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<sveinse> I have a problem with my honister build re-trigging all tasks when I rerun bitbake. What is the current way to debug and track down changes in recipes/sigs? Is it still diffsig as per this page:
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<RP> sveinse: yes, you need to find which task hashes change
<RP> rburton: two stap failures in one build now. There is a qemuarm64 on that failed in 30s so this may be something different but it was on an arm host with kvm so may just happen faster
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<coldspark29[m]> Can someone tell me what imx-boot is needed for? I am currently trying to bump our Yocto version to hardknott and when packaging the .wic, bitbake is missing imx-boot. The NXP user guide says it is SPL + U-Boot etc. so I guess it is the bootloader image. We are building our own bootloader though. Can't find a way to turn this off as dependency.
<dacav> Hi. As mentioned a few days ago, I've got problems in building the SDK (due to a broken third party). I've been suggested to work with `bitbake -c devshell ...`, which effectively gives me a way out. I'm unfortunately missing a few tools. For example, gdb is present, but has wrong prefix (aarch64-none-elf-gdb). On the other hand, gcc exists with the correct prefix.
<dacav> Doing `bitbake-layers show-recipes` presents only `gdb-cross-aarch64`, which I executed, with no success. Any suggestion?
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<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: hardknott is soon EOL, I'd suggest starting to work on master so that once kirkstone is out you're ready
<qschulz> or dunfell
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<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: What about honister?
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<coldspark29[m]> The NXP document doesn't even mention honister yet.
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: honister is EOL in May
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: whata re you upgrading from?
<coldspark29[m]> gatesgarth
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<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: hardknott is EOL in March
<coldspark29[m]> And here hardknott is the latest version
<qschulz> kirkstone (current master) is an LTS
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: what do you use from NXP?
<qschulz> it seems you don't use their bootloader
<coldspark29[m]> Some NXP layers don't even have an honister branch yet
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: you don't necessarily need vendor BSP layers is all I'm saying
<qschulz> it depends what your needs are
<coldspark29[m]> meta-freescale, meta-freescale-3rdparty and meta-freescale-distro
<coldspark29[m]> Not sure if I need all of them though
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: But I need the NXP kernel I guess
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: it's a simple recipe so you can just copy that recipe (or create one that is heavily stripped down from theirs, if bloated) in your meta layer
<qschulz> I've always tried to not use vendor BSP layers if possible
<qschulz> taking only what I need
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<agherzan> RP: we have a kirckstone next branch. Is it fair to assume that it will follow master branch for a good while until we branch off for the release?
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: I don't think that I am experienced enough to do that
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<coldspark29[m]> We have our custom board based on an imx8mm chip
<coldspark29[m]> I probably should create our own custom layer, but for now we just use the NXP layers and throw out what we don't need
<dacav> `devtool build-image` -> how does it know what image to build? I usually have to tell it explicitly to bitbake (e.g. `bitbake my-image`)
<landgraf> dacav: config.get('SDK', 'sdk_targets', '').split()[0]
<landgraf> dacav: or you will see "Unable to determine image to build, please specify one" :)
<dacav> thanks landgraf. Then I'll confidently try it.
<dacav> landgraf: is config.get referring to the local.conf or...?
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<landgraf> dacav: looks so: config.set('SDK', 'sdk_targets', d.getVar('SDK_TARGETS')). give it a try :)
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<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: Why is it bad if a Yocto branch is EOL? Isn't just the buildsystem?
<coldspark29[m]> In the end I am more dependent on the BSP releases from my chip manufacturer, am I not?
<dacav> landgraf: where should I write that (python?) line?
<dacav> also, a colleague mentioned to me that `devtool build-image` allows for an argument with the image name. This is not mentioned in the inline help ...but it seems to work.
<dacav> but still, where should I put this kind of lines?
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<coldspark29[m]> @qschulz: I tried with master now and now all layers are not compatible
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<landgraf> dacav: you should not. this is the way how it's set. What are you trying to achieve?
