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< ricklly> hello, anyone can tell how to output "Log::Debug"
< ricklly> I have touched the "-D DEBUG=ON" label to the cmake
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< zoq> ricklly: Hello, inside the test cases?
< zoq> ricklly: Set mlpack::Log::Debug.ignoreInput = false; once before you ran the the code
< ShikharJ> zoq: I made some suggestions to the Layer Serialization PR, do you hthink they're viable?
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< zoq> ShikharJ: Haven't had the chance to take a look at the comments; it's on my list for the day
< ricklly> ok, l try it immediately
< ricklly> zoq: maybe I did not express my question. I mean I want the code "Log::Debug << debug info << endl;" output to termination, how to make it?
< zoq> ricklly: So basically exit(0) after the output?
< ricklly> no no no
< zoq> hm, I guess I don't get the idea
< ShikharJ> ricklly: Do you want all the information that is getting stored in Log::Debug to be output to the terminal?
< ShikharJ> Is that what you're meaning to say?
< ricklly> yeah
< ShikharJ> zoq: Is there a straight-forward way to do that? I have only (in my previous work) directly changed Log::Info to std::cout but that's not something that ricklly would want to do.
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< zoq> One idea would be to store the message in side a vector and to push the result inside the PrefixedOutStream::BaseLogic method -
< ShikharJ> ricklly: Can you try the above and let us know if it helps your case?
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< ricklly> now i am debugging an optimizer. there are some "Log::Debug << debug info" in the code. I want to them output to termination, but I tried and failed
< ShikharJ> ricklly: In that case, I think the brute force std::cout in place of Log::Debug should work as well. Doesn't help you much in terms of convenience though.
< ShikharJ> Sorry for that, I wish I had a better idea.
< ShikharJ> rcurtin: Can you think of a way?
< ricklly> ok, thanks
< rcurtin> if this is in a test case there is also the TEST_VERBOSE CMake configuration option
< rcurtin> it shouldn't be hard to get Log::Debug output but I'd need to know a little more about the code that is being tried
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< MLJens> Hi. I created a dnn network. Training it I get the error Mat::operator() index out of bounds. I described my problem on StackOverflow but it seems, that this forum is not so known to mlpack:
< MLJens> Does anybody has an idea what I made wrong?
< MLJens> I try to create the simle MNist example...
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< zoq> MLJens: Haven't checked the code yet, but can you make sure your labels are in range of [1, N]?
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