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<d1b2> <Chuck> Random question, can Glasgow decode QSPI busses? I am trying to get my verilog QSPI host working on a orangecrab.
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<d1b2> <josuah> I think the hardware would have no problem like any logic analyzer, but not sure if there is any applet readily available for it yet
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<whitequark> it doesn't currently
<whitequark> stay tuned™
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<mwk> whitequark: so uh, do you want to merge that PR?
<mwk> also, I have a feature request for my use case which may or may not be common
<mwk> so I'm working on a single device (CPLD powered directly from VIO) with a bunch of different commands, like jtag_svg, jtag_probe repl, jtag_probe script, ...
<mwk> and they all need to take that -V parameter
<mwk> then when I switch to another device that needs a different VCC (xc9500 vs xc9500xl), I have a lot of bash history (and my own memory) polluted with the old 5V voltage, and I worry about accidentally blowing up the device
<whitequark> I think I merged it?
<whitequark> oh, one sec
<mwk> what do you think about adding something like a `--lock` option to `glasgow voltage` that disallows any changes until explicit `--unlock`?
<_whitenotifier-9> [GlasgowEmbedded/glasgow] whitequark pushed 1 commit to main [+0/-0/±1] https://github.com/GlasgowEmbedded/glasgow/compare/5f289541e8b1...8c490156c260
<_whitenotifier-9> [GlasgowEmbedded/glasgow] mwkmwkmwk 8c49015 - applet.interface.jtag_svf: ignore TRST OFF when TRST# not present
<_whitenotifier-9> [glasgow] whitequark closed pull request #307: applet.interface.jtag_svf: ignore TRST OFF when TRST# not present - https://github.com/GlasgowEmbedded/glasgow/pull/307
<whitequark> mwk: there is a `glasgow voltage-limit`
<whitequark> for this specific use case
<mwk> ohhhh
<mwk> okay so at worst I can do a brownout
<mwk> that's good
<mwk> yeah, that solves the main issue, thanks
<whitequark> the thing with disallowing any changes is that ... well, the vreg can get overloaded
<whitequark> what then?
<mwk> well, a safety feature like that would presumably take precedence
<mwk> but yeah, I see why it's a "limit" not a "lock"
<mwk> I just happened to completely miss it, looking for options on `glasgow voltage` instead
<whitequark> that seems like a documentation improvement then
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