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<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: no security fixes once the release is EOL
<coldspark29[m]> s///, s/eppendorf/custom/
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: you're dependent of your vendor currently because of their vendor BSP layers, hence why I suggested to not use vendor BSP layers but take only what you need. Which takes more time in the beginning for sure, but frees you from your vendor
<qschulz> it's not always easy nor fast, especially when you need GPU/VPU/IPU/whatever custom weird IP they use
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: Do you think that is doable for a newbie? I am new to the company and need to provide some results
<coldspark29[m]> I haven't come much further than booting the old configuration
<coldspark29[m]> Is there any guide you can recommend to do that?
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: it's the age old question of immediate results but more difficult maintenance and taking time now for easier maintenance long term
<qschulz> you can see already that you have a vendor lockin for now
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<qschulz> It might be just as easy as copying the recipes you need in your layer
<qschulz> you'll learn a few things while debugging stuff as well
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: I see that point and I am definitely with your there
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: But would I not have to do that for every release again? NXP changed quite a lot from gatesgarth to harknott already. I would have to copy the recipes every time. Else I would duplicate all the work NXP does in their layer. I don't see how that will save me work.
<coldspark29[m]> * harknott already and I coudn't even figure out how to port that yet. I
<dacav> landgraf: I'm following the documentation for kernel development ( ), since I need to troubleshoot something that is happening in kernelspace
<coldspark29[m]> I mean you are super experienced and all of this seems easy to you, but I am quite overwhelmed
* rburton glares at moto-timo for making his CI explode
<rburton> Luckily the meta-oe fixes went in promptly so I can just re-run it :)
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: ideally no, you'd just need to bump the version in the recipes you're using to target whatever their latest branch is.
<qschulz> For me, the BSP components boil down to: ATF/TF-A, bootloader (U-Boot usually), Linux kernel
<qschulz> that's three recipes
<qschulz> compared to the miriad of recipes you have in vendor BSPs
<coldspark29[m]> @qschulz Is there any guide to help me start? Josef doesn't cover that in his tutorials
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<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: meta-freescale seems to have support for honister?
<qschulz> so what exactly are you using?
<coldspark29[m]> kirkstone
<coldspark29[m]> You suggested that
<qschulz> kirkstone is master
<qschulz> sorry, let me put more ocntext in my message
<coldspark29[m]> I am super confused now
<qschulz> You said you had an issue upgrading to more recent version of Yocto because of meta-freescale layers
<coldspark29[m]> Yes
<qschulz> but meta-freescale seems to be supporting whatever
<qschulz> same for meta-freescale-3rdparty and meta-freescale-distro
<qschulz> or did I miss some messages and got confused?
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<coldspark29[m]> No that is basically it.
<qschulz> aaah this imx-boot stuff I remember, my bad
<coldspark29[m]> What I am doing atm is checking out the freescale stuff and then copy some things over to my custom layer if they need adjustment
<coldspark29[m]> That is already hard enough
<coldspark29[m]> But you are telling me to write my own layer somehow
<qschulz> there's almost no way you don't need a layer
<coldspark29[m]> I am not able to create BSP layers myself yet
<qschulz> be it for an image recipe
<coldspark29[m]> I am quite discouraged now
<qschulz> I kinda made it hard and confused you so no worries
<qschulz> So.. the initial issue was "my vendor BSP layer is not supporting hardknott" (or more recent)
<qschulz> but it seems that the three layers you mentioned all have their own hardknott branch
<qschulz> and there's an imx-boot recipe in meta-freescale
<coldspark29[m]> Well the freescale-ml doesn't, but we don't need that actually
<qschulz> (also, as far as I remember, meta-freescale is community maintained, not a vendor BSP layer per se)
<qschulz> meta-imx is the vendor BSP layer I think. Anyway :)
<coldspark29[m]> Freescale is NXP
<qschulz> yes that I know
<coldspark29[m]> NXP took them over
<qschulz> meta-rockchip is community maintained
<coldspark29[m]> So what do you mean by vendor bsp now? I am even more confused now
<qschulz> basically... My point being. There is a difference between vendor BSP layer and just BSP layer
<qschulz> BSP layer is usually fine
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<qschulz> vendor BSP layer, not so much (and they might not allow external contribution either)
<qschulz> so, try to make meta-freescale work as is, if it does nto, you can always ask question/support on the mailing list (or here?) and we can help. We don't really provide help for vendor BSP layer though
<qschulz> anyway.. I kinda messed up my answers to you and made it more difficult to understand than it should have been
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<qschulz> so.. let's work on fixing this meta-freescale thingy
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<qschulz> so let's start from the beginning and forget the last 30min :D
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<coldspark29[m]> I already deleted all of my hardknott progress because you told me it was EOL
<qschulz> 1) did you make sure all of your layers are on the same branch (seems to be hardknott for you, though it'll be EOL soon but the process is the same for other branches)
<qschulz> 2) what is the exact error you're having?
