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<PavanNambi[m]> lol this video should be refered to new contributors this soo good as it also says how to approach codebase
<jimtng[m]> Hi @enebo, I've got another parameter related mystery for you. I wonder if this is a bug in (full message at <>)
<jimtng[m]> s/@//, s/,//, s///
<jimtng[m]> Java17
<headius> Does it work in earlier versions?
<enebo[m]> jimtng: yeah earlier versions of Java and earlier versions of JRuby both. It seems odd to see this error as the parameters are not all that unusual. The nil -> null can at times confuse deciding on overloads but it shouldn't in this case.
<enebo[m]> but since you said the string param does make it work it must be related to that