberating what to do and then they lost all ops so the decision was made pretty quickly :D
<repo> ah no it's not on hold anymore!
<repo> should read the topic :D
<oprypin> repo, i havent heard a single word on this topic from core team
<repo> cool! glad you're here!
<repo> oprypin: maybe because noone from the core team is on irc anymore?
<oprypin> no & that's irrelevant
<oprypin> repo, only channels that contained "libera" in topic got taken over
<repo> heh
<repo> what a bunch of pathetic idiots :D
<repo> this whole fleenode thing is a gift that keeps on giving
<repo> today i discovered that this andrew lee guy is part time rapper :D
<repo> in the cringiest rap song ever
<oprypin> oh no
<repo> oh yes
<repo> is the channel bridged to gitter though?