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<mckoan> good morning
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<Ch^W> I was reading about the rcu autobuilder hangs. Those sound vaguely familiar to the behavior we saw in a completely different scenario.
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<Ch^W> The cause in that case was periodic pauses at the block I/O level which would hang anything I/O bound - which was basically anything that logged once everything backed up.
<Ch^W> All of our telemetry hung, so we had gaps in the logs, but ftrace data showed the lead-up and recovery pretty clearly.
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<LetoThe2nd> yo dudx
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<RP> Ch^W: it could well be something like that. The fact ftrace tracks it is useful info
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<patrick-r> hello
<florian> hi patrick-r
<patrick-r> question about the bitbake -c make menuconfig virtual/kernel : once this command is complete it stores its .config and then bitmake <image-name> will rebuild the image which means re-building the kernel
<patrick-r> what I need to know is basically where is this kernel stored? as I need to save the changes for other developpers to use
<florian> just run a "make savedefconfig" - usually the complete .config isn't what you want to hand to other developers.
<patrick-r> from what directory?
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<mckoan> patrick-r: bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep ^S=
<mckoan> patrick-r: bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep ^WORKDIR=
<florian> or use -c devshell
<mckoan> florian: +1
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<RP> To answer my question from yesterday, the log discrepancies are either serial port config changing the ACPI or kernel log levels on the console used to collect the kernel messages
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<fabatera[m]> out-of-tree module modprobe error (not found in modules.dep)
<fabatera[m]> Running 'depmod -a' on target makes no difference.
<fabatera[m]> (I've hit ENTER too soon..)
<fabatera[m]> Is there any trick to ensure depmod is running on build?
<fabatera[m]> I'm getting out-of-tree module modprobe error (not found in modules.dep)
<fabatera[m]> Running 'depmod -a' on target makes no difference.
<override> hey guys, trying to wrap my head around the intricacies of do_install vs do_install_append. do_install seems to delete a dir in D for me while append isnt. no clue whats going on
<jonesv[m]> I'm not sure what it means, so I don't want to just blindly use m4_pattern_allow. Could it be because of the cross-compilation, so AC_CHECK_LIB does not really make sense?
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<mckoan> fabatera[m]: modprobe is for in-tree modules only, try using insmod
<fabatera[m]> mckoan: Actually , on ohter platforms I only need to set my conf files on /etc/modprobe.d/
<fabatera[m]> I have the same recipe working well on many platforms, but I'm only getting this on intel-corei7-64 machine , yocto gatesgarth
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<mckoan> fabatera[m]: that't right
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<RP> Variable SSTATETASKS value changed:
<RP> "do_deploy_source_date_epoch do_package do_package_qa {+do_package_write_deb do_package_write_ipk+} do_package_write_rpm do_packagedata do_populate_lic do_populate_sysroot do_stash_locale"
<RP> The system shouldn't be depending on that :(
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<williamh89> just a general linux question... is it possible to see/track which shared library is being used by a python program? (I have a GUI application that uses one of libEGL/libGL/libGLES and I want to know which)
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<override> williamh89 you an maybe look at the requirments.txt or setup.py for your app?
<override> can*
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<williamh89> hmm requirements doesnt indicate, but I guess I will dig through the setup
<williamh89> thanks!
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<override> how I can keep the QA check from running on a binary in D??? I dont want to override the the entire do_install function and do_install_append still endups showing the QA failuire
<override> failure*
<paulg> never did understand the "insane" name ; "sane" or "sanity" or "is_sane" would have made more sense?
<RP> paulg: we have a sanity.bbclass too...
* RP didn't name that one
<RP> (insane)
<paulg> yah, I suppose if I really cared, I could data-mine git, but it was just a passing random observation.
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<paulg> RP, doesn't really give a hint as to the choice of the name, does it?
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<RP> paulg: zecke also added the cookie monster to the bitbake datastore :)
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<RP> paulg: commits from back then make fun reading, the commit messages are sparse :/
<p34nutz> @RP hi
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<paulg> kinda makes one wonder what things will look like in another 15y. Assuming people still care about yocto/linux - the whole world might be running google fuschia by then, despite vmeson 's best efforts to convert everything to rust...
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<override> smurray: thanks for link. Will take a look
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<RP> hi p34nutz
<p34nutz> nice to meet you RP
<p34nutz> davidinux invited me to join here
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<RP> p34nutz: I had started to look at some of the presentations on what you've been working on, good to meet you
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<p34nutz> RP: yes, it's a hard work, since we have a single yocto project with a lot of variants (target machines, image "flavours", etc.). We're basically trying to reduce complexity (and leverage others' work wherever we can)
<p34nutz> RP: I'd be glad to receive your feedback (and provide some feedback to you, also :) )
<override> RP so i can just inherit insane into my recipe, and put WARN_QA = "arch" ?