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: Sure, I only need to fix my custom layer
<coldspark29[m]> But if hardknott is so old, I might as well go honister. Especially for the syntax change. That was my initial plan, but then my colleague said I should go with the NXP documents.
<coldspark29[m]> And they don't mention honister yet
<coldspark29[m]> So I was assuming their honister branches are not complete or whatever
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: NXP does not maintain meta-freescale
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: The do_image_wic was missing imx-boot while packaging
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: Who maintains it then?
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: the community
<qschulz> in short.. people :D
<coldspark29[m]> Okay, I did not know that
<qschulz> when I worked on imx8mm we started with meta-imx first which is maintained by NXP
<coldspark29[m]> No we don't use meta-imx
<coldspark29[m]> So I am checking out the honister branches of all layers now
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: that's what I had
<coldspark29[m]> So that is the vendor BSP?
<qschulz> yes
<coldspark29[m]> meta-rust also doesn't have an honister branch
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: rust is a first citizen since recently
<qschulz> so not sure you need meta-rust anymore
<coldspark29[m]> So it is included in poky?
<qschulz> oe-core even
<coldspark29[m]> or meta-openembedded?
<qschulz> no, opembedded-core
<qschulz> (openembedded-core is "embedded" in poky FYI)
<coldspark29[m]> So I don't need meta-openembedded if I already have poky?
<qschulz> no, different things
<qschulz> meta-openembedded is NOT openembedded-core
<coldspark29[m]> Okay
<coldspark29[m]> I want to verify that rust is still there
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<qschulz> if you have something that depends on rust, you'll know soon enough if it's not there
<rburton> RP: so yeah running the stap test case by hand has resulted in a hang
<coldspark29[m]> Okay it is in ./poky/meta/recipes-devtools/rust
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<RP> rburton: at least you can reproduce I guess :)
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: So far we have our own meta-custom layer and our own custom machine type in there, because we have our own board based on an imx8mm chip. Then I copy all the required files over from meta-freescale and make our changes. Is that good practice or not?
<coldspark29[m]> If not, now is the time to do it differently. I want to use the best habits from the start
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<qschulz> keep meta-freescale
<qschulz> if something's wrong you can contribute to it or get support from the community
<coldspark29[m]> Sure, but I need to create my own machine configuration I guess
<qschulz> yes, in your own layer
<coldspark29[m]> Yeah
<coldspark29[m]> And then I start off with the imx8mm-lpddr4-evk.conf and the corresponding kernel and make my changes
<coldspark29[m]> I will see how far I get and the write you again
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: you can have your own machine conf file which requires imx8mm-lpddr4-evk.conf in it
<qschulz> so you don't need to duplicate everything
<qschulz> (if it makes sense, I didn't check)
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<salutlesbg> has anyone ever tried to use meta-linaro? can't build anything using the official tags (morty, sumo, warrior, zeus...)
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<rburton> you've listed a lot of very old releases
<rburton> what are you building, for what versions, and what is the error?
<rburton> salutlesbg: ^
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<salutlesbg> i'm trying to build  for armhf, using arm gcc 8.3
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<salutlesbg> looks like zeus is the version i look for
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<rburton> zeus is very old, and we recommend you upgrade
<salutlesbg> which version would you recommend?
