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<vd> vmeson BUILDNAME isn't empty in fact, but BBTARGETS is (warning added in an image recipe)
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<smurray> RP abelloni dl9pf: meta-agl-core should be good on the autobuilder now, I think
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<vmeson> vd: again, it's hard for anyone to be helpful if you don't provide some kind of context. Are you using poky? what branch, what image? ...
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<wCPO> qschulz: I don't see any errors in log.do_compile which kinda(?) make sense as CONFIG_ZRAM=m was silently removed. Maybe it is the config logic removing the "broken" option?
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<wCPO> I'm very new to Yocto. I'm considering creating a recipe for https://github.com/systemd/zram-generator/ and upstreaming it. Does Yocto/OpenEmbedded accept this kind of recipe and what would be the relevant repository?
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<mranostaj> swap on zram seems interesting to me
<wCPO> mranostaj: yeh, we are considering using it for a compressed tmpfs, mkfs.ext4 /dev/zram0 && mount
<wCPO> Is foo:append preferred over foo_append?
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<mihai> wCPO: yes
<mihai> specially if you're working on master
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<RP> smurray: last build looked green :)
<kranzo> how would i supply a patch properly to be merged in hardknott and master? (git send-email)
<mihai> kranzo: submit in master, wait for review and merge, request backport to hardknott
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<OnkelUlla> wCPO: Perhaps you should synchronize with tlwoerner who is currently working on zram as well, see https://lists.openembedded.org/g/openembedded-core/message/154945 .
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<kranzo> openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org the right list for changes to meta/classes/goarch.bbclass ? and if should i rebase on poky:master or openembedded-core:master? im still confused a bit about the combination of the repos
<kranzo> *am i right that ...
<kanavin> RP: I'm back in Berlin, and working on a big batch of package updates that should go in before the freeze
<kanavin> RP: otherwise, the new job is fine, how much time I can have for upstream yocto isn't yet clear, but they're well aware that someone has to do the maintenance
<kanavin> rburton, ^^^
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<rburton> kranzo: poky contains oe-core, so you can send patches for iether to oe-core@
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<RP> kanavin: very cool :)
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<RP> kanavin: I've been focusing on the overrides changes and things like the glibc upgrade which has caused a few issues
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<kranzo> rburton but still do i base on my patch on git.openembedded.org or git.yoctoproject.org
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<kranzo> its the same change but on different folders
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<rburton> kranzo: whatever you're actually using so you can test it
<kranzo> ok poky then, how do i mention what is my base? or better what is the actual mailinglist to adress? i just struggle to get it right cause i never ever used mailinglists before :D
<rburton> the mailing list for anything in meta/ is oe-core@
<rburton> you don't need to specify poky or oe-core as for anything in meta/ they're identical
<rburton> poky is just bitbake+oe-core+some other repositories, all squashed together
<kranzo> @lists.openembedded.org or @@lists.yoctoproject.org, i feel a bit dumb right now :D
<rburton> git send-email --to=openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org
<kranzo> thanks
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<mcon> Hi, as part of a custom layer I need to clone from a private GitLab server a certain project. GitLab standard URL for this i something like: "git clone git@server.somwhere.com:project/subproject.git" and I was unable to have yocto (poky thud) generate this as it insists on "type://user:pass@server/project/subproject.git" (enforced in poky/bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/__init__.py#407) what am I missing?
<kranzo> @mcon type=git right? so did you try:
<kranzo> git://git@server.somwhere.com/project/subproject.git;protocoll=ssh
<kranzo> *protocol
<kranzo> that is what i use with pubkey enabled
<mcon> kranzo: Thanks, I'll try it ASAP. I did not remember trying this combination.
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<wCPO> OnkelUlla: thanks for the pointer, could very likely be useful
<kranzo> mcon seems like gitlab cant use username:password for ssh cloning, so the correct way would be: git://user:pass@server/namespace/project.git;branch=$branch;protocoll=https
<kranzo> *protocol ...