<yates_work> i am still trying to chase down the problem "csky-poky-linux-ld: cannot find libgcc.a: No such file or directory" for my machine's core-image-minimal build. i've found multiple libgcc.a's: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FfmxnTgf9h/
<RP> override: insane is generally already inherited and you probably want INSANE_SKIP = "arch"
<yates_work> so which one of these should be issued as a --sysroot to the linker?
<RP> p34nutz: I think you should probably "present" what you're doing on the mailing list, its more about the community's collective view on changes than mine specifically
<yates_work> is there an option i can issue to ld to cause it to emit all its search paths?
<override> Thanks RP: .. That arch check was really driving me insane
<yates_work> it could be that it's already using a valid sysroot but the libgcc.a build is not placing it in that sysroot
<yates_work> khem: any thoughts on this?
<fray> link w/ gcc add -v [if I remember correctly], the linker paths will be shown
<yates_work> btw, this error is arising when the kernel is being built, when vmlinux.o is being linked
<yates_work> fray: well the compile and link are done separately, but et me try -v with the linker. thanks.
<fray> You can still link with gcc
<fray> 'ld' itself won't have the libgcc.a path for instance.. only gcc has that
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<perdmann_> Hi, i created a recipe which creates a shared Object. If i built with yocto everything looks fine, if i built the SDK my so file is not in there.
<fray> https://pastebin.com/MMqN2hPp -- see down a bit it shows you the linking path.
<perdmann_> Sometimes i have the feeling that shared objects are only created into the SDK if i really use them in a makefile. Is this some kind of yocto magic or did i just imagein this?
<fray> you can use gcc as a link only path if you need to do it in separate runs
<yates_work> fray: this is the way the kernel makefile is designed - it separates the compiles from the final "ld"-based link
<yates_work> sure, i could try to change all that, but something more basic seems to be messed up, like libgcc.a not being placed in the proper sysroot
<fray> If you run ld directly (in any context) then YOU are responsible for passing the locations of the gcc based link files..
<fray> When the kernel builds, it does NOT use a sysroot
<fray> Also typically libgcc.a is NOT in the sysroot, as it's a static library.. the libgcc.a, is part of the gcc path set. (Yes it'll be in the sysroot if you have target gcc and such....)
<fray> whatever you are building for, if libgcc.a is needed by the kernel then you need to pass the path to libgcc.a as part of your ld run
<fray> The few architectures I've used before that needed libgcc.a when building the kernel had code that would ask gcc where libgcc.a is, and then use that full path during link
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<fray> Have you tried this yet?
<fray> gcc -print-libgcc-file-name
<fray> /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/7/libgcc.a
<fray> again, this should give you the _exact_ path to the libgcc.a you need, which is what the kernel should already be doing. Then you pass that into ld directly
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<yates_work> "<cross>-gcc -print-libgcc-file-name" returns "libgcc.a"
<yates_work> no path, just the file name
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<yates_work> fray: was there something else you were asking me to try?
<yates_work> the -v results: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3ZXWZMZYSJ/
<fray> with the -v you need to compile something, or alternatively just run
<fray> gcc -print-search-dirs
<fray> But if -print-libgcc-file-name comes back with just 'libgcc.a', then most likely you have something wrong in your environment.
<fray> That is the default response when it can't actually find libgcc.a in your environment anywhere..
<p34nutz> RP: you mean the general mailing list? https://lists.yoctoproject.org/g/yocto
<fray> are the paths in the libraries: valid?
<fray> Calling 'gcc' directly without the tuning args as well will cause paths and sysroot to be unavailable in many cases, are you using the regular target CC?
<fray> The other thing, the kernel does not typically use libgcc.a, so I believe it's not always going to be in your path unless you add a depends to the right component.
<fray> If you look at linux-yocto.inc, the three architectures that need libgcc are aarch64, nios2 and arc, so the following existed:
<fray> linux-yocto.inc:DEPENDS_append_aarch64 = " libgcc"
<fray> linux-yocto.inc:DEPENDS_append_nios2 = " libgcc"
<fray> linux-yocto.inc:DEPENDS_append_arc = " libgcc"
<fray> without that libgcc won't be available at all, which also could explain the -print-libgcc-file-name issue
<yates_work> fray: two paths seem to be invalid: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fnJg4xhWDj/
<fray> If this is a new architecture, or you are enabling an option that now requires libgcc then you need to add that as a DEPENDS to your kernel build
<vmeson> paulg: just skimming history but FYI Fushcia has componets written in Rust :)
<fray> I believe those paths are where it would be installed typically
<fray> zedd, I offered a suggestion, but I don't know enough about the issues to proceed...
