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<narmstrong> f_: what would be the point of tpl? It would still need to have mmc code to load SPL, would it enable to have access to more sram ? If yes, then yes since on g12 there’s much more ddr setup to handle and we will be heavily limited by the rom load size
<f_> narmstrong: True, and on g12 the ROM can load more than 48K IIRC
<f_> I should dump the bootROM on my cm4 and cottonwood boards, however
<f_> narmstrong: and my guess with aml_ddr.fw is that they wanted to make it look like actual dram firmware
<f_> Speaking of dram firmware, just for fun I think I should test I.MX8MQ firmware. It'll probably not boot however
<narmstrong> f_: didn't they move all the ddr code out of bl2 into those .fw files ?
<f_> They moved it only to aml_ddr.fw, I think the rest were supplied by Synopsys
<narmstrong> ack, so they did a sort of tpl, but instead of adding a new stage they added loadable objects in a very complex way
<f_> but oh well, my guess with bl2 using the same codebase seems to be partially false
<f_> Seems like they rebased on tf-a v1.3 at some point
<f_> (hence some bl2.v3.bin binaries in libretech-amlogic-boot)
<f_> narmstrong: I think Synopsys is responsible for this. But oh well, that does mean I can skip all reverse engineering and just use aml_ddr.fw in SPL!
<f_> (which I won't do)
<f_> (it's a blob nonetheless, so reversing it would be better, at least in my opinion)
<narmstrong> yup
<lvrp16> f_: heroing it hard 🤣 more pressure on me to sell more boards to make use of all the work.
<lvrp16> I am in the middle of solving a critical user issue, the necessity to flash MicroSD cards. Should be done in a week.
<f_> lvrp16: haha, pretty ironic that S905X boots fine while S905 b0rks lol
<f_> I wonder if there was some potato magic involved...
<lvrp16> I pick winners.
<lvrp16> 🤣
<f_> I still want to fixup S905 boot before upstreaming. Besides, I've been preparing for upstreaming yesterday, cleaning up my code.
<lvrp16> I keep tabs on semiconductor cycles, eg. flip flop. S905 was a significant change from S805. There were bound to be issues from a new generation.
<lvrp16> Never use the first chip from a new process or architecture.
<f_> yeah I also feel like S905 was more of an experiment
<lvrp16> Almost universal, always buy the 2nd to last model year of a car platform.
<lvrp16> New platform, new undiscovered issues. Take a while to round out.
<f_> S905X DRAM did change a little compared to S905. It didn't change too much, fortunately. DMC seems to not have been modified much
<f_> lvrp16: and I didn't respect that rule by using the first 64-bit MacBook lol
<lvrp16> Haha yeah, the shiny new thing is a trap.
<f_> (it was identical to the previous, 32-bit MacBook but instead had a new CPU)
<f_> lvrp16: tbh it was pretty much identical to an X60 with a C2D mod, mostly.
<lvrp16> If you look at how much better rounded M2 is vs M1.
<f_> lvrp16: except it wasn't shiny new when I used it :P, I usually use old hardware and that MacBook was no exception: it was from 2006
<lvrp16> The only things I like new are monitors.
<f_> ^^
<f_> (and keyboards)
<f_> Honestly my 2011 hp is more than enough for me
<narmstrong> i have the first intel 32bit only macbook, now it's a brick :-p
<f_> narmstrong: tried installing coreboot?
<narmstrong> f_: no, but I have too much old stuff to make boot again to care^^
<f_> I heard these 32-bit MacBooks had read-only flash while the 64-bit version had read/write flash
<f_> narmstrong: lol
<f_> Might try installing more ram if ghidra and chromium continue to suck all my RAM though
<f_> (making it unable to enter suspend "Out of memory", I have to close ghidra and chromium, especially if I have gitlab open)
<narmstrong> i have even better, an HP Jornada 720
<f_> I'm not using it to its limits, even. I have 8 GB of ram installed but it can actually handle up to 32 GB
<narmstrong> this thing has the OS on a read-only flash
<narmstrong> *rom
<f_> narmstrong: HP Web..thing?
<f_> oh haha
<narmstrong> it should run mainline linux, i never tried...
<narmstrong> all the blog posts about it are very old, it's hard to know^^
<f_> I've an elitebook
<f_> I mostly use it as a desktop, with a monitor connected
<f_> hmm S905 cannot boot linux anymore?
<f_> >sha fail.
<f_> I like this more.
<f_> sha fail...hmm.......
<f_> This seems to come from the SCP.
<f_> This is getting weird.
<f_> Added some udelays and it also boots, but linux doesn't boot unless I plug the box into the wall
<f_> hmm looks like the oopses are page map-related?
<f_> and I think I removed some DTPR-related writel's....this could be the issue
<f_> No, it doesn't boot unless I plug in HDMI, so weird...
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<f_> lvrp16: S905 fun!
<f_> narmstrong: Probably not an SCP issue
<f_> I cloned my repo, reset to d6c460b39f548ee6e55531df06394316ad694d78, added SCP fixes to boot, and no kernel oops at all.
<f_> So this is definitely a regression.
<f_> I'll probably try to bisect.
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<f_> Kwiboo: Want to test yourself?
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<f_[xmpp]> Looks like a gcc issue?
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