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<JosefHolzmayrThe> yo dudX
<manuel_> JosefHolzmayrThe y0
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<mckoan> good morning
<Sion> Good morning.
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<Sion> Hello everyone, I'm fairly new with Yocto (love it atm). I do have a question regarding the tested distribution list, I'm currently using Debian Bullseye in combination with the latest hardknott and I don't see any immidiate issues but is the Yocto team currently testing Debian 11 as well?
<JosefHolzmayrThe> Sion: i have no definitive statement on that, but i'm pretty sure it will get into the autobuilder testing in some not-too-distant future.
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<Sion> Ok, thanks for the quick reply.
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<JosefHolzmayrThe> np
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<RP> Sion: it isn't officially tested, no. It should work ok though and we likely will add testing for it soon
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<JosefHolzmayrThe> (stupid) question. does the adduser mechanism require something specific in the recipe?
<JosefHolzmayrThe> erm, image?
<JosefHolzmayrThe> specifically, does it need useradd/groupadd to be present?
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<wCPO> Is bumping allowed on mailing list? or should I just wait and hope <someone> merge it: https://lists.openembedded.org/g/openembedded-core/topic/patch_v2_wic_bootimg_efi/85570082 ? :)
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<JosefHolzmayrThe> wCPO: i guess a gentle one-time bump is not problematic.
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<fbre> JosefHolzmayrThe: I just have this in my machine .conf file:
<fbre> INHERIT += "extrausers"
<fbre> EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "usermod -P MyRootPassword root; useradd -P MyNewUserAccountPassword -G foo useraccount42"
<fbre> (replace with your account names and passwords)
<JosefHolzmayrThe> fbre: thanks... but i guess in my case the problem is not the metadata per se, but the image generation.
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<fbre> JosefHolzmayrThe: I did not install specific useradd/groupadd stuff for the account which runs the image generation
<JosefHolzmayrThe> fbre: no, but i guess that your image brings those and therefore they at least end up in the sysroot, right?
<fbre> JosefHolzmayrThe: It's not an account which needs root rights
<JosefHolzmayrThe> fbre: no, thats not what i'm talking about.
<JosefHolzmayrThe> anyways, i'll give your approach a spin and check if there are different effects.
<JosefHolzmayrThe> nope, perfectly the same.
<fbre> JosefHolzmayrThe: Which error does happen?
<JosefHolzmayrThe> fbre: i con't copy it out at the moment, but upon inspection there is no useradd/usermod in the -native sysroot. hence, it fails. so i guess my real question is: what form of dependency do i need for that tool to show up.
<fbre> JosefHolzmayrThe: I don't know what you mean with "in the -native sysroot"...
<JosefHolzmayrThe> fbre: your EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS needs the usermod command to be available. unless specific actions are taken, my understanding is that it will be taken from the -native sysroot for the recipe in question (in this case, the image)
<JosefHolzmayrThe> fbre: and if the command is not there, it cannot be executed.
<fbre> What is a "sysroot" and what is its property "-native"
<fbre> ?
<fbre> Sorry, can't help further
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<JosefHolzmayrThe> fbre: sysroots are the environments that are created per recipe, basically from the dependencies. and the -native incarnation is the one thats meant to run during the build. no problem, i know its a complicated problem.
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<JosefHolzmayrThe> qschulz: looks like shadow should provide it.
<fbre> What is "shadow" in this case?
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<fbre> ah OK, likely I use another package which draws "shadow" in then
<qschulz> JosefHolzmayrThe: extrausers IMAGE_CLASSES does not include that bbclass I think?
<RP> JosefHolzmayrThe: You'd not expect it to show up in the native sysroot, you'd expect it to be in the target one?
<JosefHolzmayrThe> RP: -native one.
<JosefHolzmayrThe> and as it inherits useradd, i'd naively expect it to pull in all things needed for... "adding users" :)
<RP> JosefHolzmayrThe: I think I'm misreading the above, I thought you mean the user/group wasn't in the native sysroot. You're right that the tools should be added
<JosefHolzmayrThe> RP: exactly, but it seems that this is not the case.
