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<jaeger> Anyone spent any time testing/playing with qemu virgl support?
<beerman> not me
<jaeger> Working on building support for it on a system here, was just curious if anyone had already done it. I'm not expecting high performance but basic functionality would be nice for testing.
<jaeger> Hrmm... doesn't work so far but I'll keep poking at it
<pitillo> jaeger: just out of curiosity, how are you launching the VM?
<jaeger> Either with virt-manager or qemu command line
<pitillo> can you share the qemu command line?
<jaeger> I didn't save the whole thing (mostly working in virt-manager/libvirt right now) but the relevant parts would be '-device virtio-vga,virgl=on -display gtk,gl=on'
<jaeger> Had to give it up for now due to work but I was having trouble building spice-protocol and spice-server
<jaeger> Another option: -device virtio-gpu-pci,virgl=on -display gtk,gl=on'
<jaeger> Not sure which would work better as I haven't gotten that far yet
<pitillo> that seems to be right
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<ppetrov^> hey, sorry to bother you here... as i wrote in #crux, building slim breaks, but this patch from gentoo seems to fix the issue: https://786498.bugs.gentoo.org/attachment.cgi?id=705765
<jaeger> No worries, will take a look. Forgot I was the current maintainer of slim, heh
<ppetrov^> :D
<ppetrov^> also, wxgtk and wxgtk-common have a few overlapping files
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<jaeger> thanks for the heads up
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<jubalh> hi
<farkuhar> I wasn't able to reproduce ppetrov^s claim about overlapping files; prt-get depinst wxgtk succeeded without any NEW footprint mismatches or warnings about already-existing files. So it looks like wxgtk-common and wxgtk are able to coexist.
<farkuhar> Now ppetrov^ is unusual in wanting a gtk2 UI on every app that supports it, so perhaps on his system there are a number of packages not present on mine, and the wxgtk build was affected. Seeing the build log from ppetrov^ would let us determine if that's the case.
<jaeger> Testing it in a container here as well, will see if I get the same results
<beerman> jubalh: hello
<beerman> wrt wxgtk: I'm sure i tested the changes I made, that's why I'm not investigating, at least not today anymore. if anything, we can drop wxgtk, nothing depends on it anymore. its a romster port, so pretty much unmaintained for now until he comes back and does stuff on a regular basis
<beerman> jaeger: nit picking again 😄 slim usese that in source, which could just be https as its a redirect anyway http://crux.nu/~tek/slim-crux-smooth.tar.gz
<beerman> and contrib/docker still uses /var/run in the rc file and config (makes not much of a difference tbh, but still)
<jaeger> good points... I'll also move that file into /files/ instead of keeping it in a user's dir
<jaeger> Same on wxgtk, no issues in my container build
<jaeger> I don't think I'll bump the docker version just for a change from /var/run to /run since it works fine either way
<jaeger> Actually, I will just for consistency, I guess
<jaeger> Hrmm... lots of references to /var/run in the docker source
<jaeger> I don't think I care enough about it to mess with that, can leave it to upstream