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<set_> Hey, hey, hey!
<set_> Did the GSoC people finalize yet on their findings?
<set_> I want to use the ServoCape for a quadruped! I cannot wait!
<set_> I know it is Sat. and people are relaxing. So, no big deal if no one answers me.
<set_> I just thought I would throw that out there like that idea to see if I have any eyes w/ knowledge on this GSoC initiative.
<set_> Oh!
<set_> About that open core idea on the forums, does this mean incorporating specific cores alongside the TDV4M and am335x/am5729 cores in different builds?
<set_> There are many things one can fathom but building is a battle for me specifically.
<set_> I tried w/ some motor drivers that are automotive grade and...well.
<set_> it ended in a automotive grade power booster. It ran from testing 3.3v to 14v all in a couple circuits. I was expecting 12v max. So, it was an amplifier at best.
<set_> And then that silicon scarcity happened. I could not find my parts any longer.
<set_> I needed a specific chip and all I could find was another chip w/ 18 pins when I needed only three. Blah.
<set_> Anyway, if people get around to reading my rhetoric here, please confide in me, i.e. I am the only last survivor!
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