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<FatalNIX> heat: I love how Ubuntu has been behind on everything. Elixir is almost completely broken as a package..
<FatalNIX> I don't particularly use Ubuntu outside of the machine they provide me at work, but Some of those packages are almost dinosaurs now.
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<heat> well 20.04 is 2 years old
<heat> the meson they package was almost brand new at the time
<FatalNIX> I ended up just upgrading the work machine I have to 21.04 or something..
<FatalNIX> because I need C20
<FatalNIX> Something I need to compile is using a bunch of crap that just won't compile with std=C2a
<heat> why do you need C20?
<FatalNIX> Apparently btop wouldn't compile without it
<FatalNIX> so I was like ok mess with the Makefile, tried c2a, and it complained that certain C20 features being used weren't there, so I was like ugh okay, gcc isn't compiled with C20 support...
<FatalNIX> I could have recompiled GCC but decided to upgrade Ubuntu instead and now it works XD
<heat> tbf it's C23
<heat> it's not even finished yet
<FatalNIX> OH, that's why.
<FatalNIX> Makes more sense now
<heat> using features from an unfinished standard is not the greatest idea
<FatalNIX> I'd agree
<FatalNIX> But I really wanted to see what the hype about btop was.
<FatalNIX> I generally use htop
<heat> oh you mean c++
<heat> that's definitely c++
<heat> btop is written in c++
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<FatalNIX> YES
<heat> a compiler from 20.04 that doesn't have c++20 is very weird tbf
<FatalNIX> Sorry.
<FatalNIX> I forgot it was C++ :P
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<FatalNIX> I spent like 2 minutes on it and was like wtf I'm upgrading anyways
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<heat> my ubuntu server 20.04 has c++2a
<FatalNIX> c++2a wouldn't compile it unfortunately
<heat> gcc 9.4 which is decently good
<heat> if they require such a new compiler, they should stop requiring such a new compiler
<FatalNIX> Slackware has GCC 11.2 atm
<FatalNIX> Kinda funny considering Ubuntu is supposed to be the bleeding edge? :P
<heat> huh?
<zid> irt backlog, I use rundll32 a lot still
<heat> ubuntu is everything but bleeding edge
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<zid> FatalNIX: I found you a christmas present
<bslsk05> ​'Pentium II Harmonica' by TheThorns (00:01:47)
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<heat> FatalNIX, ya see, it's their fault
<heat> they're using ranges
<heat> ranges support hasn't even been finished yet
<heat> current gcc's ranges support is *incomplete*
<heat> requiring such a new toolchain without controlling the toolchain you're supposed to use is pretty damn
<heat> dumb*
<zid> The trick is to use so many new features people can't even try to hack around needing a new compiler
<zid> No more bug report for "Could you please change this one line so it works in C89?"
<FatalNIX> NO.
<zid> "What instrument do you play?" "Slot A"
<zid> Slot 1 I guess technically
<heat> cry nerd
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<bslsk05> ​man7.org: tsearch(3) - Linux manual page
<zid> has the annoying qsort function pointer issue though
<zid> unless it's a macro system?
<heat> no these are all functions
<zid> :(
<gog> fuck i hate windows
<zid> good outlook
<Mutabah> no, outlook is bad
<FatalNIX> It's not Outlook I don't like, it's Exchange.. what a mess.
<FatalNIX> I don't use Outlook anyways though
<zid> *asks magic 8-ball*
<zid> Outlook not so great.
<FatalNIX> haha
<FatalNIX> My magic 8 ball is not readable
<FatalNIX> the fluid inside has completely eaten the object inside
<FatalNIX> I mean.. I've had it since I was a kid so it's basically 30 years old..
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<klys> having not looked at this window since this morning at work, was surprised to find it still open
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<heat> i upgraded my whole toolchain for inline hints
<heat> worth it
<heat> s/inline hints/clangd inline hints/
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<bslsk05> ​www.righto.com: Reverse-engineering a mysterious Univac computer board
<geist> ooooh
<zid> I hate negative voltages
<GeDaMo> I like the picture of the removable disk :P
<geist> oh neat DTL logic
<geist> never really looked into the general structure of DTL logic, but that makes sense
<zid> I've done more dtl than anything else
<zid> because I tend to be dicking around in simulator games and stuff
<geist> but i've definitely seen discrete hand rolled AND gates and whatnot with diodes, yeah
<zid> engineer of the people <3
<zid> I've drawn a 4 bit full adder in silicon
<geist> yah looks liek that's what this card was part of
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<FatalNIX> zid: What are you working on these days?
<FatalNIX> Also, is anyone ever going to fix the main page of osdev.org someday so that you don't have to load an entire page and then click the only link available to get to the wiki? :P
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<mrvn> FatalNIX: will you?
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* papaya pets gog.
