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<Hodgestar> Mask wearing is completely absent these days in The Netherlands. SciPy had mask wearing during the conference, but it was quite weird because 1) I flew for 20h to get there with almost no one wearing masks on either planes or airports which were packed and 2) not many people wore masks in the rest of the city and everyone took masks off as soon as they exited the conference area (which didnt even involve going outside).
<Hodgestar> I am happy to fit in with whatever the local norms are, I just might need to be reminded sometimes because its no longer part of my daily routine and things can get a bit odd in this transitionary period.
<Hodgestar> I expected the US to be 50% "if you don't wear a mask you are hearless and evil" and 50% "I will not wear a mask on pain of death", but the reality seemed to be that 95%+ of people just fitted in with whatever was happening around them and took masks off at the first opportunity.
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<hexology> pypy doesn't have any kind of tail call optimization, right?
<arigato> hexology: no, the language forbids that
<hexology> oh, does it?
<arigato> yes, you can do sys._getframe(N) at any point in time and get at the Nth frame
<hexology> ahh
<hexology> i guess this is the problem when "the spec is the implementation"
<arigato> well in this particular case, I think that having a fully working sys._getframe() is a feature
<hexology> is sys._getframe necessary for other functionality? like error handling etc
<hexology> i assume it's used for tracebacks and such
<arigato> yes, and the pdb debugger, mostly, but also some modules use that, like for logging
<hexology> makes sense
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<j4at> Pretty sure it pypy have tail call optimization as part of the jit. But it doesn't get used if you use sys._getframe ofc.
<j4at> Test it out, this should never throw "maximum recursion depth exceeded"
<j4at> unless you disable inlining by uncommenting 5th+6th line.
<hexology> cool
<hexology> that's useful
<arigato> er, no
<arigato> what occurs is that with the JIT, frames are much more compact on the machine stack
<arigato> but if you increase the 2**14 enough, it will still throw "maximum recursion depth exceeded" at some point
<j4at> arigato, ow you are right
<arigato> (the limit for "maximum recursion depth exceeded" is defined as a number of KB the machine stack occupies, instead of counting frames, for a maybe bogus reason that counting might slow things down)
<j4at> hexology: ^ yeah I was incorrect
<hexology> also good to know :)
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<Dejan> DConf starts this Monday
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