<RP> JosefHolzmayrThe: for your demo recipe, you could put a chown call in the do_install
<JosefHolzmayrThe> RP: to get rid of the dummy?
<qschulz> JosefHolzmayrThe: also, FILES:${PN} :)
<RP> JosefHolzmayrThe: no, just that you're not using the user/group you're creating anywhere
<JosefHolzmayrThe> RP: lemme try.
<RP> JosefHolzmayrThe: it won't change anything much but it would fail if there was an issue
<JosefHolzmayrThe> RP: yeah thought so.
<JosefHolzmayrThe> why doesn't FILES_${PN} err out on parsing?
<RP> JosefHolzmayrThe: it can't know that is an override. It only errors on "_append" which it knows is bad
<JosefHolzmayrThe> ah.
<JosefHolzmayrThe> but DEPENDing on neither shadow-native nor shadow-sysroot seem to give me the commands
<JosefHolzmayrThe> wCPO: whenever you want to run something during build time.
<wCPO> JosefHolzmayrThe: Make sense, but why does it have libtpm-native then?
<JosefHolzmayrThe> wCPO: no idea, look at the recipe to see what it needs. it might also be something that its build process relies on inside.
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<wCPO> JosefHolzmayrThe: I will and I'm currently trying to understand why it is there, thanks for explanation :)
<JosefHolzmayrThe> have fun
<wCPO> "fun" :)
<qschulz> remove it and you shall see where it fails :)
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<wCPO> qschulz: it doesn't fail, then why I'm confused
<wCPO> that*
<wCPO> but I also updated the recipe to 0.6.1, maybe I should try the current version first
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<RP> wCPO: sometimes these things persist when they're no longer needed
<wCPO> RP: yep, I'm gonna CC the guy who updated it in the past when I submit the patch, maybe he know
<sveinse> If I specify "bitbake -k packagegroup-something package-index" will a) package-index be run even if packagegroup-something fails and b) will it execute last?
<rburton> yes, no
<sveinse> ok, thanks
<rburton> (they'll execute in parallel)
<sveinse> package-index on its own invocation step then, got it
<rburton> you can try https://github.com/rossburton/meta-ross/blob/master/classes/simplefeed.bbclass and see if you can make it work properly
<rburton> oh no, not that
<rburton> huh where is my class
<sveinse> Yeah, the use case is that we're building to a packagefeed, but occational not every package compiles successfully, so in order to have a valid package feed, I'd like to update the repo I've got
<sveinse> Normally bitbake packagegroup-x does this if and only if it completely succeeds
<rburton> i had a patch that would run package-index in the closing stages of the build so you could always have an up to date feed, but i appear to have lost it
<RP> rburton: you've lost it? :)
<rburton> i lost it long ago
<RP> rburton: I suspect we all did...
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<RP> Makefile:DIST_DIR := $(shell mktemp -d /tmp/glew.XXXXXX)/$(DIST_NAME) seems a little antisocial
<JosefHolzmayrThe> "of all the things that i have lost, i miss my mind the most"
<RP> and we never actually use that
* qschulz laughs at the timing of RP and JosefHolzmayrThe messages :D
<JosefHolzmayrThe> qschulz: me too.
<JosefHolzmayrThe> great minds think alike, they say.
<sveinse> Is there a yocto/bb-way of disabling a systemd service in a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS step? For those services that has been installed with systemd.bbclass and have a system-preset/98-*.preset entry
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<sveinse> I'm not sure how the preset logic actually work. Something in (yocto) first time startup activates the presets and thus enables/disables these services?
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<qschulz> to be done in the recipe providing the systemd service
<sveinse> qschulz: Yes. And say the bb enables a service via these mechanisms, but then the image wants the service disabled. Whats the right way of doing that?
