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<zmatt> yeah they did the same nonsense before.... it was in the AM335x TRM, then they took it out, then under pressure it got published separately, and eventually it was reintegrated into the TRM
<zmatt> I don't know why they keep being silly about this, PRUSS is one of the best features of their SoCs
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<DARDEN> hello, i just want normal raspberry pi node red on beaglebone so please can you tell me how to reinstall it ?
<zmatt> wtf is "normal raspberry pi node red" ? isn't node red just... node red?
<DARDEN> well, i think no xD becaeuse not even command node-red is not working on beaglebone
<zmatt> what would that do? I'm not very familiar with node-red, but isn't it entirely used via a web gui ?
<zmatt> I see there's a node-red command as part of the package, it's just not in PATH by default
<DARDEN> yes but i have to confige it in some manner and almost everything is done by command node-red but that does not work on beaglebone but i have tried it on RP4 and there it does work so
<DARDEN> but i think i just might get it working by command node-red-pi
<zmatt> there's a systemd service file /lib/systemd/system/nodered.service (and associated .socket file) that is used to start node-red at boot, and there's config there
<zmatt> of course you're also entirely free to just remove the package (sudo apt-get purge bb-node-red-installer) and install node-red using npm instead
<zmatt> I don't know the differences
<zmatt> it looks to me like the beaglebone package is just the normal node-red wrapped in a systemd service to start it at boot
<DARDEN> yes we figured out eventually, but thanks for help
<DARDEN> yes, i know about that but thanks
<DARDEN> now i will go to do my configuration thanks
<DARDEN> bye
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<mayab> @zmatt do you think it would be reasonable to assume the AM335x PRUs are similar enough that the AM335x docs would be a good enough starting point for the tda4vm?
<zmatt> mayab: afaik it's backwards compatible with the am572x pruss which itself is mostly backwards compatible with the am335x pruss (with IEP being the only exception, its register layout changed from the 32-bit IEP to 64-bit IEP) but the tda4vm pruss is hugely more complex
<mayab> the backwards compatible is encouraging at least
<mayab> (and one would hope for some evolution with time so ...)
<zmatt> tda4vm pruss has 6 pru cores, versus only 2 pru cores in the am335x/am572x pruss
<mayab> why'd I think it only had 2 ... probably from the original bb-ai
<zmatt> the PRUSS described in chapter 6.5 of https://www.ti.com/lit/ug/spruid7e/spruid7e.pdf is closer to that of the tda4vm
<mayab> 14k pages of joy
<mayab> thanks for the ink
<mayab> *link
<zmatt> this SoC is like, one generation before the tda4vm
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<mayab> right
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<set_> GenTooMan: Are you around?
<set_> I got 2GB of video for you to review. Mowing in the first person...
<set_> I never thought I would do it. I done up and done did it.
<set_> It is processing now. Just wait.
<set_> You can see the slum of America in first person!
<set_> Louisiana style!
<GenTooMan> set_ I am not round, I'm actually quite skinny.
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<set_> Skinny in da' house!
<set_> Processing on something or other at a very slow rate.
<set_> as we type!
<set_> 18% on a .mp4.
<set_> Rattle and shake me down, I think I got a new game.
<set_> Instead of first person tractor, first person mower.
<set_> he walked until the end, Ned!
<set_> "No water, no grass, just mower!"
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<set_> And then, some imbicile came into my garage and jacked w/ my mower. Now, I cannot move backwards.
<set_> Family. Blah.
<set_> Anyway, I am going to try to understand rattle effects now and see where it takes me.
* GenTooMan won't repeat what some people say about family.
<set_> I may be able to inc. in the BBB or other famous board.
<set_> %&%&^*% ?
<GenTooMan> it's so bad it's unprintable unrepeatable and might get people arrested? :D
<set_> Aw.
<set_> Yea. My family, your family, and everyone elses' families are to blame.
<set_> Hey.
<GenTooMan> as my grandmother would say "I don't know anyone in the family that was hung but a few that should have been"
<set_> Most of everyone I know, not including me of course, should be prissy in the pen.
<set_> Ha.
<set_> Just kiddin'.
