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<ocdtrekkie> There were some full URLs later in the error message, after removing the testing thing I get the same problem still:
<ocdtrekkie> Ah, looks like the box version was still constrained too.
<ocdtrekkie> Still broken with stretch 9.12.0 box, but it's looking for newer files: E: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80]
<ocdtrekkie> The database is sqlite so I'm not too worried about version bumping, going to just go try for newer Debian releases and see how that goes, I guess. \o/
<ocdtrekkie> Okay! So with Buster, I am 95% there, I think.
<ocdtrekkie> It now successfully can make it to vagrant-spk dev, WordPress tries to load, but it's not grabbing the php config to activate a required extension, so WordPress falls on it's face there.
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<amanzoli> hello :)
<amanzoli> I am new on sandstorm I am installing it on my Debian 11, after I put in my email for letsEncript it quit and the log file told sandstorm/run-bundle.c++:1874: failed: bind(sockFd, reinterpret_cast<sockaddr *>(&sa), sizeof(sockaddr_in)): Address already in use
<amanzoli> stack:
<amanzoli> any idea how to fix it please ?
<ocdtrekkie> So that error generally means you are already using the same ports on that machine. Sandstorm is probably trying to use ports 80 and 443 and you likely have some other web server installed.
<amanzoli> thank you!
<amanzoli> in the setup it finds my webserver and says it will use port 6080
<amanzoli> when it exits the setup it says: Failed to create Let's Encrypt account.
<ocdtrekkie> If you check /opt/sandstorm/sandstorm.conf it should list all the ports it is trying to use.
<amanzoli> Hmm, installation failed. Would it be OK to send an anonymous error report to the team so we know something is wrong?
<amanzoli> It would only contain this error code: E_CREATE_ACME_ACCOUNT [yes]
<amanzoli> and this is the other error
<ocdtrekkie> I am unsure why it would have difficulty there apart from the aforementioned startup failing because of the port issue.
<amanzoli> is it possible at the setup to change the ports ? everything start automatically after I get it by curl | bash
<ocdtrekkie> I think there should be a way to not just use all the typical values, but I don't run the script frequently. But also you may be able to fix the config and then start the server, I do kinda suspect it is installed completely at this point.
<amanzoli> OK let me try ,the config file anyway it si wrong after the setup it use port 80 despite the fact in the setup it says 6080
<amanzoli> but still I dont undestand why the error message in the setup is: ------> Failed to create Let's Encrypt account.
<amanzoli> the bind error is in the log so I dont know where is the problem
<ocdtrekkie> So the server has to be running first to do that, and if the port issue happened, the server didn't start. I think it will still happen when we start the server.
<amanzoli> OK quits with the error, then I changed the conf and started the server
<amanzoli> if I go to my public iP xx.xx.xx..x:6080 it says
<amanzoli> Sandstorm doesn't recognize this host name
<amanzoli> If you we're trying to visit Sandstorm's main interface
<amanzoli> To visit this Sandstorm server's main interface, go to:
<amanzoli> If you are the server admin and want to use this address as the main interface, edit /opt/sandstorm/sandstorm.conf, modify the BASE_URL setting, and restart Sandstorm.
<ocdtrekkie> You can never access a Sandstorm server by IP, it depends entirely on DNS.
<amanzoli> but also is not working
<ocdtrekkie> On your config, what is your HTTPS_PORT set to?
<amanzoli> 8443
<amanzoli> server_user field what should be ? please
<amanzoli> and BIND_IP what should I use ? my server IP I guess
<ocdtrekkie> That should probably always be sandstorm
<amanzoli> OK it is sandstorm now
<ocdtrekkie> So if your HTTPS_PORT is 8443, you should probably also have :8443 on the end of your BASE_URL and WILDCARD_HOST fields as well.
<ocdtrekkie> And assuming you have firewall/port forwarding/etc. configured correctly, your Sandstorm interface would be at
<amanzoli> OK but I can also connect without https with 6080
<amanzoli> I guess HTTPS is not working because it did not completed the letsencrypt step
<ocdtrekkie> If you have an HTTPS_PORT the other port will redirect to it.
<amanzoli> I can remove it ?
<ocdtrekkie> If you want to do HTTP only, you'd remove the HTTPS_PORT entirely and restart the Sandstorm service.
<amanzoli> and  BASE_URL without https ?
<amanzoli> YES!
<amanzoli> Setup token required
<amanzoli> I am here now :)
<amanzoli> Welcome to Sandstorm!!
<amanzoli> it works now:)  thank you !
<ocdtrekkie> You're welcome. If you are trying to get the HTTPS certificate set up, that can all be done inside the admin panel too.
<amanzoli> OK I will
<amanzoli> now I am configuring the access by email
<amanzoli> Thank you again it seems it works and I did an admin account
<amanzoli> OK I tried to create a new grain when I do it for example rocket chat or file drop after I click on + it stays with the loading wheel running...what should I do please?
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<TimMc> amanzoli: Hmm... so the new grain just never loads?
<amanzoli> correct
<TimMc> There should be a bar at the top of the page that includes a log-viewer.
<amanzoli> ..** SANDSTORM SUPERVISOR: Starting up grain. Sandbox type: userns
<amanzoli> ** SANDSTORM SUPERVISOR: Grain still in use; staying up for now.
<amanzoli> ** SANDSTORM SUPERVISOR: Grain no longer in use; shutting down.
<amanzoli> ** SANDSTORM SUPERVISOR: Starting up grain. Sandbox type: userns
<ocdtrekkie> When you updated the port on your config, did you put the port on your WILDCARD_HOST as well?
<ocdtrekkie> That one is very important for it to find grains.
<amanzoli> oh no I did not ! I fixed now let me try
<amanzoli> thank you!
