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<xet7> From some discussions from Meteor Slack, I got info that Rocket.Chat still uses Meteor, and will probably continue using it also in the future. So I think sometime I (or someone else) could look at updating Rocket.Chat Sandstorm package.
<xet7> I don't know what is the status of other chat apps at Sandstorm
<xet7> Kind of related is, that according to OpenHub, Wekan is 18 years or effort, and Rocket.Chat is 108 years of effort. Meteor is about 50 years of effort.
<xet7> With so much effort in these apps, it's not so practical to rewrite.
<xet7> or migrate
<isd> If you're interested in updating that would be great
<ocdtrekkie> Yeah, there's been occasional interest in it, but the upstream folks never really took it forward. If someone else did the work though, they'd probably accept it.
<xet7> Yes, it's mostly me. Because I also would like to Wekan inside Rocket.Chat mobile apps.
<xet7> And Wekan has some parts ported from Rocket.Chat to Wekan
<xet7> I'll look is it possible
<xet7> Or try to make those happen
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