<mcon> kranzo: I'm not trying to use "user:pass@server" at all as I have uploaded my keys. I have a plain "git clone git@server:namespace/project.git" that works perfectly from the command line. My problem is how to have yocto to generate it. I do not think https:// is enabled at all on this server
<kranzo> @mcon then git://git@server/namespace/project.git;protocol=ssh should work, so you have to replace the : with a / between server and namespace
<qschulz> and then rely on your ssh-agent or keyring having unlocked the passphrase of the ssh key (if you do have a passphrase)
<qschulz> which usually requires a bit of tinkering if you're using containers for example
<kranzo> as workaround i did bitbake -c fetch on the host (keys set up) and then a bitbake in the container, for automated setups i recommend the gitlab examples for setting up container-local ssh keys and the agent
<wCPO> hmm, is there no way to add multiple systemd-boot loader entries? It looks like the code is only adding a single file: https://github.com/openembedded/openembedded-core/blob/5c2b1fb09e786ec392979d21dc7884ca23cd84f0/scripts/lib/wic/plugins/source/bootimg-efi.py#L148-L157
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<rskumar> i am trying to build Zeus image in Podman. I noticed that linux-libc-headers are not properly copied to recipe-sysroot.. for example: unistd.h, asm/sigcontext.h
<rskumar> i had to clean and build linux-libc-headers again to get it. Can someone help me to understand why this happens?
<rskumar> i am able to build Jethro version in the same podman.. But, i am getting build errors only with Zeus version
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<LetoThe2nd> rskumar: that sounds like it might be a problem with a recipe that is not sysroot-safe. those were introduced in pyro.
<rskumar> another observation is that I am able to build Zeus in Ubuntu16.04 dedicated setup. I get build errors only with Podman container(Ubuntu16.04) running on RHEL8.3
<ad__> hi, mm, for dunfell, i installed all host tools in bionic as in the manual, but bitbake says:
<ad__> file
<ad__> ERROR: The following required tools (as specified by HOSTTOOLS) appear to be unavailable in PATH, please install them in order to proceed:
<ad__> the "file" tool seems needed ...
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<wCPO> Is there any difference between SRI_URI += "foo" and SRI_URI:append = "foo"?
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<wCPO> rburton: hmm "are applied at variable expansion time rather than being immediately applied", does it matter when it is done?
<rburton> yes
<kranzo> there is the example
<wCPO> kranzo: make sense. So if I don't use a variable it should be the same? ex: SRI_URI += "foo" vs SRI_URI:append = " foo"?
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<tlwoerner> OnkelUlla: thanks for the pointer
<tlwoerner> wCPO: so far that patch only handles the sysvinit case. i submitted it to get feedback before continuing since, if RP would prefer a different approach, i would rather know now than later
<OnkelUlla> wCPO, tlwoerner: You're welcome! :)
<qschulz> use += as often as possible as appends are trickier to undo
<prabhakarlad> Hi all, is there a way I can disable do_patch for a recipe?
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<qschulz> prabhakarlad: do_patch[noexec] = "1"
<prabhakarlad> qschulz: thanks for the pointer that did the trick!
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<kranzo> qschulz after reading your slides: can we say as rule of thumb conf -> _append every thing else += if possible?
<wCPO> aren't runqemu supposed to run the newest image?
<wCPO> qschulz: thanks for the slides. I will use += when possible then
<wCPO> runqemu is apparently booting the oldest image... :/
<qschulz> kranzo: yes
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<wCPO> tlwoerner: uh, maybe I can allocate some work time for watching some of the presentations :)
<tlwoerner> wCPO: let me know how that goes (lol) don't hold your breadth :-)
<wCPO> hmm, so multiple *.iso files is created but only a single .qemuboot.conf referring to the first iso
<vmeson> If you want to help improve the Yocto Autobuilder, feel free to join: https://windriver.zoom.us/j/3696693975
<batcha[m]> How come I randomly keep getting "bb.cooker.CollectionError: Errors during parsing layer configuration" bb (layers) issues after I add layers via "bitbake-layers add-layer ../layers/X"?
<batcha[m]> Its like it corrupts the bblayers file, and after i remove the line and re-add the same layer using the same command, it works out (or randomly doesnt).
<tlwoerner> RP: you were asking something about how i was handling the packagegroups so i pushed an RFC patch for you to look at
<tlwoerner> is it just me, or when i visit oe-core's patchwork, i don't see any patches past 2020? https://patchwork.openembedded.org/project/oe-core/series/?ordering=-last_updated
<wCPO> Enabling a initramfs package is just INITRAMFS_SCRIPTS_append = "initramfs-module-XX" in local.conf right?