<qschulz> I assume proper way would be a bbappend for that bb, or a distro. For the hackish way, looking at how it is done by the systemd class and call the same things from within the rootfs might do it
<sveinse> Is .bb the right spot? I mean the recipe/package might be correct, but multiple images might want different enable/disables. Then I'd need a separate bbappend for each of those image variants, right?
<qschulz> that's policy and policy is what the distro is responsible for
<qschulz> otherwise you can always try to run `systemctl disable <service name>` in your ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_CMD but it does not feel super right
<jaskij[m]> Does anyone have a link or something with arguments I could use to allow my boss to open source my recipes?
<RP> jaskij[m]: I'm not sure we have anything written into the docs. michaelo, do you know anything?
<RP> jaskij[m]: I did write https://lists.yoctoproject.org/g/yocto/topic/82722441? is which different but related
<rburton> jaskij[m]: if they're recipes for relatively common software then the best argument is that other people will test/maintain. if you get a recipe into meta-oe for example then other will also help keep it up to date
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<jaskij[m]> <rburton> "jaskij: if they're recipes for..." <- That's the common one, although I'm not sure how effective this would be in my case. Something to think on.
<jaskij[m]> This is probably the first OSS project I honestly want to contribute to. Gotta take a look at the tracker when I've got some time.
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<manuel1985> Did you guys manage to run qemux86-64 with graphics acceleration? I'm building my wayland-based project for raspi4 and qemu. On raspi it runs smooth, but on qemu it's a disaster.
<manuel1985> Doing runqemu with kvm, but guess that doesn't help anything w.r.t. graphics.
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<sveinse> qschulz: I see. Under the yocto paradigm, a distro handles policy, that all good. It would then imply that you'd need multiple distros to make different policies, or startup policies, like in this case, wouldn't it? Doesn't that make it, uhm, a big machine for an image variant? Or is that how yocto distros are?
<sveinse> Not arguing, only trying to understand
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<jaskij[m]> I'm trying to wrap my head around variable flags, as used commonly with `PACKAGECONFIG`, for example in http://cgit.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded/tree/meta-oe/recipes-dbs/postgresql/postgresql.inc?h=dunfell
<jaskij[m]> if I'm looking right, it somehow goes through `PACKAGECONFIG` variable flags and uses the values of the flags that are listed in the base variable?
<jaskij[m]> is this normal, or is this something that comes from one of the classes inherited?
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<jaskij[m]> uh, guess this shows how I only read the manual in small parts
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<qschulz> this is the standard mechanism
<jaskij[m]> It is, but I went reading about varflags instead of PACKAGECONFIG, and it threw me for a loop.
<Saur> jaskij[m]: Well, varflags is a standard mechanism. How they are used is up to the classes, however. E.g., support for PACKAGECONFIG is implemented in meta/classes/base.bbclass.
<jaskij[m]> yeah, I found that
<jaskij[m]> just that I was reading the BitBake manual, not looking specifically at PACKAGECONFIG, is all
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<sveinse> While on systemd: Has anyone made an overview of the most common systemd targets for use in yocto? Or is our systemd usage so vanilla systemd that its really a systemd default question?
<sveinse> systemd targets = system policy = distro = so in poky I suppose
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<perdmann> Hi i have a big problem what i dont understand: https://dpaste.org/AR9G
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<perdmann> bb.process.NotFoundError: Execution of 'git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD' failed: command not found
<perdmann> But git is installed
<yates> is there a verbatim log of a bitbake build stashed somewhere, perhaps in build/tmp? i'm not referring to the individual build/tmp/.../temp log.xyz logs
<yates> there are some qa warnings i received on a previous build that i'm trying to review and i've since rebooted so the terminal containing them is gone
<yates> i also occasionally want to see the last value N that was reported as "N tasks of M completed" in an unsuccessful build, so i know how far along it got. is that data stored in a log somwhere?
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<yates> perdmann: perhaps something in the build is hosing your path
<yates> ?
<perdmann> hosing?
<yates> ruining
<yates> what, you never lived in San Jose, CA circa the 80s? :)
<perdmann> How can i find out of it ruins something?
