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<kares[m]> headius: thanks for yanking jossl
<kares[m]> did not put enough time to manual testing nor to get more CI testing fixed, but I will try to on Monday.
<kares[m]> spent my time getting TLS 1.3 support ready and most of it trying to port the C OpenSSL bits but decided to cut my loses after several days and release it partially working but not complete (would need to port the whole ssl_ciph.c logic and a few others but it's just more and more work) ...
<headius> Yeah no problem, it was a mistake that was bound to happen eventually with no release control in the build, and the 9.3 API thing should have been caught a long time ago
<headius> I'll try to come up with a patch for that if you don't get around to it before morning
<byteit101[m]> hmm
<byteit101[m]> how do I adapt a setter using binder/methodHandle?
<byteit101[m]> the getter has no args so I can simply chain
<byteit101[m]> but I need to pre-process the target for the setter
<byteit101[m]> I think foldArguments may work
<kares[m]> wouldn't have happened if CI was in place, going to do that on Monday we're already half way there.
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<headius> byteit101: yes fold should be what you want
<byteit101[m]> headius: yup, I used that successfully and updated the pr. Now awaits review
<headius> Great!
<byteit101[m]> I saw master had lots of tests failures, so I didn't worry too much about my PR's failures
<headius> The Java integration tests should be green so that's the main thing to worry about
<byteit101[m]> 1 failure there
<byteit101[m]> 1) a java.util.Map instance supports Hash-like operations