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* wCPO is starting to understand yocto
<qschulz> wCPO: syntactically you probably need a leading space
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<yates_home> what is the difference between the sysroots-uninative and the sysroots-sysroot-native?, and recipe-sysroot-native?
<rburton> the uninative sysroot contains just the uninative libc
<rburton> recipe-sysroot is the target sysroot, and recipe-sysroot-native is the native sysroot
<yates_home> rburton: i can't find a good google on "uninative" - what does that mean?
<yates_home> thank you.
<yates_home> i guess for "UNIfied NATIVE"?
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<rburton> right
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<rpcme> What is the expected behavior when you define a MACHINE configuration that doesn't exist?
<rpcme> For example, for a stupid amount of time I was staring at "MACHINE=am64xx-evam bitbake -e tisdk-base-image" that should have been "MACHINE=am64xx-evm bitbake -e tisdk-base-image" which resulted in an unnerving "cannot find toolchain" error even though I had configured the external toolchain correctly.
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<abelloni> bitbake should fail quite quickly, complaining the machine configuration doesn't exist
<rpcme> Yes I think this is an issue in meta-arago with the external toolchain handler. I could not repro the same behavior with poky and poky core-image-minimal fails the way you stated.
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<rpcme> I will post to TI E2E forums instead. I really have no idea where else to post it since I was pinched for asking about meta-arago in the meta-ti yocto forum :D
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<wyre> how can I perform a do_fetch task from a private repo?
<kranzo> depends on the hoster
<kranzo> were is it hosted and how do you clone normally?
<wyre> kranzo, gitlab
<wyre> kranzo, through ssh
<kranzo> git://git@server/namespace/project.git;protocol=ssh
<kranzo> as SRC_URI then
<wyre> and what about the keypair?
<kranzo> the one who is pulling needs a privatekey with access to rhe repo
<kranzo> an alternative is creating a accesstoken with read access and using https cloining with username:accesstoken
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<JaMa> RP: rburton: should libpthread be installed in uninative tarball as well now? I'm seeing pkgconfig-native failure (bundled glib failing to find libpthread) when uninative is enabled
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<rburton> with current master?
<rburton> there's been some churn
<_franck_> hi
<_franck_> My recipe needs gstreamer1.0-dev
<_franck_> So I added DEPENDS = "gstreamer1.0-dev"
<_franck_> gstreamer1.0
<_franck_> ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'gstreamer1.0-dev' .... Close matches:
<_franck_> However, bitbake says:
<_franck_> gstreamer1.0 RPROVIDES gstreamer1.0-dev
<_franck_> gstreamer1.0-vaapi
<_franck_> and yes, gstreamer seems to have a -dev:
<_franck_> FILES_${PN}-dev += "${libdir}/gstreamer-1.0/*.a ${libdir}/gstreamer-1.0/include"
<_franck_> any idea ?
<rburton> you DEPENDS on a recipe
<rburton> so gstreamer1.0
<_franck_> yeah that's what I did first, but the recipe I try to build (I want libextractor) needs to detect gstreamer in order to enable support for it. With gstreamer1.0 it doesn't detect it.
<_franck_> must be something else
<_franck_> configure: NOTICE: gstreamer not found, gstreamer support disabled
<_franck_> I do have gstreamer, but may be not the dev libs
<_franck_> gstreamer1.0 RPROVIDES gstreamer1.0-dev ---> what does it mean exactly ?
<_franck_> because I don't have these ${libdir}/gstreamer-1.0/*.a files
<JaMa> looks like libpthread.so.0 itself is there, will debug why bundled glib doesn't find it anymore
<JaMa> honister$ ls -lah uninative-3.*/*/lib/*pthread*
<JaMa> -rwxr-xr-x 1 bitbake bitbake 115K Feb 1 2021 uninative-3.2-glibc-2.33/x86_64-linux/lib/libpthread-2.33.so
<JaMa> lrwxrwxrwx 1 bitbake bitbake 18 Feb 1 2021 uninative-3.2-glibc-2.33/x86_64-linux/lib/libpthread.so.0 -> libpthread-2.33.so
<JaMa> -rwxr-xr-x 1 bitbake bitbake 14K Aug 2 01:33 uninative-3.3-glibc-2.34/x86_64-linux/lib/libpthread.so.0
<rburton> _franck_: .a files are not built if you're using poky, as that disables static libraries
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<_franck_> rburton you mean there is no static library include in any poky package (excuse me for beeing a noob) ?
