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<d1b2> <josuah> Bouncing back on this here, I can not tell how much time I have ready for this, but Glasgow + ScopeHAL is what I hoped to come-up with.
<whitequark> oh interesting!
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<josuah> that would become quite the toolchain with custom FPGA RTL and GPU signal processing on a computer ^_^
<whitequark> Glasgow currently doesn't have a very good story for external software that integrates with it, e.g. there's no Pulseview story
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<whitequark> yeah
<josuah> this also mean we could aim for implicit support by using an existing supported oscilloscope interface
<whitequark> this is possible
<whitequark> at some point we'll have Glasgow meetings, I think, and then we can sketch out a path towards that
<whitequark> (at the time I'm busy with Amaranth and work)
<josuah> still good to merely keep that on a corner of the head... :)
<whitequark> yeah
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<d1b2> <TomKeddie> I've been trying to interface another device to libsigrok using an existing protocol, as far as I can tell the protocols are all pretty terrible. SUMP seems awful, no acks for anything and lots of assumptions.
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<cr1901> SUMP is in sigrok finally?
<josuah> cr1901: looks like so? https://www.sigrok.org/wiki/SUMP_compatibles
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