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<jonpsy[m]> say4n: zoq hey guys, I've been updating the diary from the past few days. I've also asked some questions there, do reply when you're free. I've also posted the finalized paper I'm going to use. Let's discuss further there.
<jonpsy[m]> btw say4n are you free for a call today? I'm having a hard time understanding their modified Bellman operator in [this](https://arxiv.org/pdf/1908.08342.pdf) Section 3.
<say4n[m]> <jonpsy[m]> "btw say4n are you free for a ca" <- Sorry Sai, can’t do today, I have an interview. Tomorrow evening would be fine. :)
<jonpsy[m]> works, by then you can have a read of that section of the paper. Is that fine with you?
<say4n[m]> Yep, I have already skimmed through it once :p
<say4n[m]> They introduced the HQ operator to replace an argmax over actions.
<say4n[m]> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<say4n[m]> * Yep, I have already skimmed through it once :p
<say4n[m]> They introduced the HQ operator to replace an argmax over actions. 🤷
<jonpsy[m]> yeap that totally blew my mind
<RishabhGarg108Ri> @ryan:ratml.org I tried to connect but it says `ssh: connect to host x.x.x.x port 22: No route to host`
<rcurtin[m]> oh, it's `-p 2222` not `-P 2222`, sorry :)
<RishabhGarg108Ri> It worked :)
<rcurtin[m]> 👍️
<RishabhGarg108Ri> So, I have to do everything from scratch right?
<RishabhGarg108Ri> Clone the repo, build mlpack etc etc
<rcurtin[m]> yeah, you would have to clone the mlpack repository and build
<rcurtin[m]> you can build with `-j8` just fine
<rcurtin[m]> so it hopefully shouldn't take too long :)
<RishabhGarg108Ri> Ok. And what if I run some command and then the connection breaks?
<RishabhGarg108Ri> Will the command run in background?
<shrit[m]> Therefore it is better to have a tmux environment
<shrit[m]> If you lose the connection, then you reconnect and use `tmux a` and you have the tmux shell back
<RishabhGarg108Ri> Ok. I will try tmux
<rcurtin[m]> yeah, let me make sure it's installed
<rcurtin[m]> I use GNU screen, which is a similar program, but a little bit older :) I think tmux is perhaps more user friendly 😃
<RishabhGarg108Ri> But the question I have is lets say that I have to run a script and that will take around 4-5 hours, so do I have to keep the connection open for that period?
<shrit[m]> no you can disconnect tmux to work in background
<shrit[m]> and then disconnect your ssh safely
<shrit[m]> When you re-connect, you type `tmux a` in the shell, and it brings back the working environment
<RishabhGarg108Ri> That will be convenient. Thanks @shrit:matrix.org :)
<shrit[m]> It might be a little strange to use it for the first time, but you will master it in 10 minutes
<RishabhGarg108Ri> Also, it's too much laggy. Can I do something to make it faster?
<rcurtin[m]> Unfortunately not really, although, maybe connecting with `mosh` instead of `ssh` might be a nicer experience
<shrit[m]> RishabhGarg108 (RishabhGarg108): what is your internet speed?
<shrit[m]> Yeah, `mosh` is great, i use it all the time in my home
<shrit[m]> but we need to open a lot of ports for outside world
<zoq[m]> Maybe the connection to viking.kurg.org:2224 is faster?
<RishabhGarg108Ri> generally it's around 20 megabits, but currently it is 8 megabits/sec
<shrit[m]> That is fine, better than what I have currently
<zoq[m]> You could ping both machines and see if it is.
<say4n[m]> shrit[m]: I think it is the latency
<RishabhGarg108Ri> How can I use mosh?
<rcurtin[m]> it's just a drop-in replacement to ssh; install it, then use `mosh -p 2222 rishabh@orange.ratml.org` to connect instead of `ssh` :)
<say4n[m]> Replace ssh with mosh :p
<RishabhGarg108Ri> Okay. I will give it a shot.
<shrit[m]> RishabhGarg108 (RishabhGarg108): use ping to get the rtt time for a couple of minutes.
<RishabhGarg108Ri> ping from my machine or through ssh?
<shrit[m]> from your machine to orange.ratml.org
<RishabhGarg108Ri> I did `ping orange.ratml.org` and it is saying request timeout
<rcurtin[m]> yeah, I think my ISP drops pings unfortunately
<shrit[m]> This is non-conventional
<shrit[m]> I think it is obligatory for machines to answers ping 😀
<shrit[m]> Computer rights declaration 😀
<rcurtin[m]> 😃
<RishabhGarg108Ri> I have a silly question. How do I get a specific branch from origin?
<RishabhGarg108Ri> By default it gets master
<rcurtin[m]> `git checkout name_of_branch`
<rcurtin[m]> that should work :)
<RishabhGarg108Ri> Yeah worked. Thanks :)
<heisenbuugGopiMT> @shrit:matrix.org shall we have a meeting before mlpack weekly meet-up?
<heisenbuugGopiMT> The main thing now to handle is `SpMat` and uncomment the commented tests.
<heisenbuugGopiMT> We can meet 1600 UTC?
<zoq[m]> mlpack video meet in about one hour - https://zoom.us/j/3820896170, see https://www.mlpack.org/community.html for the password and more details.
<rcurtin[m]> I think I'll be a couple minutes late---still eating lunch
<shrit[m]> 🍲
<heisenbuugGopiMT> @shrit:matrix.org Shall I start working on `SpMat` issue?
<heisenbuugGopiMT> I can try using if conditions...
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Or I can again look into `SFINAE`?
<shrit[m]> I think you can use if condition directly
<heisenbuugGopiMT> Okay, I will make a push as soon as I have something working...
<shrit[m]> Here is the ensmallen package on nuget website: https://www.nuget.org/packages/vcpkg-export-20210804-195144/
<shrit[m]> I have faced several issues, first, I can not change the package name
<shrit[m]> neither locally nor on the website
<shrit[m]> it listed itself on version 1.0.0, I have no idea how
<shrit[m]> finally I am not sure if I can retrive the published package
<zoq[m]> Well nobody will find it with the name anyway :)
<shrit[m]> True, I am not sure if we would like to use this name on CI
<shrit[m]> I think it is the date and the hour of generating the package
<zoq[m]> There has to be a way to set the correct name.
<shrit[m]> I have changed the package name before uploading it.
<shrit[m]> but it found out automatically the original name
<shrit[m]> Strange world, isnt it?
<zoq[m]> Okay, so you have to ask to delete a package, interesting.
<shrit[m]> I prefer to find a way to upload a good package before asking for deleting, we may end with several packages to delete
<zoq[m]> Di you renamed the package before uploading?
<shrit[m]> Yes
<zoq[m]> Trying figure out if that option was added.
<shrit[m]> If I need to add an option to specify the name, that is crazy 😂
<zoq[m]> Looks like you have to add ``--output=ensmallen`` the default uses the date.
<shrit[m]> They have added it
<shrit[m]> maybe the same for the version
<zoq[m]> you can set `--nuget-version=`
<shrit[m]> Yeah, when I read the option, I thought it was for "what is the nuget version that need to be used".
<zoq[m]> Same, I'm not sure if that is the package version or some nuget version that you need to set for compatibility reasons.
<shrit[m]> because there is an option about --x-version
<shrit[m]> * because there is an option about --x-version-suffix
<shrit[m]> Perfect, I have something
<shrit[m]> I generated ensmallen.2.17.0
<shrit[m]> I will upload it in a couple of minutes
<shrit[m]> validating not visible yet.