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< rcurtin> Hemal: I left a few messages earlier, did you see them on the log at
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< Hemal> @rcurtin, i read the irc log, thanks for your reply, i still have a doubt:
< rcurtin> sure, go ahead
< Hemal> rcurtin , so if i fork and i want to make changes, first i will clone it to my machine, now i will have the project of mlpack at "2 places, on my local machine", right ?
< rcurtin> ah, first you will use github to fork the project
< Hemal> Ya, that is done.
< rcurtin> then you will clone<your_github_user>/mlpack
< rcurtin> ok, perfect
< Hemal> Correct
< Hemal> Then what ?
< rcurtin> so now you can make changes on your local machine, use git to check in the changes, then 'git push' back to your github fork
< rcurtin> once you'd like to open a pull request, you should be able to just go to<your_github_user>/mlpack and click 'new pull request'
< rcurtin> just fill out the description of what you've changed, what it fixes/adds, etc., and then one of us will review it when we have a chance :)
< Hemal> Thanks! It is clearer now
< rcurtin> :)
< rcurtin> happy to help
< rcurtin> there's a lot of documentation for this process that github maintains too
< rcurtin> when I first moved to github and started doing pull requests they were very confusing to me...
< rcurtin> I was used to the older subversion style of development which is quite different :)
< Hemal> Lastly, when I do some changes to my local repo, how do I run it ? Say I changed "example.cpp" how do i run it ? What commands are there , is it a make command?
< rcurtin> right, so if you've created a build directory and used 'cmake' to configure it, you can use 'make mlpack_test' to build the test
< rcurtin> and then bin/mlpack_test to run the test
< rcurtin> *to run the test suites
< rcurtin> if you've already built mlpack_test and then you change some file that's a part of the library, you can just type 'make mlpack_test' again and it will rebuild only the changed files
< Hemal> Ok, thanks, i will revert to you in 2 to 3 days, on my progress , still i feel i would have to build mlpack again from my forked cloned repo , right ?( Even without making any changes) ( Even though i have have built it from 3.0.3) Thanks :)
< rcurtin> right, you would have to rebuild in your cloned repo
< rcurtin> you can make the changes before you build though of course
< rcurtin> if it takes longer than 2 or 3 days, that's perfectly ok... it's likely that it will be more than that until someone is able to review :)
< Hemal> Yaa right :)
< rcurtin> anyway do feel free to leave any questions in the IRC channel if you have more, and someone will answer sooner or later
< rcurtin> I'm going to head to bed now---have a good one!
< Hemal> Good night ! :)
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