<fray> 'er wrong window.. but anyway
<zedd> yup! sounds good.
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<yates_work> fray: i already have this in my kernel recipe: DEPENDS_append = " libgcc"
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<yates_work> khem: suggested that a few days ago
<fray> yes, that is certainly the main requirement. without that it won't be there at all..
<fray> so where in the _two_ sysroots, recipe-sysroot-native and recipe-sysroot is 'libgcc.a'? If it's not in either, then that is your issue -- whatever you are targeting doesn't have a static libgcc.a
<yates_work> fray: hang on, checking
<fabatera[m]> mckoan: I guess busybox's modprobe doesn't support modprobe.conf install/remove
<fray> fabatera[m]: it didn't many years ago, but I rarely use busybox for anything like that anymore
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<yates_work> fray: it is in recipe-sysroot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7Bf4rXcnmD/
<fray> ok, there is your link path.. but I suspect due to NOT calling gcc with --sysroot=, you aren't getting a valid response
<yates_work> but note the libraries reported by --print-search-dirs do not include that
<fray> thats because your call to the compiler did not include "--sysroot=..../recipe-sysroot"
<fray> this is part of the normal $CC
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<fray> you are going to have to look at how aarch64/nios2/arc had the call to get the libgcc.a path
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<fabatera[m]> fray: yes, and looks like will stay not supporting. I'm trying to build with the minimum possible provided with the "core-image-minimal", but I guess I'll need to install modprobe from another source.
<yates_work> i am confused because, as i stated earlier, the kernel makefile performs the compile and link in separate steps. so why would adding "--sysroot=..../recipe-sysroot" result in the linker finding the path?
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<yates_work> so why would adding "--sysroot=..../recipe-sysroot" IN THE COMPILER INVOCATION result in the linker finding the path?
<fray> If you call the linker directly, you MUST pass the full path to libgcc.a, to get the path you need gcc to tell you what the path is.. and to do that you need the sysroot..
<fray> foo-gcc --sysroot=.../recipe-sysroot -print-libgcc-filename
<fray> then use the output of that as the libgcc to link against when calling ld
<fray> you can NOT just link using 'libgcc.a' it won't work, as ld has no in-built paths to search
<fray> aarch64, nios2, and arc should already being doing this "somewhere"
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<fray> I'm not 100% sure of this, but I know the linux-yocto has two different CC arguments.
<fray> (this is in bitbake scope, not kernel makefile scope)
<fray> CC = <cross>-gcc --sysroot=<path>
<fray> KERNEL_CC = <cross>-gcc
<fray> so when the kernel makefile is called, it's typically called using CC=KERNEL_CC
<fray> but I THINK CC is still available, so you can just do "${CC} -print-libgcc-filename" in your recipe, capture the output and pass that into the system as the libgcc.a.. again, aarch4/arc/nios2 should ALREADY be doing this, so figure out what and how they do it and mathc it
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<yates_work> mathc it?
<yates_work> match
<yates_work> fray: ok very good - let me work on this. very very much appreciate your help
<fray> yes match that
<yates_work> ptf
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<manuel1985> Can two builds use the same build & tmp directory? I remember mckoan already gave me an answer weeks ago, but I failed to write down. I think he said "only if they're of the same architecture", which puzzled me.
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<RP> sakoman: you could probably prove it by comparing a pcmanfm build with the current buildtools used on dunfell vs master
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<sakoman> RP: thanks will look at that after I sort out the issues with the python upgrade series
<sakoman> RP: hmmm . . . probably not that since dunfell has that commit: https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/commit/?h=dunfell&id=fb8063147c1afc8f2554597a0e40de6659014bb6
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<RP> sakoman: did you update the buildtools tarball used on the autobuilder though?
<sakoman> ah, perhaps not . . .
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<Saur> Why does BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS += "foo" prevent a recipe from doing RDEPENDS_${PN} += "foo"? It results in an error from dnf with "package foo... is filtered out by exclude filtering". Without having looked at the code, this seems wrong to me.
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<perdmann_> Hi, i created a recipe which creates a shared Object. If i built with yocto everything looks fine, if i built the SDK my so file is not in there.