<set_> GenTooMan: are you ready to witness the mower at its finest?
<set_> 26% finished!
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<GenTooMan> as long as the lawn is kept clean cut it's OK :D
<set_> ha.
<set_> It has been! It has been.
<set_> Yard cututh w/ my spinnin' blades, matey.
<set_> America is odd now, i.e. no one plays outside any longer.
<set_> I have been outside for the last three hours. One person drove by and littered.
<set_> Yard, clean kept. Video, processing. Me, not picking up the litter in the street (today).
* set_ yards be b/t the houses!
<set_> I am on 31 minutes of the video. And yep. it just ended.
<set_> I wonder what happened.
<set_> Maybe the jitters?
<GenTooMan> littering is what a base ball cannon is designed to fix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqidD7kVnxY
<set_> And video. yes.
<GenTooMan> oh you should like this guys odd channel https://www.youtube.com/c/StephenHawesVideo/videos
<set_> I used potato guns before but not baseballs.
<set_> Hopefully, off to look!
<GenTooMan> super sonic baseball looses it's cover
<set_> GenTooMan: I lied. I went outside again. I am sorry. I will look now!
<GenTooMan> well the super sonic baseball cannon really would put more than just a dent in the person vehicle but might get you arrested. Then again littering is also a criminal offence in most states.
<set_> Yes.
<set_> and...
<set_> Yes.
<set_> Nice video.
<set_> I am just past the build montage.
<set_> First shot down the gully.
<GenTooMan> wait tell you see things being shot with it ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAOCiNhQW2Y
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<EdwardCromwell> anyone know if this is a reputable distributor of beagleboard ai-64? it is the only place I found in stock https://www.alliedelec.com/product/beagleboard/102110646/73466756/
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<set_> I saw the baseball at mach + one.
<set_> It is hard to believe he pulled that one off. I am sure his nerves were filtrating at when he unlocked the push button.
<set_> It was funny to see them not coherently chat nonsense when the first mach baseball hit its orbit.
<set_> EdwardCromwell: Hello!
<set_> alliedelec sells them from what I saw earlier. They sell beagleboard.org related items from what I have seen.
<set_> I saw them w/ inventory before today.
<EdwardCromwell> Ok sounds good. I have placed an order for the AI-64 from them. Couldn't find it anywhere else
<EdwardCromwell> thank you set_
<set_> EdwardCromwell: Before...
<set_> Before you place the order, I usually only use the distributors from the BBAI-64 site. I say that b/c they usually have more in stock.
<EdwardCromwell> I did, they are all sold out for USA distribution
<set_> beagleboard.org has a...oh.
<EdwardCromwell> it seems Europe and Singapore still have in-stock
<set_> Hmm.
<set_> Are you in the US?
<EdwardCromwell> Yup I had to place from a distributor here
<set_> Aw. Okay, me too. Anyway, I think AlliedElec is from the US too.
<EdwardCromwell> yeah alliedelec is the only one I found selling it for the US market
<EdwardCromwell> however they are charging $20 more than the distributors listed on beagleboard.org
<EdwardCromwell> i guess since I can't find it anywhere else right now, $20 is ok.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> That is crud. I think there should be more in stock one day. They usually allow for sign up via email of a notification for inventory.
<set_> Like, mouser or digikey.
<EdwardCromwell> they say they are backordered until november :(
<EdwardCromwell> i just didnt want to wait
<set_> Oh. Gotcha. Okay, I will check it out. Who knows? I may find another one!
<set_> Oh yea.
<set_> I remember these people.
<GenTooMan> set_, their is a world wide IC deficiency if you didn't realize and TI is one of the most backed up manufacturers in the world. Some parts are 116weeks before delivery.
<set_> I tried to purchase a cathode from them.
<set_> GenTooMan: I know already. Sheesh. Give me some credit.
* GenTooMan gives set_ some cents.
<set_> Pennies in the house!
<set_> Those BBAI-64 boards sold quickly.
<GenTooMan> yes but further they don't have more parts for them likely.
<set_> GenTooMan: Do you think that fellow from the video had to get clearance from the city?
<set_> Aw.
<GenTooMan> set_, he lives on a farm last I checked.
