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<ocdtrekkie> Okay, so I want to resurrect a Debian Stretch project with the least possible changes to the existing package.
<ocdtrekkie> I think my current need, is that I need to add to the build script replacing /etc/apt/sources.list and I am not sure the best way to do that.
<ocdtrekkie> It refers to but 404s out downloading packages. I'm confused because it says it should work for Stretch and later, but it does not work. But I am thinking I need to use the Fastly links mentioned on that page instead.
<ocdtrekkie> Just updating the sources.list file didn't get me there either. 🤔
<TimMc> ocdtrekkie: What package? Poking around on might help, e.g.
<ocdtrekkie> wordpress
<ocdtrekkie> I am hoping to rebuild it largely as-is, but add the powerbox proxy for importing.
<ocdtrekkie> However, I get apt errors trying to set up, because apt seems prone to bitrot, I guess.z
<TimMc> There may have been some change to the structure of apt URLs, but I bet it's compatible.
<ocdtrekkie> I imagine it's fixable, I am just not good at fixing things. :/
<TimMc> heh
<TimMc> So you're using "stretch main" and "stretch-updates main"?
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<ocdtrekkie> My old shared hosting has a single user besides myself with some WordPress blogs that have no comments really needed.
<ocdtrekkie> But image import needs to work.
<TimMc> Actually, let me check -- is it that the project used to use Debian Stretch and you're trying to upgrade it to a newer version of Debian?
<ocdtrekkie> I think so? It's whatever vagrant has in the stretch-contrib64 image.
<ocdtrekkie> It uses Stretch and I am trying to leave it on Stretch as not to break the package.
<TimMc> ahhh, and that image no longer works?
<ocdtrekkie> Yeah, because apt fails.
<ocdtrekkie> But allegedly Debian still offers stretch's repos so presumably we should be able to add some configuration to our setup scripts to fix it.
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<TimMc> What's an example of a URL that's giving a 404?
<TimMc> I wonder if some mirrors don't carry old versions.
<ocdtrekkie> It was just in the sources.list I believe
<TimMc> But do you have an example URL that's 404ing?
<ocdtrekkie> I'll have to grab it tonight
<TimMc> If all else fails, there's also a "snapshot" repository that will allow you to get packages exactly as they were at a specific timestamp, which is pretty cool. And I bet that goes back a good number of versions.
<ocdtrekkie> Yeah I just need to figure out what we need to do and probably document it somewhere. Reproducibility isn't even close if we have to upgrade the distro to build a package again.
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