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<rburton> yes
* _franck_ needs to google that
<_franck_> ah ok
<rburton> to save time and space, poky turns off static libraries
<_franck_> any solution to workaround that ?
<rburton> do you actually need static libraries?
<rburton> statically linking to gstreamer makes very little sense
<rburton> you just need DEPENDS=gstreamer1.0
<_franck_> no I don't. I need gtramer dev, which is not in this recipe I guess. -dev only provides static libraries
<rburton> do "oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs-files -p gstreamer1.0"
<rburton> you'll see the -dev has headers and shared libraries in
<rburton> erm, list-pkg-files
<rburton> JaMa: can you replicate with a fresh poky and nothing else? works here...
<kranzo> gstreamer-dev in the ubuntu is not the same as the -dev build by yocto, sounds a bit like a name confusion
<kergoth> ubuntu splits it into multiple individual packages just like we do. one recipe, multiple packages, just as they have one source package, multiple binary packages
<kergoth> we tend toward more granularity in ours to save space, generally, though
<_franck_> rburton : ok I see thanks. So I need to figure out why libextractor doesn't detect gstreamer
<kranzo> true but the content may differ, so maybe ubuntu has static libs shipped in that package
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<_franck_> I don't have /usr/include/gstreamer-1.0/.... with DEPENDS=gstreamer1.0. Something is wrong
<JaMa> rburton: can replicate with oe-core and nodistro config (with and without uninative enabled)
<JaMa> rburton: added some details to https://pastebin.com/4C4DYdXg
<kergoth> _franck_: you cant just look in /usr/include, files for your dependencies are in staging, not the host
<JaMa> rburton: host is ubuntu-20.04 with glibc-2.31 in docker
<_franck_> oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files gstreamer1.0 doesn't list include files. oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files gstreamer1.0-dev does. So you mean depend on gstreamer1.0 automatically includes gstreamer1.0-dev ?
<rburton> DEPEND is recipe, it will include the sysroot for that recipe
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<rburton> list-pkg-files is actually listing the packages, which is not the same thing
<rburton> but anything thats in the -dev package is in the sysroot
<rburton> (typically)
<_franck_> ok, I thought depend meant I depend on this package
<_franck_> "Putting a package name such as “foo-dev” in DEPENDS does not make sense."
<_franck_> ok :)
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<kranzo> and dont forget the proper RDEPENDS to get the shared libs installed
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<rburton> well, that will happen for you
<kranzo> ok nvm then
<rburton> all binaries will be scanned for links, and rdepends added as required. the only time you need to manually add libraries to RDEPENDS is if you use dlopen()
<_franck_> so if I only need DEPEND = gstreamer1.0, it doesn't solve my problem because I tried 100 times :)
<rburton> i'd check that you inherited pkgconfig
<rburton> and if that doesn't work, actually share the log and your recipe
<rburton> its likely failing as you need to depend on more bits of gstreamer, not just the core
<JaMa> rburton: it doesn't like the loader from uninative, if I switch back then it works, but doesn't show any error https://pastebin.com/iLNW8bFc
<rburton> JaMa: i hate uninative
<rburton> JaMa: can you file a bug?
<_franck_> rburton: I dont have inherited pkgconfig
<_franck_> I'll clean and retry
<_franck_> thanks for your help
<rburton> no need to clean, just add and re-bitbake
<_franck_> I did but same thing
<JaMa> rburton: I'll continue to debug it a bit more (to find out what exactly is failing in conftest) then file a bug when run out of time
<_franck_> rburton I'll be back in 5 minutes, I'll share the logs and recipe
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<override_> hey, is there a way of using a specific DEPENDS for a do_fetch only?
<rburton> so DEPENDS is shorthand for setting do_configure[depends]
<override_> ok, and how can I set to to just work for a do_fetch task?
<rburton> so you can set do_fetch[depends]. the classes already do that, that's how it knows to setup eg xz-native to unpack a .xz file
<paulg> do_fetch[depends] += "linux-rt-5.12:do_fetch"
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<rburton> _franck_: remove the PACKAGES and INHIBIT and INSANE lines
<rburton> and your last do_install_append
<rburton> basically your PACKAGES and FILES are bad, which is why you get lots of errors
<rburton> but what's the actual configure error?