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<perdmann> yates: i was born 86 :-)
<yates> perdmann: one way i can think of is to cd to the appropriate .../temp directory, find out the run.do_whatever is being run, and hack it to spit out the path
<yates> (if it's a bash script. python run.do_xyz scripts are not so easy)
<yates> youngster!
<perdmann> yates: haha, feels good that somebody says this to me ;-)
<yates> enjoy it while it lasts... ;)
<yates> ps: subtract 29 from your birth year..
<perdmann> senior developer :-D
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<yates> :)
<perdmann> yates: i dont have any run. files...
<yates> i missed your entire message. what is the entire message?
<yates> or context?
<yates> perdmann: is this the first time you've tried to build a yocto project on that system?
<yates> have you successfully built a project on that system previously?
<perdmann> yates: no... I just built one yesterday, and it worked with qemu
<perdmann> But now i try to wrap that into an integration... And now it fails
<rburton> 'bb.process.NotFoundError: Execution of 'git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD' failed: command not found'
<rburton> you don't have git inside your container
<perdmann> rburton: how can i add this? I built on a native machine...
<rburton> well, what's different between this time and last? not git suggest you're doing a build inside a really minimal container? if so, add more stuff to the container.
<perdmann> i dont use any container technique, iam running on the native machine. The same machine i have built a "Quick yocto built" yesterday
<rburton> well it says you don't have git installed
<rburton> so thats very much your problem to resolve
<perdmann> git 2.33.0 is installed on that machine
<rburton> delete tmp/ and try again
<rburton> possibly, the hosttools links are all broken
<perdmann> rburton: i'll try
<yates> did matchbox-sato move from this location? http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/matchbox-sato/
<yates> the last commit there seems to be 2016!
<perdmann> rburton: maybe the remote SSTATE CACHES break that built?
<perdmann> rburton: i expected them to work...
<rburton> yates: its just a theme, doesn't change much
<rburton> perdmann: remote sstate work for me and no, this is before sstate happens
<perdmann> rburton: its a slow machine ;-)
<perdmann> rburton: i got the same error again ...
<rburton> well, you'll have to figure out why it thinks git doesn't exist. it will be trying to run tmp/hosttools/git
<perdmann> rburton: ok, its linking to the correct git... Thats not goot i guess?
<perdmann> rburton: ok ... i initialize with "source sources/poky/oe-init-build-env sources/misc/build"
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<rburton> and sources/misc/build/tmp/hosttools/git is a link to the right git binary?
<perdmann> yes
<rburton> weird
<perdmann> i have put this source ... into another file and i source this one too... i will try without this
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<perdmann> rburton: no that was not the problem
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<perdmann> rburton: its still not working. The links are ok. Is there something else i can check?
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<perdmann> ERROR: Execution of event handler 'defaultbase_eventhandler' failed
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<sveinse> Is there some way to remove (BACKFILL?) a specific package from an image - despite breaking deps?
<rburton> what do you actually want to do
<rburton> considering you're breaking depends, so most likely breaking something
<sveinse> I have an image that is using a kernel that doesn't support lttng-modules and the dependency for lttng-modules is deep in the dependency hierarchy
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<rburton> go and patch that depends to a recommends
<sveinse> hmm, actually I can't find where this dep gets pulled in. Grepping for lttng-module doesn't reveal anything immediate obvious.
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<qschulz> sveinse: bitbake -g <image> and then read the .dot files with your favorite text editor
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<perdmann> Is it possible that mnt/data/yocto/CTS_Yocto/sources/misc/build/../../../sources/poky/meta/classes/base.bbclass
<perdmann> is a bad idea_
<sveinse> thanks qschulz
<jaskij[m]> sveinse: or get graphviz and draw an svg or something, if you prefer
<sveinse> jaskij[m]: jep, I'm familiar with dot files
<jaskij[m]> btw: who's using IRC? I'm not sure which parts of Matrix don't get forwarded to IRC. Say, did my emoji reaction work?
