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<NippunSharmaNipp> @rcurtin, help required over [here](https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack/pull/3030#discussion_r690013170)!!
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<jonpsy[m]> haven't been able to access lab.mlpack.org
<jonpsy[m]> once the behavioural policy is deterministic, i think we shouldn't store in replayBuffer
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<ABHINAVANAND[m]> The build I the PR is failing for some reason. It says make : No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
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<heisenbuugGopiMT> @shrit:matrix.org
<heisenbuugGopiMT> I figured out why those `sp_mat` tests are failing, can we have a quick call?
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<shrit[m]> Yes, we can have a meeting Today,
<shrit[m]> I will let you know when
<shrit[m]> What was the issue related to `sp_mat`
<heisenbuugGopiMT> It's with the File type
<heisenbuugGopiMT> If you see the load.hpp we can see that we have replaced only loading for CSV files
<heisenbuugGopiMT> So, when we don't have CSV files, it's use mat.load(stream, type)
<heisenbuugGopiMT> And sp_mat doesn't support the type that is getting passed and hence the error
<heisenbuugGopiMT> I am writing from my phone, not on my machine, that's why I am not able to provide links, but sp_mat.load() only supports 4 FileTypes
<swaingotnochill[> zoq , Kartik..Can I hop into the meeting at 7 pm IST?
<swaingotnochill[> (edited) ... , Kartik..Can I ... => ... , Kartik..May I ...
<zoq[m]> swaingotnochill[: Sure.
<zoq[m]> <jonpsy[m]> "haven't been able to access lab." <- Will look into this.
<zoq[m]> zoq[m]: For now you can use - https://mybinder.org/
<kartikdutt18kart> Sure!
<jonpsy[m]> zoq: lets have a chat around 9PM IST? (it's not super imp so feel free to decline)
<zoq[m]> I have another meeting at 9PM IST, but I can make 10PM IST work.
<jonpsy[m]> cool, just normal text chat
<kartikdutt18kart> (Continued from the weekly meet) Also, Transposed Convolution wouldn't require any special changes in C++ side of things for the converter.
<DavidportlouisDa> Sounds great, thanks for the clarification
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<rcurtin[m]> zoq: is data.kurg.org down? I'm getting errors trying to access it
<rcurtin[m]> I think it causes some very strange downstream build errors in the R build 😃
<zoq[m]> <rcurtin[m]> "I think it causes some very stra" <- yes, we have to switch to mlpack.org for now.
<rcurtin[m]> 👍️
<jonpsy[m]> zoq: you free rn?
<zoq[m]> jonpsy[m]: Yep
<jonpsy[m]> hah i kinda feel bad that i immediately took ur time space after ur 9pm meet ;)
<zoq[m]> No worries, do you feel better?
<jonpsy[m]> better than yesterday :D
<zoq[m]> But not 100%?
<jonpsy[m]> 92%
<jonpsy[m]> just normal cough, no worreis really
<zoq[m]> Okay, feel free to take as much time to recover as needed.
<zoq[m]> Like even if we can't complete the RL part, we are in a really good state.
<zoq[m]> Every time I show someone the rocket example they are really impressed :)
<jonpsy[m]> im glad :)
<jonpsy[m]> but really, im totally fine rn
<jonpsy[m]> prob is, placement season has begun n then i wont b able to give it as much time
<jonpsy[m]> so i have to have complete RL
<jonpsy[m]> anyway, lets discuss?
<zoq[m]> Sure
<zoq[m]> Do you like to use the chat or hope on a call?
<jonpsy[m]> you're fine with call?
<zoq[m]> Sure
<zoq[m]> If we can keep it shortish :)
<ABHINAVANAND[m]> zoq the PR is failing for some reason. Please take a look
<zoq[m]> <ABHINAVANAND[m]> "zoq the PR is failing for some..." <- It's failing on the groupnorm test right?
<zoq[m]> Because we can ignore the R builds for now.
<ABHINAVANAND[m]> <zoq[m]> "It's failing on the groupnorm te" <- Yes
<zoq[m]> ABHINAVANAND[m]: Looking into it.
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<jonpsy[m]> someone have any memory-time efficient hax pwease? :D
<jonpsy[m]> * someone has any memory-time efficient hax pwease? :D
<zoq[m]> what about reshape?
<ABHINAVANAND[m]> <zoq[m]> "Looking into it." <- zoq did you take a look?
<zoq[m]> <ABHINAVANAND[m]> "zoq did you take a look?" <- On my list, for today.