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<amanzoli> YES
<amanzoli> it works
<amanzoli> what kind of requirements on my server I should have ? in a guide I have seen I need java ? is it true ?
<ocdtrekkie> shouldn't need java, no, Sandstorm includes everything it needs
<ocdtrekkie> we just generally recommend having 2 GB of RAM or more. 1 GB technically works but may have issues depending what apps you are running.
<amanzoli> OK this is fine
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<amanzoli> so no I have a big question:)
<amanzoli> I want to make an online app for my users so that they can login and upload files and have a chat with me
<amanzoli> can I create an interface for the users or the users they just see the different app and they have to use them ?
<ocdtrekkie> You can set what apps users have preinstalled, but we don't currently have the ability for you to automatically share specific grains/documents to new users z
<ocdtrekkie> You could create a sharing link to send them and have that link be the first link they use to get to the Sandstorm server though, and if they log in, they will retain access to that grain.
<ocdtrekkie> If you want to share multiple things with someone in a single sharing link, check out the Collections app.
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<amanzoli> OK
<amanzoli> I would like to have users that login and be able to upload items and to have chat with me
<amanzoli> also how to avoid that users can add new apps or grain ? I cant find this in the admin pannel thank you
<ocdtrekkie> so those are visitors.
<ocdtrekkie> visitors can only use grains shared with them
<amanzoli> OK
<amanzoli> thank you
<ocdtrekkie> everyone is a visitor unless you promote them
<amanzoli> OK
<amanzoli> I create collections for different users(visitors) and I will share with them.
<amanzoli> so I need to create also different grains if I want to keep the app instance separated for each user ?
<amanzoli> the collection use the same grain, so if I want to keep separate chats for each of my users/visitor I need to create a chat grain for each of them ? or there is a "smarter" way ?
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<ocdtrekkie> Yeah you'd need separate grains for each user.
<ocdtrekkie> Theoretically, you could create an app that did that, but it would expose people to a greater security risk that someone could exploit a bug in the app to access someone else's data.
<amanzoli> do you mean I can write it ?
<ocdtrekkie> Technically you could, I just don't think we'd recommend it. We like grains to be the security boundary, so people who have access to different things generally should be in different grains.
<amanzoli> OK sure
<amanzoli> are you a dev of the project ?
<ocdtrekkie> Yes, but I tend to work on app dev and community support, I don't do much work on the platform itself.
<amanzoli> ok nice
<amanzoli> I have installed few apps now I will test it with 2 or 3 viewers to see if I can setup something wih a kind of workflow
<amanzoli> what I see missing is a kind in-fact of workflow management to create a workflow that use different apps that can be connected to each other
<amanzoli> one more thing the viewers / users do not have a password ?
<ocdtrekkie> Okay, feel free to throw any other questions in here any time. Might be a delay answering them but we will try. :)
<amanzoli> they access by token only ?
<amanzoli> sorry I splitted the question in 2 threads:
<amanzoli> one more thing the viewers / users do not have a password ?hey access by token only ?
<ocdtrekkie> That's correct, Sandstorm has no passwords. Can't compromise what you don't have. So email login uses the one-time link method, and if you configure Google or GitHub login, they can use those accounts. Rather than implement our own multifactor authentication and all, we recommend users use multifactor authentication on whatever service they use for their login/email.
<amanzoli> OK I got it thanks
<amanzoli> would be nice to have grains organised in subfolders so if it is needed to create multiple grains for separate users they can be organised in a folders tree :)
<ocdtrekkie> Re: workflow management, one could build apps that connect to other apps and pass information through them (the Collections app, for instance, is just an app like any other, but can share other grains through it). But not many apps have been built to do things like that yet.
<amanzoli> yes nice
<ocdtrekkie> I agree, but unfortunately we do not have a UI for organizing grains in folders.
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<amanzoli> I think there is a bug, if I add a grain to a collection then I open that grain and rename it, in the collection I still see the old name but if I open the grain I see the new name
<amanzoli> and if I clone the Collection then I have an error:  Untitled NodeBB board(broken)
<amanzoli> the grain can be cloned probably because has a different name
<ocdtrekkie> The Collection has no way to know you changed the name of the grain, that's correct. You'd have to remove it and re-add it to the Collection.
<amanzoli> mmmh ok
<amanzoli> dont you think that would be better to re-synch it ?
<ocdtrekkie> And cloning will break links between grains. Collections is probably the one app that is almost pointless to clone, as it happens.
<ocdtrekkie> Cloning it gives you a copy of the grain's data, but the Collections grain doesn't really have much data, it's value is in the links you create between it and other grains, and those can't be duplicated.
<amanzoli> well:)  in my case I a trying to make different collections for different users I though it could duplicate also the child grains
<amanzoli> OK I can see that probably the tool has been designed to be used in a single closed group of people that want to share the same contents but to use it with multiple groups maybe is not that simple ? or am I wrong ? :)
<ocdtrekkie> Unfortunately not. I think in the ideal world for your use case (as I picture it based on what you've asked) there'd be some sort of API we could programmatically build sets of fresh grains and stuff but that doesn't exist.
<ocdtrekkie> For cloning a collection to also clone grains we'd need a similar ability for apps to actually create other grains, and Sandstorm does not do that at present.
<amanzoli> yes I see thank you
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<amanzoli> is it possible to chat with rocket chat grain from the rocket chat mobile app ?
<amanzoli> I found a post from 2017 where it says is possible but I cant do it
<ocdtrekkie> Unfortunately not, the mobile app is significantly newer than our version of Rocket.Chat.
<ocdtrekkie> A few times people have started to put an update together for it, but didn't complete the work. So our Rocket.Chat works fine, but doesn't talk to outside clients.
<amanzoli> ok thx
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