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<Whsky> Hey all, I have a config question.  I'm trying to get an LCD display running on an old Spartan3e dev board. I wrote a controller module and wired it up in a top module. When I try to build I get an error during the MAP stage saying that all the logic has been trimmed because it's not connected to any pads.
<Whsky> my board definition has the following:
<Whsky>         Resource("lcd", 0,
<Whsky>             Subsignal("e", Pins("M18", dir='o')),
<Whsky>             Subsignal("rs", Pins("L18", dir='o')),
<Whsky>             Subsignal("rw", Pins("L17", dir='o')),
<Whsky>             Subsignal("d", Pins("R15 R16 P17 M15", dir='o')),
<Whsky>             Attrs(IOSTANDARD="LVCMOS33", DRIVE="4", SLEW="SLOW")),
<Whsky> and my top module has the following:
<Whsky>         lcd_hw = platform.request("lcd", 0)
<Whsky>         lcd_controller = LCD_Controller()
<Whsky>         m.submodules += lcd_controller
<Whsky>         m.d.comb += lcd_hw.e.o.eq(lcd_controller.lcd_e)
<Whsky>         m.d.comb += lcd_hw.rs.o.eq(lcd_controller.lcd_rs)
<Whsky>         m.d.comb += lcd_hw.rw.o.eq(lcd_controller.lcd_rw)
<Whsky>         m.d.comb += lcd_hw.d.o.eq(lcd_controller.lcd_data)
<Whsky> does all that look right, or am I not connecting or defining something properly? It does build and program if I connect everything to LEDs instead of the LCD pins
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