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<arigo> a question I've got which I'm not sure how to answer:
<arigo> "Wondering what is python standard way to declare event subscription / unsubscription?"
<arigo> after I explained that in his pair of functions Connect(callable) and Disconnect(callable), he shouldn't use id(callable) as a key because e.g. "x.method is not x.method"
<arigo> I suggested instead Connect(callable) -> token, and Disconnect(token)
<arigo> but I admit I have no idea what is "standard" here
<cfbolz> arigo: I like your suggestion
<cfbolz> arigo: and I recall some other projects that use tokens for cancelation
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<lazka> glib uses "token", but only because it mirrors the API from C, pyqt seems the use the callable
<lazka> a middle ground would be token.disconnect() I guess.
<lazka> javascript has a similar problem with multiple methods when you want to bind() it, then you have to keep the bound() method around to disconnect later
<ctismer> got a `NotImplementedError` on a numerical test. (following)
<ctismer> the code:
<ctismer> with the wrapped code of
<ctismer> does someone need the wrapped code as well?
<ctismer> mattip, LarstiQ, cfbolz, arigo
* ctismer is sorry, writing on the road from a car
<LarstiQ> I have nothing useful atm, I'd look at how OperationError is implemented I guess
<cfbolz> ctismer: at the Weihnachtsmarkt right now
<ctismer> Thanks, I’m on the run, too
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<mgorny> cfbolz: "In the following [...]" lacks a noun
<mgorny> also not 100% sure but i feel that "I found" should actually be "I have found"
<mgorny> (not a native English speaker)
<cfbolz> (nitpick: "the following" *is* a noun, but it's a Germanism and I'm fixing it anyway ;-) )
<mgorny> "80% of the time" -- you probably meant "times", otherwise it sounds like you're talking that one person spends 80% time on X, then 20% of time on Y
<mgorny> but not sure if it's entirely correct either
<cfbolz> right
<cfbolz> yeah, that paragraph is probably the most confusing one
<cfbolz> I found the 80/20 rule quite obvious in the style guides. but seems I have a hard time expressing it myself
<mgorny> besides that, neat smmary
<mgorny> summary*
<cfbolz> cool, thanks a lot for the feedback
<Guest96> reads good to me
<Guest96> as native english speaker
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<cfbolz> andythenorth: thx :-)
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