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<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> womp womp... ZFS on trixie doesn't like kernel 6.10. Glad we kept 6.8.12 for current on Rk3588
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <Werner> I guess they will add 6.10 support shortly after its release
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> debians on how much debian folks wanna follow upstream
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> depends on how much debian folks wanna follow upstream
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <igorpec> there is no more recent versions of ZFS right now
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <igorpec> 2.2.4 is latest stable, which is up to 6.8 ... its insane using latest ZFS with latest kernel anyway 😉
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <Werner> load test.
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <Werner> built vendor kernel for opi5. first run: 18:25 (including install host dependencies, downloading stuff, git stuff.....).
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <Werner> 2nd run: 59 seconds
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <Werner>
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <igorpec> yeah, its coming for sure.
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> yeah more about wondering if they'll go from zfs 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 tho
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> ```
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> root@nasbo:~# apt info zfs-dkms
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> Package: zfs-dkms
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> Version: 2.2.4-2
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> ```
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> i guess so not like trixie is released. yet
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <igorpec> Use armbian:) we ship latest zfs
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> Haha I'm using Armbian
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <lanefu> I'll have to go back and look at how builder handles ZFS again
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <igorpec> Zfs is being backported to repo. For building I don't know what is status
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <jake_bones_smt> Hey
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <jake_bones_smt> So I have a OrangePi 5
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <jake_bones_smt> Just got armbian bookworm on it
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <jake_bones_smt> There's no hardware acceleration out the box
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <jake_bones_smt> How do I acquire the ARM blob drivers?
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <igorpec> what it said on download pages?
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <Werner> I think you are more or less stuck with Jammy or Noble in terms of halfway proper hwa since it not only depends on the blobs but also on stuff like mesa and other packages to support this stuff. These packages only exist in a ppa which is a Ubuntu'ish thing unfortunately
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <jake_bones_smt> I thought chromium was the only thing broken in bookworm
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <jake_bones_smt> So its just all hardware acceleration that doesnt work?
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <Werner> I don't know for sure tbh. I almost exclusively use my SBCs headless 🙂
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <igorpec> HW acceleration will work only with Noble / Jammy. It was extremly hard to do that already
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <jake_bones_smt> Alr looks like I'll reflash and reinstall
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <igorpec> yeah, sadly no other (sane) way. In this world one needs to pick what works ... getting this to work with Debian its some work also for the one that brough this up to Ubuntu userspace
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