<fabatera[m]> I just removed MODPROBE from busybox config. Which package should I install to have the "full" modprobe?
<perdmann_> How does the so resolver work?
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<zedd> fabatera[m]: should come from the kmod recipe.
<override> hey can anyone help me understand what going on here - https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/5MKZzyTmPF/
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<override> should i just inherit setuptools3 or what
<override> nvmd that already there
<override> here is the recipe - https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/Gdg9VRnFkz/
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<override> anyone ^ khem: ?
<Ch^W> override: Add DEPENDS += "${PYTHON_PN}-setuptools-scm-native" to your recipe.
<Ch^W> RP: (assuming your kernel is configured for it) We found that turning on /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/block/ block_rq_insert and block_rq_complete was enough to see the issue at that level.
<override> thanks Ch^W, let me try that
<Ch^W> RP: And use /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace_pipe to read the data. It is much simpler that way. Or use a tool or whatever. You can also throw it into netcat to get it offboard quickly.
<Ch^W> We built progressively more sophisticated tools to meaure the insert and complete gap, etc. I am sure we probably missed some existing tools that would have made analysis easier. But we were receiving a lot of heat to get the problem fixed.
<override> thanks Ch^W. That works
<override> what is that tho?
<Ch^W> override: Look _very_closely at the error output you posted here https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/5MKZzyTmPF/. the clues are right there.
<override> im trying to figure out what setuptools-scm-native is to begin with
<Ch^W> It is the native version of setuptools-scm
<Ch^W> And setuptols-scm is a build dependency on your particular python libary.
<override> got it
<Ch^W> override: Anything with a trailing "-native" is a tool that needs to run _on_ your current machine instance to build your recipe. Without the -native, it is specific to the machine you are building for.
<override> and the tool is just coming from the tar file?
<Ch^W> override: Which tool are you referring to? I can interpret that several ways.
<override> this setuptools-scm-native tool
<override> the one we just added the DEPENDS for to make the recipe work
<override> and how do u underline text in irc?
<override> I can look up the latter
<Ch^W> The setuptools-scm is a garden variety build dependency. The recipe for it is found in openembedded-core/meta/recipes-devtools/python/python3-setuptools-scm
<Ch^W> override: Just put an underscore before and after a word to underline it -> _underlined_
<override> I see.. _nice. garden variety build dependency - adding that to my lists of things to read up on..
<override> more like _nice_
<Ch^W> Sorry "garden variety" is my word for it. As long as you add openembedded-core/meta to your list of bblayers, you will get all of those deps without doing anything other than adding them to your DEPENDS list.
<override> git it
<override> very cool. Thanks
<Ch^W> override: 👍🏼
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<ecdhe> I have a linux source tree that I need to "patch" by copying in a large folder full of defconfigs. Is there a SRC_URI formulation that will do this cleanly? Or do I need to implement a do_patch_append to copy from ${WORKDIR} to ${S}?
<ecdhe> *from ${S} to ${WORKDIR}
<RP> Ch^W: thanks! we just need a reliable way to reproduce the issue now. Did you find a reliable way to cause an IO glitch like you mention for testing?
<Ch^W> RP: Sleeping in the lab was generally a reliable way to catch the issue ;)
<Ch^W> RP: Jokes aside, we _think_ the problem had to do with industrial SSDs with a bias for writes over reads, so big reads caused the controller some issues resulting in backups.
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<Ch^W> Our solution was to refactor all of our realtime threads to avoid any writing. Writes were deferred to theads that could survive block level hangs.
<Ch^W> Our _hope_ is that bumping from kernel 4.18.20 to 5.10.x will also produce some relief. But we are months away from getting real data on that.
<RP> Ch^W: Interesting. In our case it seems to be related to load from builds on our autobuilders but we're not sure which load component is the problem or how to replicate that reliably
<RP> Ch^W: did you find any kernel stats like iostat that could report on a problem "in progress"?
<Ch^W> RP: Those would definitely _hammer_ block I/O hard. Are you guys using an IOMMU?
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<Ch^W> RP: It was very hard to get that data. We regularly saw hangs <= 7 seconds, and about once every 12 hours it would hit over a minute which is when the SHTF.
<Ch^W> RP: Ultimately we were able to find the threads that were hanging and dropping RT data, which is where we resolved it as described above.
<RP> Ch^W: I don't think there would be IOMMU involved, or at least not much but I'm not entirely sure
<RP> Ch^W: We had data earlier today suggesting it took 302seconds to copy a 1GB file to a tmpfs :/
<Ch^W> RP: Yeah, that smells like a smoking gun. Your ftrace data would be _very_ instructive there.