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<rburton> the latest :)
<rburton> dunfell is the LTS release
<rburton> depends what you own release cycle is
<rburton> there are biannual LTS releases, or six monthly releases, with different support durations
<salutlesbg> dunfell sounds good, i'll try
<rburton> (next LTS coming this spring too)
<salutlesbg> i'm using yocto for personal use so no release cycle defined
<rburton> ah in that case the six monthly releases mean you get latest stuff quicker
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<salutlesbg> alright thanks
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<salutlesbg> rburton: im still getting errors even on dunfell
<rburton> impossible to help if you don't say what the errors are
<salutlesbg> Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision 0cf25829896330dcf8f95d8484c5f0eae6923f4f in branch linux-linaro even from upstream
<salutlesbg> -SRC_URI_append = " git://;protocol=http;branch=linux-linaro;name=kernel "
<salutlesbg> +SRC_URI_append = " git://;protocol=http;name=kernel;nobranch=1 "
<salutlesbg> did the trick
<rburton> what hardware are you building for?
<salutlesbg> genericarmv7a
<RP> rburton: qemuarm64-alt is working at least :)
<rburton> salutlesbg: that's not hardware :). if youre running in qemu, qemuarm is good
<rburton> RP: phew
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<salutlesbg> rburton: wym? target cpu is a ARM Cortex A8 CPU 32bit
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<salutlesbg> i'm trying to build a SDK to be able to cross-compile my apps for this target
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: I am getting a ERROR: ParseError in configuration INHERITs: Could not inherit file classes/image-mklibs.bbclass now. Seems to be here, so I wonder why it is not included in any of my meta-layers
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: inherit image-mklibs
<qschulz> inherit works on classes only so .bbclass is implied as extension
<qschulz> inherit works with bbclasses only and they all appear in specified directories (via BBPATH IIRC) so there's no need to give the path either
<coldspark29[m]> It is in my local.conf, because I was adjusting it to look like the NXP setup with Repo etc
<coldspark29[m]> ```
<coldspark29[m]> ```
<coldspark29[m]> USER_CLASSES ?= "buildstats image-mklibs image-prelink"
<coldspark29[m]> But in none of my layers
<coldspark29[m]> I ripgrepped all layers
<zeddii> the class was removed from core. your local.conf is just needs to be udpated.
<coldspark29[m]> Updated how? When I remove it I get another error
<zeddii> just remove it fro the USER_CLASSES, whatever error you have next, I can't say .. but you defnitely have to remove it from that variable if you are in a branch where it has been removed (It was removed ~may 2021)
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<coldspark29[m]> Okay
<coldspark29[m]> Guess the local config layout has changed in honister?
<zeddii> yep
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<coldspark29[m]> Any idea why bitbake is complaining about the old override syntax here?
<coldspark29[m]> It is inside poky so no idea why that happens
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: can we get the error message maybe?
<coldspark29[m]> ERROR: /home/user/Workspace/Yocto-Workspace/vti2/sources/poky/meta/recipes-graphics/wayland/ Variable do_install_append_mx6 contains an operation using the old override syntax. Please convert this layer/metadata before attempting to use with a newer bitbake.0:41
<coldspark29[m]> ERROR: Failed to parse recipe: /home/user/Workspace/Yocto-Workspace/vti2/sources/poky/meta/recipes-graphics/wayland/
<coldspark29[m]> There is no do_install_append_mx6 in that recipe
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: did you checkout ALL your layers to a honister branch?
<coldspark29[m]> Yep
<qschulz> poky included?
<coldspark29[m]> Yes
<qschulz> did you check your bblayers.conf points to those up-to-date layers?
<coldspark29[m]> Think it was my custom layer
<coldspark29[m]> I ried to change the override syntaxes manually
<qschulz> do_install:append:mx6
<coldspark29[m]> I ran the script over it and now it works
<coldspark29[m]> Should have done that in the first place...
