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<jonpsy[m]> can we have a meet today? say4n zoq (sorry to disturb on weekends :) )
<heisenbuugGopiMT> @shrit:matrix.org added comments as well.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> I noticed that there are no tests for loading sparse matrix from `csv` file
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Can you take a look at test file to confirm?
<heisenbuugGopiMT> I might have missed something maybe, I will take a look again.
<shrit[m]> I will give it a look
<jonpsy[m]> question: What's the difference between ```Forward``` and ```Predict``` ?
<DavidportlouisDa> @kartikdutt18 any suggestions on how to use mlpack-PyTorch-Weight-Translator for transposeConv2d for AE
<shrit[m]> heisenbuug (Gopi M Tatiraju):
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Yup
<shrit[m]> I have finished and submitted the review
<shrit[m]> Let me know what do you think 👍️
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Okay...
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Took a quick look at the comments. I will reply to them soon.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> As mostly they are related to indentation errors and comments
<heisenbuugGopiMT> I will make those changes and reply to other comments
<DavidportlouisDa> I have add extraction of weights and biases from TransposeConv2d in mlpack-PyTorch-Weight-Translator, If everything works I'll make a PR by EOD.
<rcurtin[m]> RishabhGarg108 (RishabhGarg108): not sure if you were using zax today, but I have to replace a hard drive in it so it will be down for a little while. I would have "scheduled" the downtime, but, the breaker blew in my office this morning (oops, too many things plugged in? 😃) so I figured it was a good time to go ahead and switch this drive out...
<zoq[m]> <jonpsy[m]> "question: What's the difference..." <- `Forward` is an internal function to perform a forward pass through the network. `Predict` is used to get a prediction for a trained network given some input; `Predict` uses the `Forward`, but also handles the case to provide predictions for multiple inputs, so in case you pass n images you get a prediction for each.
<zoq[m]> <jonpsy[m]> "can we have a meet today..." <- What do you like to talk about?
<jonpsy[m]> about the current progress and some doubts on sumtree and priority setting in RL
<jonpsy[m]> <zoq[m]> "What do you like to talk about?" <- its kinda late here; if you're free tommorow we can do that else lets meet monday as usual
<heisenbuugGopiMT> @shrit:matrix.org
<heisenbuugGopiMT> How can I build the mlpack website locally?
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Only to check how the tutorial will look.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> And I should create a new branch for this, right?
<zoq[m]> <jonpsy[m]> "about the current progress and s" <- I think it's a good idea to discuss update on Monday, that way everyone is up to date.
<zoq[m]> > <@jonpsy:matrix.org> about the current progress and some doubts on sumtree and priority setting in RL
<zoq[m]> * I think it's a good idea to discuss updates on Monday, that way everyone is up to date.
<zoq[m]> zoq[m]: But if you have doubts about the sumtree, happy to hope on a call.
<zoq[m]> <jonpsy[m]> "its kinda late here; if you're f" <- `target` might be a confusing name in this case, it's just the output given the current state.
<zoq[m]> zoq[m]: In this case, you could use `Predict` as well, yes, and I think it would be cleaner.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> @marcusedel:matrix.org crypto is again maybe up for a bull run, any thoughts? I remember you trading crypto maybe?
<heisenbuugGopiMT> * @marcusedel:matrix.org crypto might be again up for a bull run, any thoughts? I remember you trading crypto maybe?
<zoq[m]> hehe, we talked about writing a notebook to select certain coins, we have a notebook that does this for stocks.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> oh, I made decent money this week, it's soring up again nice time to make profits.
<zoq[m]> btc, eth?
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Vet
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Dogde
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Cardano
<zoq[m]> ahh, yeah I have seen that ADA jumped quite a bit
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Yup
<heisenbuugGopiMT> 56% in one week
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Thats crazy
<heisenbuugGopiMT> And there is still scope for profits as it still haven't reached it's previous high
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Just a crazy thought, maybe we can have bot trading crypto for mlpack? Self-funding for mlpack using mlpack. hahaha
<zoq[m]> hehe, pretty sure there is already something out there, wondering how that performs.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Wow, is there? Where can we see the logs and reports?
<heisenbuugGopiMT> In this market you can easily go green even if you have basic knowledge of technical analysis.
<jonpsy[m]> <zoq[m]> "hehe, we talked about writing a..." <- the dogecoin one?
<zoq[m]> Like I think the market is very unpredictable, I thought the infrastructure bill discussion would have a huge influence on the price, but looks like that's not really the case.
<zoq[m]> jonpsy[m]: Right
<jonpsy[m]> yeap, that was a fun idea
<jonpsy[m]> we could create an issue on that as feature request
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Crypto has seen huge adoption in the past 6 months maybe. Even after the last bull run ended people started talking about these technologies.
