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<pie_> Flea86: googling suggests gigabit loopback may not be reliable unless the nic can disable crosstalk detection or something
<pie_> so Ethernet 1000BT1.25Gbps3.5GHz
<pie_> Sigh, OK, I'm giving up on this for now, I'll get back to it when I have some more time in a few months xp
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<Flea86> pie_: Yeah I saw that too. Still, thought it was worth mentioning.
<pie_> sure
<pie_> thanks
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<pie_> fml why does everything always have to happen at once
<pie_> i need to apply for a grant by the end of tomorrow, hopefully for around 2000$ but f*** knows what will be up with the details and what VAT and EU imports will do with prices,
<pie_> is there some standard noob hardware guide i should look for?
<pie_> my head is a total mess right now but im initially thinking of using this to either buy computer parts or start breaking into hardware
<pie_> training materials and such are also in scope
<pie_> i doubt ill be able to pull this off but is worth a shot
<pie_> ping Flea86 because activity :/
<pie_> hm. ok ghz scopes are i guess way out of this budget
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<Flea86> pie_: Does your laptop have superspeed USB ports? If so, just buy an Ethernet dongle for it. Way cheaper (and easier) than fixing your current adapter methinks. Also, I am in an opposing timezone to you so there will be some delay in replies.
<Flea86> pie_: As for what scope hw to look for, that depends on what you plan on doing with it. $2,000 might get you a pre-loved 1GHz scope but probably nothing more (and you'll be in for fun if that scope breaks down, ask me how I know).
<Flea86> pie_: If you're on a budget, you _could_ just get a noob-friendly 100MHz scope, but as hinted by the standards table in that eevblog link above it won't be near enough for all of the fast modern interface standards.