cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | Matti: I made a bit of progress, the tests now only segfault towards the end
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<Alex6> Hello everyone. Could someone take a look at the issue with expired certificate? It's affected many customers.
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<cfbolz> Alex6: customers of what?
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<Alex6> github actions
<Alex6> To resolve pypy version in runtime setup-python uses the versions.json file, more context -
<cfbolz> Alex6: we are trying to work on a more long-lasting solution that would make the setup more stable
<Alex6> cfbolz, What do you think it's difficult use a GitHub repo for the versions.json file as a backup source?
<cfbolz> thank you for your input
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<zlogene> mattip: around by chance?
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<Alex6> cfbolz: Thank you for your help. The file is available now.
<zlogene> Alex6: cfbolz: thanks, I am the guy from github actions to wha was going to nag again :)
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<Alex_Gaynor> Is there an intention for when the next pypy release will be?
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