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<fijal> hello
<fijal> what do I need to do?
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<mattip> there is a problem when doing `pypy -m ensurepip`, the new files end up with wierd permissions
<mattip> after that it would be nice to figure out what is going one with _cppyy, maybe more libffi stuff?
<cfbolz> I don't know, I think deferring cppyy sounds fair to me
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<mattip> maybe it is all part of the same problem: it is not clear what is going on with varargs and libffi
<cfbolz> right
<fijal> how do I find which revision the file got deleted?
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<fijal> _ssl archive /tmp/pypy-archives/openssl-1.1.1m.tar.gz hash mismatch
<fijal> what is that?
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<mattip> fijal: which file got deleted?
<mattip> what are you doing that you see a hash mismatch?
<mattip> ahh, that is an old openssl download that doesn't exist, so you are hashing an empty file or a 404 response.
<mattip> please update to the latest
<fijal> mattip: ok
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