<set_> I heard him say, "Crazy." That may mean...oh.
<set_> Farms. Nice places.
<GenTooMan> great for doing "interesting experiments" :D
<set_> Right!
<set_> But then in the end, the field needs mowing.
<set_> 85%
<GenTooMan> not exactly ... it gets cut not mowed.
<set_> I understand.
<GenTooMan> you use a completely different type of equipment for a field than you do for a lawn.
<set_> Sometimes.
<GenTooMan> also far more dangerous
<set_> Rotary!
<GenTooMan> no ... it's a massive array of sheers.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Those.
<set_> What are those called?
<set_> Reapers?
<set_> I will check.
<set_> Oh! Did you see the guy that hacked John Deere to make Doom work on the console?
<GenTooMan> yeah but they use those because you aren't shredding the grass you are cutting it so that it lays flat and dries.
<GenTooMan> set_, yeah.. John Deer CEO needs to be fired not asked to resign, just plain fired.
<set_> Right. Now...right.
<set_> But, who knows in the ranks what happened?
<GenTooMan> well it would have been better a few years back.
<set_> he can complain to the security team all day.
<set_> I told you, hashes not ?'s.
<GenTooMan> well in any case ethics are important, and for some reason he lacked all of them.
<set_> Oh. New ideals and new people. It happens. I saw awesome Chevy/GMC/GM go from glory to story.
<set_> Well, I think the parts business is, like you say, hit hard and the new parts for these bememoth trucks are not as cheap.
<set_> It is not an excuse for a $65,000 truck in 2018.
<set_> I could have got a jaguar!
* set_ goes in a low hole in time for not getting suped up jags.
<set_> 95%
<GenTooMan> the cheap john deer stuff is in the mid 100k range. The expensive stuff is 7 digits range.
<set_> Right. The fellow that moved offices and thinks I am okay w/ it moved near a sugar cane field.
<GenTooMan> so 300k cheap 90M expensive
<set_> Lots of big machines.
<set_> No wonder they act broke!
<GenTooMan> the customers are pretty pissed about it to the point they are actually building their own stuff now.
<set_> John Deere has anyways been an expensive brand to own.
<set_> !
<set_> I bet. No one wants doom when sugar cane is at hand!
<set_> I would be P'od.
<set_> I once lived in the country where there was "a" stop light.
<set_> I brought a city girl to the country. She says, "Wow, look at all this corn!"
<set_> i was like, yea-yea, sugar cane. Corn, whatever.
<GenTooMan> heh corn-a-copia!
<set_> It is done!
<GenTooMan> actually corn is related to sugar can, and that's why you get corn syrup.
<set_> Aw.
<set_> Hmm...I never thought of it that way. Whelp, this darn storm is almost over. I can breathe easy again.
<set_> So, it has some compounds that are similar?
<set_> It is uploading to the Youtube now. They will most likely say too long. We shall see.
<set_> I am going to put this darn mowing video on my website!
<set_> Wavy Navy!
<set_> processing. Blah.
<set_> I need a dampner.
<set_> It looks like the cam was holding on for dear life.
<set_> Hey...is the gpiozero an official BBB related lib. now? I mean, did someone add it to the repos?
<set_> I just think I did not add it to my board. This is the cause of my question.
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<set_> I am going to make some pan and tilt action one day. Boring and stuck is the camera for now...
<set_> Maybe some linear slide?
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<set_> GenTooMan: Look now! It is working!
<set_> Boring or mowingly intended?
<set_> The mower needs a tune up.
<set_> At one point, I run into the castle of a flower bed.
<GenTooMan> it still says "We’re processing this video, check back soon!"
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<set_> Dang it.
<set_> I am watching the boring video now. Hmm. Let me check.
<set_> YOu are right. Blah.
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<set_> Sorry. This is taking forever to upload. I downloaded it off the cam and then uploaded it three times. No issue. Sorry again.
<GenTooMan> LOL mm you may be dealing with crap encoding. Or more accurately the level of encoding my have made the file larger.
<set_> yeppers. most likely...applications.
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<set_> uploading w/ my bandwidth. blah
<set_> five more hours
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