<qschulz> if you have hours of CPU time to burn, please use graphviz ;)
<qschulz> jaskij[m]: no it did not
<sveinse> qschulz: I like to use my CPU on bitbake :P
<qschulz> jaskij[m]: the Matrix bridge is very recent, so I'd say most of the folks here are still using IRC the old way :)
<jaskij[m]> ah
<sveinse> ..and I'm fetish about it I think, as I just did a full Hardknott compile from no sstate on a wsl2 instance. Left my home office pretty warm :D
<qschulz> jaskij[m]: https://www.yoctoproject.org/irc/%23yocto.2021-09-27.log.html if you want to check by yourself
<jaskij[m]> qschulz: I'm actually more worried I'll get an OOM while it's working, I've got like two gigs available right now
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<fabatera[m]> Building a BOOST application on YOCTO Gatesgarth fails during do_configure. Tough, it builds on Zeus.
<fabatera[m]> I've found adding DEPENDS = "autoconf-archive" works.
<fabatera[m]> It can't recognize AX_BOOST_BASE from configure.ac
<fabatera[m]> Am I missing something ? Should I add something to configure.ac so devtools add can recognize the dependency?
<qschulz> If you're not compiling web browsers, it should be okay-ish
<qschulz> IIRC we used to say 2GB*nproc in RAM is the minimum
<qschulz> but anything involving web browsers... at least 32GB IIRC
<perdmann> Is this helpfull for you? FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/mnt/data/yocto/CTS_Yocto/sources/misc/build/../../../sources/poky/meta-poky:/mnt/data/yocto/CTS_Yocto/sources/misc/build:/mnt/data/yocto/CTS_Yocto/sources/misc/build/../../'
<rburton> fabatera[m]: adding DEPENDS was right, that application must be assuming that you have autoconf-archive installed and doesn't include copies of those macros
<jaskij[m]> I've got 32 GiB on my workstation, of which 20 gigs is allocated to the VM which builds Yocto. Add in CLion, PyCharm and a browser open and I'll just say I'm living dangerously.
<sveinse> I'm building boost, qt including webkit on my laptop with 32Gb. It succeeds, yet you're in for a long pause
<sveinse> ..on wsl2 and the sstate cache over ntfs which is SLOW!
<jaskij[m]> I might ask to WFH, just because of the faster PC at home
<qschulz> sveinse: might be a good idea to use the to-be-released or recently-released new NTFS kernel driver on Linux :)
<jaskij[m]> 5.15
<qschulz> perdmann: the semi colon in it are dubious
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<sveinse> qschulz: yeah, the pain with ntfs and bb is not the sstate cache, but the git dl of linux kernels. THAT is slow. Like hours slow.
<jaskij[m]> qschulz: the Paragon NTFS driver is in 5.15, which is on -rc3 now
<qschulz> jaskij[m]: :+1:
<qschulz> :thumb_up:
<sveinse> like it
<qschulz> 👍
<qschulz> aaah, found it :p
<perdmann> qschulz: i only find colons in that string?
<qschulz> perdmann: colon indeed. Long week-end :)
<sveinse> wow, my utf-8 font has thumbs up codepoint :o
<qschulz> perdmann: I can't even makes sense of what this path should really hold or in which variable it could be
<perdmann> qschulz: of course. :) Clubs are open again ;-) Do you have an idea wgere tgus was added?
<qschulz> there seems to be a mix of a layer directory, the build directory and... something else :p
<qschulz> perdmann: Drove the motorcycle for 9h ~650km yesterday, not clubbing :)
<perdmann> so the build directory should be placed somewhere else?
<perdmann> qschulz: Oh, i see. youre located in Hildesheim?
<qschulz> perdmann: clearly Bitbake expects a path and you're giving it three paths split by a colon
<qschulz> perdmann: Vienna
<fabatera[m]> <rburton> "fabatera: adding DEPENDS was..." <- Is there a better autotools way to set BOOST dependency on configure.ac so devtool add can get the dependency?
<sveinse> Will the package-index index everything in tmp/deploy/ipk? Or just the packages relevant to that MACHINE that bitbake was called with?