<_franck_> configure: NOTICE: gstreamer not found, gstreamer support disabled
<_franck_> ^
<rburton> what's the line above that
<rburton> i ask because it checks for four different bits of gstreamer
<mcon> I am trying to integrate a yocto build in GitLab CI/DC framework. What is the best practice to use incremental build on all "git push" and start a full rebuild only "on request" (nightly build)?
<rburton> mcon: by full rebuild, do you mean from a clean sstate so it rebuilds the compilers?
<mcon> rburton: Rebuild all artifacts from scratch, without using cache or whatever. Toolchain can stay (I can cleanup by hand if something really changes).
<rburton> so selective rebuild
<rburton> much easier if you say 'incremental' or '100% from scratch'
<mcon> rburton: If that's a problem I can live with a truly full nightly rebuild (including redownload of sources (but that seems an overkill ;) )
<rburton> well always preserve DL_DIR between runs
<rburton> always have a clean build directory
<rburton> preserve sstate_dir between jobs but blast it away for your nightly
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<_franck_> rburton:
<_franck_> checking for GSTREAMER...
<_franck_> yes
<_franck_> checking for GSTREAMER_TAG...
<_franck_> no
<_franck_> checking for GSTREAMER_PBUTILS...
<_franck_> no
<_franck_> checking for GSTREAMER_APP...
<_franck_> no
<_franck_> checking for GSF...
<_franck_> no
<rburton> there you go
<_franck_> so it finds gstreamer
<rburton> pbutils is in -plugins-base
<_franck_> I guess I need to create recipes for the others
<rburton> so is tag
<_franck_> ah cool
<rburton> no, they're in oe-core
<rburton> so is app
<mcon> rburton: do you have GitLab experience? My problems mostly stem from trying to redo in scripts (thought to be run by hand) most of what I seem to understand GitLab is already doing by itself :/
<JaMa> rburton: weird pthread_create returns EPERM when running inside docker, but only with uninative loader
<yates_home> rburton: why is there a recipe-sysroot and recipe-sysroot-native built for each recipe? these are all common to the one native toolsset and target toolset, right?
<rburton> JaMa: ooh that might be your old docker rejecting new syscalls
<rburton> yates_home: sysroots are recipe-specific
<JaMa> Docker version 20.10.8
<yates_home> why?
<yates_home> i would expect them to be toolchain-specific
<rburton> yates_home: the sysroots are what you define in DEPENDS
<rburton> yates_home: they're recipe specific so you don't get the DEPENDS of other recipes in your sysroot
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<mcon> rburton: THANKS!
<rburton> yates_home: nothing is rebuilt, it's all hardlinks
<_franck_> rburton: much better
<_franck_> checking for GSTREAMER...
<_franck_> yes
<_franck_> checking for GSTREAMER_PBUTILS...
<_franck_> yes
<_franck_> checking for GSTREAMER_TAG...
<_franck_> checking for GSTREAMER_APP...
<_franck_> yes
<_franck_> yes
<_franck_> libextractor_gstreamer.so
<_franck_> thanks for your help
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<rburton> might be gettext being dumb, leave that for now :)
<override_> rburton: hows do_fetch[deptask] different from do_fetch[depends] ?
<_franck_> you told me to remove INHIBIT_PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT = "1"
<_franck_> however, now I get /usr/lib/.debug/....
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<_franck_> A Issue: extract: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package
<rburton> wow must be an old yocto
<_franck_> :)
<rburton> that's been automatically packaged for years
<_franck_> that's the yocto I have to work on
<rburton> but the default rules put that into PN-dbg, so I guess you're still setting PACKAGES
<rburton> don't do that
<_franck_> If I don't nothing is done. I don't understand.
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* _franck_ really needs to read yocto documentation
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<_franck_> let me try again
<rburton> a good 50% of your recipe should be deleted
<_franck_> :)
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<_franck_> if I remove PACKAGE, it doesn't configure and compile anything
<rburton> it will re-package without recompiling
<_franck_> ok
<rburton> <handwave> magic!