<coldspark29[m]> Sorry
<qschulz> it's alright don't worry :)
<coldspark29[m]> Yeah but I want to work independently actually
<coldspark29[m]> My colleague also says that I should look at the code rather than asking people, but Yocto is just a special kind of beast
<coldspark29[m]> s/asking/ask/
<coldspark29[m]> Compling now tumbs crossed
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: everybody starts one day, I still ask plenty of questions
<coldspark29[m]> Who do you ask? You are the most active person here
<qschulz> we know Yocto has a steep learning curve, you'll get there eventually. I was very lost at the beginning too, I'm doing better now :)
<coldspark29[m]> Yeah but you know that bosses don't care
<qschulz> coldspark29[m]: I read the code now more than I ask questions but I started like you
<coldspark29[m]> They don't want to hear why or how it works or doesn't
<coldspark29[m]> They want results
<qschulz> your bosses didn't tell you to not ask the community :)
<qschulz> We all struggled and still struggle to find the right balance between immediate results and learning things/doing them properly
<coldspark29[m]> Well I have one colleague who knows more than me. He has been the sole base system guy of this company for years and has done everything by himself. He is just approaching stuff differently
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: Yeah and doing things properly is important. I am a big fan of that. I don't like to advance if I don't know what I am doing.
<coldspark29[m]> But then I am slow...
<coldspark29[m]> It was like this job I had as a sysadmin once. There were two of us and we were supposed to activate SSL for our servers. The other guy created the certificate online while I was working on certbot. He was done faster than me and my boss asked me why. Just stupid...
<coldspark29[m]> 😄
<qschulz> I'm afraid to say this feeling of being slow hasn't disappeared yet, even if I'm more skilled than I was years ago. I don't have a recipe for feeling better unfortunately :/
<coldspark29[m]> His approach would have to be repeated every year and mine was a one-time solution.
<coldspark29[m]> s/one/long/, s/time/term/
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: Just act like it's French mentality or something. Should work in Austria ;)
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<qschulz> just to be clear, I was saying I still feel slow today. No complaint from bosses. Just wanted to say that sometimes we feel/think things that aren't objectively true (and what is *slow* anyway?)
<coldspark29[m]> Then that is just a character trait I guess. I am quite hard on myself as well. It also has advantages though.
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<qschulz> Therapy helped me already with self expectations but yeah, it's hard to find a healthy balance
<coldspark29[m]> I think most people are like it though ;)
<qschulz> then it says more about our society than yourself :)
<qschulz> anyways, I think our not-so-private conversation has spammed enough the chan :)
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: Well, you shouldn't see it as a defect. I have friends who think they are doing great, but their achievements fade in comparison.
<coldspark29[m]> qschulz: Alright alright
<coldspark29[m]> You can always PM me :)
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<RP> coldspark29[m]: remember that the problem Yocto Project solves is complex. Would your bosses expect you to perform brain surgery tomorrow with no prior experience? Probably not. Some software problems are similar - skills take time to learn
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<coldspark29[m]> RP: Yes you are right. I guess I just have the same character trait as Quentin ;)
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<LetoThe2nd> yo dudX
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<qschulz> o/
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<radsquirrel> hi all. I'm trying to use mkimage/openssl/libp11/p11-kit in native context.
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<radsquirrel> The issue I face is that when mkimage runs and I tell it to use the pkcs11 engine, it looks for that in the openssl sysroot rather than the libp11 sysroot. I suspect that if I get past this issue, I'll run into it again when libp11 (provided by libp11) looks for the p11 kit proxy library (provided by p11-kit).
<radsquirrel> Am I breaking new ground here or is this a solved problem?
<rburton> there's only one sysroot when you actually run something
<rburton> each recipe contributes a piece
<rburton> if something is hard-coding a path to the build sysroot then that needs to be fixed up when the sysroot is used
<rburton> typically, environment variables are used
<radsquirrel> rburton:thanks...I'm still processing what you said :-)
<radsquirrel> so I guess openssl should provide an env var for its search path for engine plugins?
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<radsquirrel> perhaps it alread does.
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<radsquirrel> or is the problem with mkimage
<radsquirrel> work/x86_64-linux/openssl-native/1.1.1l-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/lib/engines-1.1/
<radsquirrel> I straced my mkimage invocation and this is where its looking for libp11
<radsquirrel> are you saying that's wrong? and it should be looking for it in some "shared" location?
<rburton> how are you running mkimage and from what recipe?