* gog prrrs
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<FatalNIX> mrvn: Lol I wouldn't have access to that
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<mrvn> let x = 0.0 /. 0.0 let y = 0.0 /. 0.0 ... x == y;; - : bool = false x == x;; - : bool = true. So nan == nan != nan. don't you love doubles?
<bslsk05> ​twitter: <antoomartini> la vieja confiable 🐱 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FPm9KinXoAMpwZV.jpg
<gog> j`ey: true
<mrvn> How do you check if a vector<double> contains nan?
<GeDaMo> isNaN(x)?
<mrvn> thx
<GeDaMo> I was just guessing at that but it does exist :P
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<mrvn> isnan actually
<mrvn> But only since 2011 :)
<mrvn> stupid me would write std::find(v.begin(), v.end(), nan) but that never finds nan
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<zid> isnan is kinda hard to write in C
<GeDaMo> Can't you just compare bit patterns?
<zid> if you know the nan rep and know it won't generate instructions that fault
<zid> aka you write it in assembly
<zid> FatalNIX: I am working on doing nothing as hard as possible currently, I was considering writing an x86 emulator for x86
<mrvn> I'm watching rocks move: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFFhD5HeByM
<bslsk05> ​'99 Years Later... We Solved It' by Physics Girl (00:14:29)
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<not_not> ahoy there
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<not_not> ahoy there?
<not_not> achubabbanoia
<bslsk05> ​urbit.org: Nock Definition • Documentation • urbit.org
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<not_not> wow cool man
<not_not> it looks very usefull for quantum algos
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<not_not> imma go sleep cya
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* geist yawns
* gog passes geist a coffee
<geist> yay
<geist> actually just took first sip
<gog> i've been working on a unit test for a kde framework library and i can't make the windows CI pass. i'm beginning to think the plugin it depends on is broken
<gog> i'm actually looking into building qt for windows with mingw and running it against wine just to unbreak it
<gog> :|
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<geist> Hmm that sounds unfun. What version of MSVC is current?
<geist> Did they release 2022?
<gog> i have no idea
<gog> i don't really have a windows machine to dev with
<gog> or i could reopen my merge request. i got frustrated because somebody asked me "why did you change the CMakeLists.txt? use kcoreaddons_add_plugin() instead" then somebody else coming in and saying "this is a tier1 framework, it can't depend on kca"
<gog> >:|
<gog> i'm just trying to do the thing that somebody asked me to do after fixing a crash bug
<gog> specifically with a regression test so that nobody unknowingly breaks it and causes me annoyance again
<geist> mrvn: huh! mystery solved
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<heat> ello
<gog> olle
<heat> ¡olé!
* gog clacks castenetts
<heat> gog, i'm curious, any specific motivation for doing kde work recently?
<gog> heat: kidletime was broken and crashing lxqt-powermanagement
<gog> i fixed that bug and one of the maintainers asked me for a unit test
<gog> so i started doing that
<gog> but i had issues with it
<gog> i've mostly fixed the issues and the CI accepts it for Qt5 and 6 but the Windows plugin doesn't emit any signals
<j`ey> I would just disable the test for windows :P
<gog> leads are enabling windows CI globally for all tier1 frameworks
<gog> the pollign plugin for windows is just plain broken i think
<gog> or it doesn't work in the test environment for whatever reason
<gog> i have no means to investigate why
<heat> ah
<heat> I was thinking it could've been related to season of kde having started a few weeks back
<j`ey> I think thats reasonable to just disable it on windows then
<gog> nah, this was personal :p
<gog> it annoyed me so i fixed it
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<gog> a good enough reason imo
<heat> just an fyi, google summer of code started accepting applications and there are plenty of os-like projects out there if anyone is interested
<heat> and you don't actually need to be a student anymore
<gog> i should do that, i need money
<gog> and some padding in my portfolio
<heat> join T I A N O C O R E, the industry standard open source UEFI implementation
<heat> liberally licensed too
<heat> or coreboot if you're a weirdo
<gog> tianocore might be a good fit for me
<heat> damn right
<gog> hah, they want unit tests
<gog> might put together a proposal for that
<gog> the dynamic linking one is also intruiging because it aligns with what i've been working on in my own code
<gog> and possibly ACPI-CA test application
<gog> i know less about that though
<heat> if you need the money/experience I'd say that doing a large project is better
<gog> yeah i'm mulling over the options rn
<gog> maybe it'll help in my attempts to get a real coding job :p
<kingoffrance> coder < developer < engineer < ... < wizard
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<heat> google summer of wizardry when???