<zoq[m]> jonpsy[m]: I'm not really sure this should be an issue, if someone likes to work on that one feel free, but it's not something I would ask for, every example that is added does add something.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> But yea I mean, crypto is something which doesn't have an underlying asset which makes it's value kinda a bit difficult to estimate unlike stocks...
<zoq[m]> heisenbuugGopiMT: Hm, I'm not sure that is true, are you using any service that is using some crypto coin?
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Yea, that is true. And not at all in India. Thats why my next message...all projects are just speculations...
<zoq[m]> I mean it's true that we see adoption, but at the end what you can currenty do is very limited.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> All projects are just talks and speculations
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Agreed and Decentralized Finance is something very big and I can never believe that we can have that anytime...
<heisenbuugGopiMT> NFCs are something that are getting popular coz of gamming industry maybe.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> They already had that in form of digital cards like in FIFA, and it's just a transition.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Other than that there is no regular use case maybe...
<heisenbuugGopiMT> I would love to know about if there is actually...
<heisenbuugGopiMT> wow
<heisenbuugGopiMT> I myself never understood the concept of buying those things but people do, and firms make huge amount of money on them, and people will sell you anything if you have the money to buy.
<ABHINAVANAND[m]> zoq please review the group norm or. I have made some changes.
<shrit[m]> I think that as long as crypto is not generating money, it does not worth investing in it.
<shrit[m]> Currently, crypto are only taking money from person and give it to another one, if everyone sell at the same time, the price will drop hard
<shrit[m]> Looking at ADA, it should go down very soon since all of those who invested at low price will sell soon
<shrit[m]> Crypto are not related to policies they are only based on how much people put money into them,
<shrit[m]> When crypto become dollar then everyone will want to have it 👍️
<rcurtin[m]> hard year for hard drives at my house
<shrit[m]> Gosh 3 WD
<shrit[m]> Jesus, how did that happen?
<rcurtin[m]> 10 years of usage 😃
<shrit[m]> I mean I have never seen so many failing WD
<rcurtin[m]> look at the dates on them... 2009, 2012
<rcurtin[m]> I think I got my money's worth 😃
<shrit[m]> Exactly, 10 years of good services
<shrit[m]> what is the difference between the black and the green one?
<rcurtin[m]> the 'caviar green' line, if I remember right, is supposed to be more environmentally friendly with some low-power modes
<rcurtin[m]> and the 'black' line was for datacenter usage, etc.
<rcurtin[m]> I'm pretty sure I generally just bought whatever was cheapest when it was time to buy a drive 😃
<shrit[m]> I used to trust WD when it comes to HD drive, now I do not know who to trust with SSD
<zoq[m]> <ABHINAVANAND[m]> "zoq please review the group nor" <- Happy to.
<zoq[m]> Hm, seems strange that so many drives died 2021
<shrit[m]> hard disk pandemic
<shrit[m]> HDD21
<rcurtin[m]> haha, well since I just replaced a bunch next year, then probably in 10 years I get to have the exact same thing happen 🙈
<shrit[m]> Comparing to what the companies say it should live 50 years or so, especially the SSD now
<zoq[m]> I guess, in 10 years it's the last time you swap a hdd, would be surprised if we still write data on a spinning disk.
<shrit[m]> Yeah, NvMe should be the norm in 10 years.
<shrit[m]> @zoq Still until this day, the fastest way to transfer data from the east cost to west cost in the US is a truck full of data tapes.
<shrit[m]> My first course I learned at the University when I was doing master in networking 😂
<zoq[m]> I guess only when you factor in the bandwidth.
<shrit[m]> Can you think in another solution?
<shrit[m]> even if the bandwidth is too high, it is still very slow
<shrit[m]> * @zoq Still until this day, the fastest way to transfer data from the east coast to west coast in the US is a truck full of data tapes.
<zoq[m]> I mean when I transfer like 1MB of data over some network it would be faster than a truck, but I guess I could load a truck with like some zettabytes that would be hard to to beat over some network.
<zoq[m]> Was always a big fan of IPoAC.
<shrit[m]> IPoAC has a high rate of data loss
<shrit[m]> We studied that too,
<zoq[m]> Really?
<shrit[m]> Yeah, it has an RFC
<zoq[m]> Wow I didn't know that, i thought it's somewhat reliable, I think we are talking about train pigeons here.
<zoq[m]> * Wow I didn't know that, i thought it's somewhat reliable, I think we are talking about trained pigeons here.
<shrit[m]> Yeah, pigeons are different, it depends how they are treated and taken care of.
<shrit[m]> In France (at least in the capital) it is illegal to give pigeons food since they are many
<shrit[m]> They behave strangely and seems to be very risk-taker from time to time especially in train stations
<zoq[m]> Interesting, I guess it's a similar problem with rats.
<shrit[m]> Definitely.