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<ivandi> jaeger: i've been using virgl for some 2 years now iirc. you need virglrenderer https://github.com/freedesktop/virglrenderer. qemu will pick it up at compile time.
<ivandi> i start qemu with -device virtio-vga-gl,max_outputs=1,id=vga0 -display sdl,gl=on
<ivandi> here is some output from my opensuse leap vm http://sprunge.us/3wSz05
<ivandi> with spice i use -display egl-headless -spice gl=off
<jaeger> Yeah, I already built virglrenderer and rebuilt qemu but couldn't get spice to build
<jaeger> Haven't gone back to it
<ivandi> you don't need spice with sdl or gtk
<jaeger> Hrmm, qemu was telling me I did... I'll give it another try tomorrow
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<beerman> jaeger: maybe its a configuration option that can be set? I never checked
<beerman> https://dpaste.org/GN8Ts dash still fails to exchange their ssl cert
<beerman> oh, is that just me? browser redirects me to our palo alto blocking it for phishing Oo
<beerman> needs autogen.sh though before configure
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