<radsquirrel> I made my own recipe
<radsquirrel> I'm just running it from do_compile
<radsquirrel> let me make a paste
<rburton> you might have found a new edge case that doesn't get relocated
<rburton> theres most likely a variable that openssl uses to know where to look for engines, and you just need to set that
<rburton> if you grep for create_wrapper you'll find lots of wrapper scripts that are generated to do that
<radsquirrel> rburton: good stuff, thanks for those hints.
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<rburton> the basic problem is that some libraries hardcode their search paths
<rburton> which doesn't work too well when you take those libraries and build a new sysroot with them
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<radsquirrel> rburton that was exactly the hint I needed, thanks. if I wrap mkimage and specify OPENSSL_ENGINES I'm off to the races.
<radsquirrel> I'll send a patch...
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<JPEW> RP: For Yocto #14685, do you want a targeted "add a dependency on zstd" or a more general solution like we discussed eariler?
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<moto-timo> michaelo: I'm also hoping to get to finishing the kernel-lab docs this week
<moto-timo> michaelo: that takes a special "attention to detail" mindset to do it right
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<RP> JPEW: I think we'll need a general solution
<RP> JPEW: this issue is just a symptom
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<JPEW> RP: I was trying to think if it was possible (or wise) to try and "roll down" the dependencies into the final task instead of having each intermediate change it's output based on dependencies... basically automate the process of making do_package_write_rpm depend on zstd instead of making rpm do it
<RP> JPEW: I wondered about that but I think rolling them into the outhash is going to be the practical approach
<JPEW> RP: K, I'll give that a go
<JPEW> That doesn't somehow defeat hashequiv in some way I can't comprehend, does it?
<JPEW> I don't *think* it would....
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<JPEW> I guess it's no different that if the dependency does actually change a recipe (e.g. header change or whatever), you'r just forcing it
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<ad__> hi, i am in dunfell, getting a "multiple versions are due to be built" error, but i am setting the PREFERRED_VERSION, anyway, still getting the error. What can be wrong ?
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<RP> JPEW: I don't think so, it just adds a constraint (which we want)
<JPEW> OK, I'll draft something up for that
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<vmeson> tgamblin: and vmeson are a bit flummox about cmake-native not building on a ubu-18.04.6 system whereas it works on 18.04.3
<zeddii> speaking in the 3rd person, and using flummox .. two crimes, one statement
<vmeson> symptom is: Error when bootstrapping CMake: Problem while running initial CMake in cmake-native do_configure in case anyone else is having similar issues.
<vmeson> zeddii: you aren't flummoxed by stap still ?
* vmeson runs
<vmeson> anyway, if anyone else sees this let us know.
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<vd_> which package provides sfdisk?
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<grembeter[m]> util-linux
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<vd_> thank you
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<RP> Or TUNEABI for that matter
<RP> vmeson: could you check if WR use these anywhere?
<vmeson> RP I just did! There's no sign of it in our layers on master.
<vmeson> s/it/them/
<RP> vmeson: cool. It was seebs who added these but I know of no use of them anywhere so I think we'll just remove them
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<vmeson> RP, makes sense I suppose, I did see seebs using it in email from many years ago.
<RP> vmeson: If people need them, they can implement this in their layer now ;-)
<vmeson> Nothing since 2015!
* RP sends a nice deletion patch
<rburton> RP: good news: systemtap upstream are fixing some issues i've found in debugging the problem
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<RP> rburton: that is very cool :)
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<abelloni> did anyone try to build poky on macos?
<fray> the pseudo part is dificult to do under recent MacOS..
<fray> MacOS security software restricts what/how you can intercept things, while Linux makes it pretty easy via LD_PRELOAD
<kergoth> If you don't have issue with docker desktop licensing that works great for it, but I've een doing my builds in lima lately (wraps qemu)
<kergoth> limactl start debian; fire up vscode and connect to it over ssh and open my workspace, kick off a build
<abelloni> thanks!
<kergoth> its like wsl for mac basically, just with qemu under it instead of a vm. can run contianers under it also, though that has some limitations right now
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* RP suspects we're seeing on the autobuilder :(
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