<rburton> 'oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -p libextractor' will show what it packaged where
<_franck_> still 30% to remove
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<override_> what good is getVarFlags function for when we can just do stuff like do_fetch[deptask]
<JaMa> rburton: you were right, if I run docker with --privileged then it doesn't return EPERM, is this known issue or should I still create that ticket?
<rburton> JaMa: might be worth creating a ticket still, but it's mostly a docker bug
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<JaMa> ok, will create one as pkgconfig-native suddenly failing isn't obvious to be caused by docker bug :)
<rburton> no :)
<rburton> first time that happened it an age to figure it out
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<RP> creating bugs is great but we do need help fixing them too :/
<moto-timo> RP: amen to that
<RP> right, so does anyone care about meta-gplv2? It is breaking and I really don't care about it
<JaMa> what broke it? glibc upgrade or something else? I don't care about it, but I guess someone in LGE eventually will be when they start caring about anything newer than dunfell
<smurray> RP: we have an option to pull it in for AGL, but don't regularly test it, I'm not sure whether members rely on it or not
<smurray> RP: I also know of one large non-AGL customer of ours that does all their builds with it
<RP> JaMa: I have changes to elfutils which break it
<smurray> RP: in other news, I fat-fingered and sent the oe-core patch for the PR server to bitbake-devel first, so you may see it twice
<RP> I'm sure I can "fix" it, I'm just depressed I get to poke at it again :(
<RP> smurray: np :)
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<override_> yo anyone wana explain why/wehn we use getVarFlags over something like do_fetch[deptask]??? i dont quite understand the idea behind it
<smurray> RP: I did find in the asyncio docs that there's a way to hand an existing socket to the asyncio server code, but it looks like it'd be kind of unwieldy to attempt making that work wrt caching like was being done before
<RP> smurray: lets see how it works without that first :)
<RP> curses. I did fix the thing :/
<smurray> RP: yeah, I figure the cost of opening the socket every time will not be visible compared to actually doing packaging, but could be wrong
<moto-timo> RP: be careful what you’re good at ;)
<khem> RP: your pseudo fix needs to extent into riscv32 and riscv64 as well see https://errors.yoctoproject.org/Errors/Details/601878/
<RP> khem: do you have the symbol versions and compiler ifdef line?
<RP> moto-timo: I've fixed that layer far too often :(
<moto-timo> <cough>Eclipse plugins</cough>
<RP> smurray: I guess we should perhaps see what the connection count is like without that cache just to see what it is doing
<smurray> RP: you'll see in the patch that I call close on the connection, I added that since running with -X dev indicated a bunch of sockets left open when running the PR selftests
<smurray> RP: so there's definitely multiple connections from a single process in the e.g. PR export usecase, but I was thinking it less likely in normal building
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<khem> RP: compiler defs would be #if defined(__riscv) && __riscv_xlen == 32 and #if defined(__riscv) && __riscv_xlen == 64
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<khem> RP: you could add something like below
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<khem> RP: this is incremental fix on top of master-next https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core-contrib/commit/?h=yoe/mut&id=da5c9b3c3c7e66c52ea2f79343e6009ff410f2ca
<khem> you might want to squash it
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<RP> khem: ok, just means another world rebuild but yes
<RP> smurray: I'm mostly worried about the do_package code
<smurray> RP: yes, that occurred to me, but I don't believe that executes in a reused process from a pool?
<RP> smurray: I think the problematic pattern is repeated expansion of the PR value and the worry that exact expansion is its own connection
<smurray> RP: hrm, okay
<smurray> RP: it looked to me like it'll only get called once in the do_packagedata -> package_get_auto_pr code path
<RP> smurray: possibly, I haven't looked at it in a while
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<RP> smurray: looking at the code I think you're right and it should be ok
<RP> smurray: I think I'm remembering a different horror story
<smurray> RP: whew ;)
<RP> smurray: the connection caching was in Lianhao's original code!
<smurray> RP: afaict it really was only benefitting PR export now, since the connections were happening from the extra prexport event handlers during parsing
<RP> smurray: I suspect the reason was less for performance and more to stop it breaking the server
<smurray> RP: heh
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<RP> smurray: I've put it in for testing overnight
<smurray> RP: fingers crossed!
<RP> smurray: yes! Thanks for preserving with this, it will be worth it in the end :)
<RP> persevering
<smurray> thanks, hoping it gets in since the r/o feature would be useful
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