<rburton> fabatera[m]: afaik AX_BOOST_BASE is part of autoconf-archive, not boost
<perdmann> qschulz: Oh, really wrong -.-
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<perdmann> qschulz: Where did i set this? :-D
<qschulz> perdmann: bitbake -e <recipe that fails> and look for those paths
<jaskij[m]> re: kernel, do you folks think 5.15 will be the next LTS?
<fabatera[m]> rburton: yes, you are correct! My question was wrong ☹️.
<fabatera[m]> I mean a way to set autoconf-archive dependency
<qschulz> 5.4, 5.10, probably 5.16?
<jaskij[m]> earlier it was every fifth iirc
<jaskij[m]> 5.4 to 5.10 was the exception
<jaskij[m]> but who knows?
<jaskij[m]> so long it makes it into Yocto 3.5 ;)
<qschulz> 4.4, 4.9, 4.14, 4.19 indeed
<rburton> fabatera[m]: DEPENDS += "autoconf-archive" is exactly what you want
<perdmann> qschulz: https://dpaste.org/1CYd
<perdmann> so i really broke that :-D
<qschulz> perdmann: BBLAYERS is a space separated list of paths :)
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<qschulz> perdmann: with bitbake -e you have the history of the variable, so you can see where all gets messed up
<jaskij[m]> qschulz: I'm still angry at my SoM vendor - outdated imx-sc-fw means I'm stuck at 4.14 :/
<fabatera[m]> rburton: Thank you! I was wondering if the dependency could be auto generated. (It was not needed on previous Yocto zeus release).
<rburton> no
<rburton> build dependencies are explicit
<qschulz> perdmann: have you also triple checked that you have the correct branch checked out for all your layers and Bitbake (if you use openembedded-core without poky)?
<qschulz> otherwise, noidea.gif and I'm now afk so good luck :)
<qschulz> jaskij[m]: sc-fw?
<qschulz> jaskij[m]: imx SoCs support in upstream kernel is very good usually
<perdmann> qschulz: wait what do i use? ...
<jaskij[m]> qschulz: Might've misnamed. The firmware for the built-in M4 in i.MX8X. It must much the sec firmware, and one of the two is causing issues with the kernel if I try 5.4.
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<jaskij[m]> afaik they wrote that firmware against pre-mainline kernel released by NXP
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<jaskij[m]> qschulz: eh, getting that graph was not that bad - merely ten minutes on an R5 3600 for my biggest image (no graphics)
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<sveinse> jaskij[m]: I am too. We're stuck at rocko due to some vendor opengl driver. I'm sure there is newer kernel+yocto combos that work, but its quite the validation work. Dunfell/Gatesgarth/Hardknott has too new systemd for the kernel
<jaskij[m]> oof
<jaskij[m]> I at least was able to port the kernel and firmwares to Dunfell, might not be fully validated but seems to work nicely
<jaskij[m]> sveinse: if you're using i.MX, afaik there's a reverse-engineered OpenGL driver for the VCG which has perf parity with the closed source one
<sveinse> jaskij[m]: yes, the etnaviv - it's the same. However there are some GL operations etnaviv doesn't support. E.g. dithering is not great in etnaviv so the UX team put the veto foot down
<jaskij[m]> and I really don't want an older systemd than what's in Dunfell, I really want the nice CAN support in systemd-networkd
<sveinse> wait what, does systemd support operations from CAN?
