cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | Matti: I made a bit of progress, the tests now only segfault towards the end
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<cfbolz> and it turns out, that there is no such thing as a free lunch:
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<fijal> cfbolz: why "free lunch"?
<cfbolz> fijal: "yay, 3.11 will be so much faster!!!1!"
<fijal> haha, aha!
<LarstiQ> free breakfast, but you can't have lunch?
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<cfbolz> Alex_Gaynor: thanks for the comment
<Alex_Gaynor> cfbolz: of course, pyca/cryptography CI runs basically all jobs with, so we care a lot
<cfbolz> Alex_Gaynor: I know, people complain to pypy too that we're so slow with cov
<Alex_Gaynor> cfbolz: I worked on it many years ago, and I made it faster for some usecases, but with very long traces it still aborts all the time IIRC
<cfbolz> Alex_Gaynor: I made it somewhat better again a few weeks ago
<Hodgestar> cfbolz: \o/
<Hodgestar> Alex_Gaynor: It feels a bit surreal having to explain to experienced developers that the performance of CI and being able to iterate quickly are pretty important.
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<fijal> heh
<fijal> it kinda does
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