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<Guest63> Hello! n00b beaglebone user here... I have a beaglebone black and wanted to learn development of i2c driver using this device (Using Yocto framework)... is there any beginner's guide available?
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<spout> I'm having a weird bug on a beagle, where connmanctl status return empty
<set_> Hello spout. Are you using a new image?
<set_> I ask b/c there is a new way to handle WiFi.
<spout> i'm using a new image, but it's for ethernet
<set_> Oh.
<spout> inux version 4.19.94-ti-r42 (voodoo@x3-am57xx-beagle-x15-2gb) (gcc version 8.3.0 (Debian 8.3.0-6)) #1buster SMP PREEMPT Tue Mar 31 19:38:29 UTC 2020
<spout> for BBB
<set_> Sorry. I thought you were using a new image and trying w/ connmanctl w/ WiFi.
<set_> In that link, there are some ideas about networkd.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> You are using the am57xx instead of BBB?
<spout> it's the image bbb are sold with
<set_> oh. Try the link I posted and use etcher to flash the image.
<set_> I think you are getting stuck on older images but you have a am5729 image when you need a am335x image.
<set_> Are you using the x15 or BBB?
<spout> it's a weird bug cause i'ts a product we are selling, and one is coming back with that bug
<spout> but I can't change that easily the version :-/
<set_> Oh.
<spout> i'm using a bbb
<set_> In your image, you show am57xx instead of am335x from what you posted.
<set_> spout: I am sure if you wait around, someone might be able to help a bit more than me.
<spout> I'm also checking for physical default
<spout> but i'm also having this error message
<spout> The name net.connman.vpn was not provided by any .service files
<set_> If you have updated/upgraded the machine, then I think Buster and Bullseye report to networkd now instead of connmanctl. I am not 100% sure, though.
<set_> I would need to test.
<set_> I may have time later but not now. I am sorry.
<zmatt> spout: iirc that specific message can be ignored
<zmatt> but I don't use connman myself so maybe I'm wrong
<spout> this is weird, I feel like I can't communicate with the eth chip :-/
<zmatt> set_: the "(voodoo@x3-am57xx-beagle-x15-2gb)" in that output was the system on which the kernel was compiled
<zmatt> spout: what does "ip link" show ?
<zmatt> also, "connmanctl status" is a non-existent command, did you mean "connmanctl state" ?
<set_> Oh.
<zmatt> spout: example output I get for some relevant commands
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<zmatt> oh he left
<zmatt> "one is coming back with that bug" ... maybe customer just blew up ethernet :P
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<spout> and ip link shows this
<spout> 4: eth0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,DYNAMIC,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000
<spout>     link/ether 98:f0:7b:1e:48:73 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
<zmatt> spout: so ethernet is found, but it hasn't detected link up (i.e. it thinks nothing is plugged in)
<spout> but something is plugged in, i've tested my rj on another thing
<zmatt> you said this affects a single device that was returned? is it possible the customer just blew up ethernet?
<zmatt> we've definitely had cases of that
<spout> that's not totally impossible :-)
<zmatt> e.g. we've had a case where someone managed to hook it up to a phone line
<spout> they are working with Canbus with 24V on it also, they could have send a 24V to ethernet
<zmatt> and they're using ethernet (8P modular) connectors for that? I think you may have just solved your mystery :D
<spout> I think I'll settle on this
<zmatt> a long time ago we had a customer who thought it was a great idea to use 3-pin XLR for both DMX (low-voltage serial data) and 230V
<spout> (no, not eth connector, but they working with loaded naked cables sometime
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<spout> yeah, send the 230 in your smoke machine, and it works !
<zmatt> naked wires are great, I once accidently dropped a +7V onto a beaglebone's PCB ... may it rest in peace.
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<zmatt> yeah I don't know if it was that particular case, but I remember we got an RMA where the varistor protecting the DMX output was just... gone. nothing left but a scorch mark on the PCB
<spout> (I've been stage manager for 10 years before switching to industry due to covid)
<zmatt> makes sense
<zmatt> spout: another thing I'd worry about is passive PoE injectors... the beaglebone's ethernet connector provides 75Ω common mode termination for each pair to a single point, so there's 150Ω between each pair. if you dump e.g. 24V or worse 48V into that, I'm not sure how well dumping 4W or 15W into tiny termination resistors embedded inside the connector will work out ;)
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<jfsimon1981> Good evening
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<Guest454> hello
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<Guest454> first time in this chat, my Pocket Beagle with Grove cape had trouble with some examples. I upgraded the software and now the second example doesn't load hcsr properly.
<jkridner> which link are you working from?
<Guest454> link ambiguous
<Guest454> the pocket beagle supplied a request to upgrade and I followed those instructions, since it was scripted, I don't know the connection link
<jkridner> well, the examples were written specifically for the image linked and might not work if upgraded.
<jkridner> use one of these images?
<Guest454> the upgrade appeared to update most of the software, including examples. How would I figure out what is now incorrect?
<jkridner> for using the Grove Kit, try to follow the steps on
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<jkridner> hard to say....
<jkridner> there are some elements of setup that need to be preserved vs. "stock" images for the kit demo instructions to work.
<jkridner> the steps at have already been applied to the uSD card images recommended.
<Guest454> it asks to reinstall the driver of hcsr
<jkridner> the contents of /boot/uEnv.txt should include `uboot_overlay_addr2=/lib/firmware/BB-GPIO-HCSR04.dtbo`
<jkridner> some aspects that were manually installed for the uSD card image generation might have been incorporated into the "stock Debian" image, such as overlays.
<jkridner> some packages installed, like, might have a different version if installed now vs. when the images were made, because no version was specified. :-(
<Guest454> it refers to version 4.14 and does include boot line
<jkridner> doesn't seem like anything there changed:
<jkridner> Easiest way is to start with a fresh uSD card so you know you've got the configuration right.
<jkridner> if you want to try out newer software images, someone would likely need to help in updating the contents of the kit tutorials to work with newer PocketBeagle software images.
<Guest454> what is the correct file to use to write a new SD card?
<Guest454> I'll give this a try, half of the experiments didn't work with the original SD image.
<Guest454> I'm trying to separate the code for each sensor to form a library for my own experiments. I can trace the code until I reach compiled python or c code.
<Guest454> is there further documentation for the seeed software?
<Guest454> I expect there is further flexibility with port assignments but it is a chore to trace everything to try placing sensors on different ports
<Guest454> I'm using a MacBook pro laptop. what is the source for the newer unzip code?
<zmatt> unzip code?
<zmatt> you don't need to unzip the .xz, Etcher can write .img.xz files directly to sd card
<zmatt> (it performs on-the-fly decompression)
<Guest454> I can trace code back to compiled code but without a roadmap I can't predict what other files should be modified to change port assignments
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<Guest454> thnaks
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<Guest454> more questions
<Guest454> Is there a conversion of grove cape controls and software to the PB without the cape
<zmatt> I don't know anything whatsoever about this grove stuff
<Guest454> thanks, I'll try to down rev my software and get try again later
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<zmatt> but I'd be inclined to say "presumably sure", given that grove just seems to be a power + 2 data lines connector
<zmatt> I never really understood the point
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<inubcakez> Hello
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<inubcakez> I bought a used beaglebone black on eBay and can't seem to connect to it. Tried reflashing with a new debian version but it won't start flashing off the microSD card. Can anyone help me?
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