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< ShikharJ> rcurtin: Are you there?
< rcurtin> yeah, I woke up early today
< rcurtin> trying to transition back to Atlanta timezone before I fly home tomorrow :)
< ShikharJ> rcurtin: Did you get my private message? I sent you one earlier as well, but I don't think they're getting through.
< rcurtin> hmmm, actually I did not
< rcurtin> I realized, a really nice thing about splitting the optimization framework into 'ensmallen' is that the mlpack build and test time will go down a lot :)
< ShikharJ> rcurtin: That's nice, especially for contributors who might not have a powerful machine for re-compiling changes :)
< zoq> rcurtin: Good point :)
< robertohueso> Do you know if there's any way that I can compile mlpack in Linux with a visual c++ compiler? I'm working on PR #1301, according to AppVeyor it won't compile and I don't have a Windows machine
< rcurtin> hmm, what I always do is just look at the appveyor output
< rcurtin> I think that you can change .appveyor.yml so that you can remote desktop to the build slave, but it has been a while since I did this
< rcurtin> the appveyor output is really long though :(
< robertohueso> rcurtin: thanks! I'll try changing .appveyor.tml, I've been looking to the output but appart from saying it's an "internal compiler error" or a non very descriptive template error, I can't get much info
< rcurtin> oh geez
< rcurtin> it's an internal compiler error?
< rcurtin> hang on, let me see if I can get the log to load and look at it...
< rcurtin> on old versions of visual studio (like 2012) armadillo used to make it crash even with valid code...
< rcurtin> ah, looks like line 28812 of the output gives a C3200 problem, so I don't think the compiler crashed, which is good
< rcurtin> error C3200: 'TreeType<mlpack::metric::EuclideanDistance,mlpack::kde::KDEStat,arma::mat>::DualTreeTraverser': invalid template argument for template parameter 'DualTreeTraversalType', expected a class template [C:\projects\mlpack\build\src\mlpack\tests\mlpack_test.vcxproj]
< rcurtin> I'm not sure where the error is here, but this might be one of the places where you have to write something strange like 'typename Tree::template DualTreeTraverser'
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