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<vext01> folks, is this broken?
<cfbolz> vext01: no
<cfbolz> vext01: you need to pick a machine on the left
<cfbolz> and a benchmark
<vext01> oh...
<vext01> that's really not obvious
<vext01> because it says "loading..."
<vext01> another guy here at kings thought it has been broken since forever :P
<cfbolz> vext01: patches welcome ;-)
<vext01> you don't want my web design skills, trust me :)
<LarstiQ> this could be one of those "submit something obviously wrong so others will fix it" cases ;)
<Dejan> :D
<arigato> cfbolz: don't know how relevant this is, or if I'm out-of-date, but I'm a bit confused by the mentions of HPy in that paper
<arigato> they are measuring its performance, so I guess they are using the most efficient version, but then this most efficient version doesn't really use handles at all?
<arigato> but they latch on the word "handles" and cite some other papers about handles, which I don't know how relevant that is
<cfbolz> arigato: yes, I agree, that is relatively weird
<cfbolz> there should be two hpy numbers somehow, one for ABI mode, one for API mode
<cfbolz> arigato: and this is were it's really annoying that we don't have the source, because we can't check ourselves :-(
<arigato> as long as the source is not published, it won't have any effect except one citation for the authors
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