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<gog> unsubscribe
<heat> why tf do you not want to be mentored by voldemort
<heat> project: kill harry potter
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<gog> hmm
<gog> nah. read another book
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<Griwes> google summer of windrunning
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<gorgonical> When you sit down to start work on some program, do you have a routine you engage in? A snack or drink you prepare, a comfortable robe, etc? I know so people that have strange habits. I always make a big glass of iced tea
<dh`> a programmer is a device for turning tea into executable code
<gorgonical> The usual aphorism has to be changed when you come from the American south
<klange> If you use "caffeine" it is correct for tea, coffee, and soda.
<kingoffrance> also soap apparently
<moon-child> gorgonical: programmer socks!
<gorgonical> moon-child: Mine have bob ross's face on them
<gorgonical> klange: Makes me wonder about caffeine habits around the world. I imagine Europeans engage in different coffee habits. I have a dutch friend that has a nespresso machine I've never seen before. Makes cappucinos from pods
<gorgonical> Maybe I'm just behind the coffee machine tech
<heat> yeah I have that here
<heat> I tend to avoid caffeine as much as possible
<heat> a year or so ago I drank so much caffeine (coffee + red bull + monster energy) that my heart kinda started skipping beats and I'm afraid that I don't want to die
<heat> way healthier this way :)
<gorgonical> heat: I am either mostly resistant to caffeine or deeply dependent on it. I can usually consume 8-12 cups of tea a day with no noticeable caffeine side-effects
<gorgonical> Though tea is much less caffeinated
<shikhin> Heart skipping beats sounds like something that needs medical attention.
<j`ey> or youre in love
<heat> several weeks of unhealthy habits does that to ya
<heat> I stopped having any of that since I stopped
<bslsk05> ​'Family Guy Monster Energy' by maxseramic (00:00:40)
<dh`> if you're from the south, isn't "tea" shorthand for "sugar"? :-)
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<gorgonical> dh`: It used to be. But then as a teenager I learned how it was made and now I only drink unsweetened tea
<gorgonical> If you like sweet tea, never ever watch it made
<dh`> when I was much younger I used to drink the bottled lipton stuff with lemon that was in vogue then
<dh`> it's terrible tea but it was ok as non-fizzy soda
<gorgonical> I did drink some of that stuff in college. It's not easy to get unsweet tea in the south
<dh`> but I am far too much of a tea snob to put sugar in my tea
<heat> why do you folks like tea so much?
<heat> is it a cultural thing?
<gorgonical> That's part of it. Really high-quality tea is very lovely, like good wine
<gorgonical> Obviously different, but the variability of good tea is like that
<gorgonical> Now to explain why we drink lipton or whatever, yes that's mostly cultural habit I would say
<kingoffrance> there's probably some history of not wanting to import tea due to a tax or something
<kingoffrance> some minor historical event
<dh`> pish
<kingoffrance> thats what ben franklin says, it was not about the tax
<dh`> it was about whether the tax was legal
<dh`> anyway when I was a kid I always liked the tea you got in chinese restaurants, and eventually discovered that you can secure good tea other ways
<dh`> (and it's a lot easier now, you can get adequate tea in supermarkets now, at least in cosmopolitan areas, and that was absolutely not true in the 80s)
<dh`> (and there are lots of places to order good tea from)
<gorgonical> A lot like coffee, too. The only thing I continually want for is good oolong tea. It doesn't even have to be loose-leaf
<gorgonical> :(
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<gog> i put on my programming socks
<gog> and pour a cup of coffee
<gorgonical> smear a little butter on some hardfisk for energy
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<gog> i haven't actually tried harðfiskur
<gorgonical> I had mine from the big fish market (?) downtown (?). I could find it on a map anyway. I like the idea
<gog> fiskbuð fúsa?
<gog> not exactly downtown
<gog> but tbf there are like 5 different business districts that might look like a downtown
<gorgonical> kolaportid I think
<gorgonical> My understanding of what counts as downtown may be wildly off
<gog> ahhh ok
<gog> kolaportið is downtown, that's like a big flea market with all kinds of things
<bslsk05> ​nate-desimone/Bus_Pirate - Custom Bus Pirate Firmware for I2C Serial Debug (is fork /1 forks/2 stargazers)
<heat> very early boot I/O through the intel GPU's I2C over hdmi
<heat> works before the memory controller is up
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<bslsk05> ​'The smallest and worst HDMI display ever' by mitxela (00:02:01)
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<gog> nice
<klange> you could apply the same techniques to drive a single LED, yielding a 1×1 display and handily beating this for the title
<gog> lowest possible resolution
<gog> nice
<Griwes> you could go subpixel
<gog> hm
<klange> Griwes: It's a black-or-white 1-bit pixel, so it's as small as you're going to get
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<Griwes> but what if you pretended to be an rgb 1x1 display, but only used one of the colors in the signal to drive the led?
<klange> That might win on "worst", but I fear it's falling into the realm of not actually qualifying as functional.
<gog> its functional if you only have a parietal eye
<Griwes> Noone said anything about "qualifying as functional" ;D