<jaskij[m]> it supports configuring socketcan interfaces
<jaskij[m]> networkd specifically does
<sveinse> haha, sorry, got a little overexcited here. Yeah, that makes sense. Good to know. We're using CAN
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<sveinse> I need to see if I can find an overview of the minimal kernel version of the respective systemd releases
<jaskij[m]> it's in the README in the repo iirc
<jaskij[m]> nope
<jaskij[m]> that's for `main`
<jaskij[m]> urgh, my messages got reordered
<sveinse> Yes, thats for *that* release, and then you need to plot a matrix across previous systemd releases
<sveinse> ...which you can use to map against specific yocto releases :P
<jaskij[m]> Dunfell has systemd 244
<jaskij[m]> I tried Hardknott and promptly noped out
<jaskij[m]> too much work, for not enough benefit right now
<jaskij[m]> mostly around i.MX8X support
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<sveinse> Testing 5.10.1 on hardnott on imx6 and it seems ok. No graphics on this device fortunately
<jaskij[m]> imx6 is easier, no vendor firmware
<jaskij[m]> we're using SoMs, so there's one more place in the support chain to keep you outdated
<sveinse> aha, that's interesting. So you need properitary things to run on imx8?
<jaskij[m]> imx8 all have that Cortex-M4, right?
<jaskij[m]> it needs firmware which, if you're using a SoM, is provided by your SoM vendor
<sveinse> we're prospecting a new architecture, as imx6 is, what 2012 tech, and imx8 has been proposed
mckoan is now known as mckoan|away
<jaskij[m]> this firmware needs to match version with the security firmware
<jaskij[m]> and iirc both talk with the kernel
<sveinse> there are some interesting stuff in the semi-pro world, like the CM4 from RaspberrPi trading
<jaskij[m]> in my case one of the two is causing an issue when moving to 5.4 mainline and the device simply refuses to boot
<jaskij[m]> I don't even get serial output
<jaskij[m]> sveinse: you kinda lost me there
<jaskij[m]> I know of Pi CM4, but the last two words completely confuse in the context
<sveinse> jaskij[m]: We're exploring if the cm4 from raspberry pi is anything at all, or if it just is a toy
<sveinse> as a replacement to the imx6 board we have
<jaskij[m]> because of the low availability, we've settled on using SoMs using the SMARC standard
<jaskij[m]> kinda bulky, but we don't mind and at least we're not tied to one SoM vendor
<sveinse> right
<sveinse> i got to go, but this has been very interesting. Thanks. See you around.
<jaskij[m]> see you
<sveinse> (we need a good forum/chat for this, but HW-ppl dislike IRC it seems)
<jaskij[m]> sveinse: first of all, CM4 doesn't have built-in CAN, and using an external controller is always a mild PITA
<sveinse> jaskij[m]: yep, I am aware. Major drawback
<jaskij[m]> I'm not sure about Pi4, but the bcm283x in Pi1 to Pi3 is basically a settop SoC
<jaskij[m]> there's i.MX9 around the corner too
<jaskij[m]> they've already announced it, but haven't shown any SoCs yet
<jaskij[m]> yeah, seems like Pi4 doesn't improve much in the peripheral department
<jaskij[m]> yuck
<sveinse> biggest advantage with the cm4 is the huge package/distro community. It's extremely well supported
<jaskij[m]> guessing by you being here, you'll be running Yocto/OE anyway?
<jaskij[m]> so that advantage doesn't exist then, does it?
<sveinse> To be honest don't know. We had one product for 5 years on ubuntu (armhf) and decided that it wasn't worth the stretch to customize it the way we needed it to, enter Yocto. However Yocto is hard for many and it requires tremendous investment in build frameworks
<sveinse> We're run yocto for 6 years or so
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<sveinse> The more I use Yocto, the more I enjoy it
<jaskij[m]> yeah, Yocto will draw out every issue in build systems
<jaskij[m]> that too
<jaskij[m]> I've spent what, two weeks? trying to build SciPy
<jaskij[m]> I don't like some of the stuff in meta-scipy, such as a lack of an optimized BLAS
<sveinse> But it does have a curve, and engineers with yocto experience is very hard to get by. I've tried many times on delegating my tasks to others (as I am manager), internal and external looking
<jaskij[m]> really?
<jaskij[m]> I've got no plans to move rn, but last time I looked there was little job offers mentioning Yocto
<jonmason> JPEW today, zeddii tomorrow. Lots of good heckling over the next few days at ELC
<zeddii> ;)
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<perdmann> qschulz: the problem was the way i made BBLAYERS relative...
<tlwoerner> relatives can often be the source of issues…
<khem> 🙂
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<vd> does d.getVar('FOOBAR') return false if FOOBAR = ""?
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<jaskij[m]> hmm.... I'm packaging something that's screwing up install paths somewhere... do I just fix it in `do_install_append` or patch CMakeLists.txt?
<kergoth> vd: it returns the empty string if it's set to the empty string, or None if it hasn't been set to anything anywhere at all. both are considered false in an if block in python
<vd> kergoth: thank you
<arr> Good afternoon folks. I have a weird issue. A recipe foo-image depends on another recipe/package bar. If I run -c cleansstate for bar and then run bitbake on foo-image, bitbake understands that foo-image depends on bar package and rebuilds it (runs compile, install, package etc tasks including do_package_write_ipk) but it won't run rootfs and image tasks for foo-image. Any ideas why?
<arr> foo-image has "IMAGE_INSTALL = bar" entry in .bb file
<khem> jaskij: usually its better to fix the component build system in your case cmake and also submit upstream to make it cross compile friendly, second option would be to tweak it in do_install
<khem> arr: did anything change in the package bar build after rebuilding ?
<khem> perhaps it found the signatures to be exact and hence did not rebuild image
<arr> khem, yes, there were changes
<khem> ok did these changes result in output of build
<arr> The package bar downloads a binary file as source and simply tars it up as compile step. The binary file changed for sure.
<arr> But the versions and other metadata for the file didn't change.
<khem> well it sounds like its sneaking in things under the nose of bitbake, if tarball changed I wonder why SRC_URI checksums did not change
<arr> The .ipk file produced at the end of write_package_ipk has new file, so output of bar is correct
<khem> I think you could change recipe for bar to explicitly download the tarball via SRC_URI and things will fall into place
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<arr> khem, Ah. I will try that. Thanks.
<vd> is there a mechanism similar to IMAGE_BOOT_FILES = "some_artifiact;different_name" but for the rootfs?
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<khem> vd: what usecase are you looking for ?
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<vd> khem: I'm embedded several images in my rootfs, for example an initrd, an overlay image, application container images, and the process could be generic: do_rootfs[depends] += "${MY_ROOTFS_DEPENDS}" and a bunch of files copied into ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} from a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND function. If I could fill a variable with the "from;to" syntax, I
<vd> could make a generic post process function.
<vd> s/embedded/embedding
<khem> hmmm, I guess this are all super image functions perhaps
<vd> khem: so from the recipe or a configuration file I could do for example: MY_ROOTFS_EXTRADEPENDS += "core-image-minimal:do_image_complete" and MY_ROOTFS_EXTRAFILES += "core-image-minimal.squashfs;/var/lib/machines/app.img"
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<khem> you could do this via a recipe for a new super image
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<yates> is there a overall log of a bitbake build stashed somewhere, perhaps in build/tmp? i'm not referring to the individual build/tmp/.../temp log.xyz logs
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<khem> yates: look into build/tmp/log
<khem> especially cooker folder contains the build logs
<yates> aha! Beautiful, khem!
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<jaskij[m]> khem: after looking around, seems like at least one path variable is used both for tests and as installation path, and it's altogether a complicated issue
<jaskij[m]> so no upstream patches from me, unfortunately
<jaskij[m]> Plus, it's entirely possible I'm passing wrong paths to the script
<Xagen> when doing a build from toaster, can you force the checkout for a specific layer to be at a specific tag/commit-id instead of a branch?
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<RP> JPEW: I suspect you're busy/distracted so this can with until later if so but depressingly I've discovered a problem with native sstate hashequiv :(
<JPEW> RP: sad. We can talk at the meeting tomorrow
<RP> JPEW: I thought that was cancelled?
<JPEW> Oh was it?
<RP> due to ELC
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<JPEW> Either way I'm free tomorrow morning (ELC doesn't start till 11 local time)
<RP> JPEW: ok, cool thanks
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