<RP> Ch^W: the trouble is knowing where/when we need that data and having the privs to run it
<Ch^W> Just make sure you are offloading it via a port and not making the mistake we initially made and store it to disk. *sigh* live and learn
<RP> Ch^W: but an idea of what we could look at is a start
<RP> Ch^W: ironically, the copy to tmpfs is to avoids IO blocking!
<Ch^W> RP: Except it does not. It all uses the page cache.
<RP> Ch^W: well, if it is in the page cache (which tmpfs is by definition), it shouldn't stall on IO there?
<Ch^W> So you are almost certainly hamering the page cache too much.
<Ch^W> RP: You are running these all in VMs, right?
<RP> Ch^W: no, the autobuilders are "baremetal" distro installs. It is qemu VMs we use for testing running on those systems which crash/hang
<RP> the io load is from the host OS
<Ch^W> BRB
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<Ch^W> RP: Ah ok, excuse the IOMMU comment then. Not needed for bare metal.
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<Ch^W> RP: The ftrace data would tell you if your problem is I/O bound rather than CPU bound. Which is super useful. If you see a transaction enter, but not complete for a long time, then it gives you evidence that your problem is block level.
<Ch^W> The fact that you can ping, but not spawn a new SSH process means your CPU is still processing stuff in kernel space. So it has a block layer / page cache smell to it.
<ecdhe> I copied a kernel recipe from another layer upon which my layer depends. I changed the version part of the filename from _5.10 to _5.13-rc6 and updated it to pull from the corresponding git branch. The recipe works perfectly when it's in the original layer (it depends on a files/ directory there) but when I move it to my build fails -- the search paths are all relative to the layer it's in. Given that the
<ecdhe> upstream layer (which I don't want to modify) does not provide a .bbclass that I can inherit, is there any way I can update the search paths of my copied recipe to include the meta-upstream-layer/recipes-kernel/linux/files folder instead of searching only within my layer?
<Tokamak> howdy. new to channel. fiddling with yocto again after a several year break. attempting to follow the quick-start guide to remember the steps and I didn't expect to be getting a seemingly trivial error: "Timeout while waiting for a reply from the bitbake server (60s)". thoughts on how to dig in?
<Ch^W> Tokamak: Maybe start with a ping?
<Tokamak> honesly have no idea what 'bitbake server' it is even trying to touch
<Tokamak> i assume its a local process..?
<Ch^W> Tokamak: Do you have any stuck bitbake processes in your process list?
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<Tokamak_> i think i was being too crafty for my own good. forgot that i moved the src folder since running oe configure script... seems that paths definitely are not relative to current poky source directory
<RP> Tokamak: sounds like a hung bitbake process
<Tokamak_> thanks for the thoughts RP and Ch^W, i'll try to not get further hung up on the trivial things :P
<ecdhe> I updated SRC_URI to point to a newer kernel (5.13-rc6) and renamed the .bb to the new version. I can select it by updating PREFERRED_PROVIDER_vitual/kernel
<ecdhe> The recipe works as long as it's in the TI layer directory
<ecdhe> But I want to capture these changes in my own layer
<ecdhe> There is a lot of shared code in .inc files already, and these include from my layer as expected because the meta-ti layer is in the search path
<RP> ecdhe: can't you just set the FILESPATH to include the other location?
<ecdhe> RP: I'll look that up! Can I do it relative to another layer?
<ecdhe> I mean, can I avoid an absolute path?
<RP> ecdhe: I'm less sure about how you'd figure out where the other layer is :/
<RP> ecdhe: you want FILESEXTRAPATHS
<ecdhe> It's always called meta-ti... but you're right, bitbake can support layers above the poky/ directory, can't it?
<RP> ecdhe: bitbake doesn't care where they are
<ecdhe> I'm guessing there isn't a good way to retrieve a layer's path based on it's name. So I'm going to have to assume that all layers are installed within the poky/ dir
<smurray> if this is wrt the inc files in recipes-kernel/linux in meta-ti, perhaps just prepend recipes-kernel/linux/ in your recipe in your layer
<smurray> I was looking at a layer (meta-sancloud) that does that today
<ecdhe> smurray: it's about the files/ dir in meta-ti/recipes-kernel/linux/
<ecdhe> smurray: the .inc files are including fine
<ecdhe> smurray: but files/cmem.dtsi can't be found
<RP> Figuring out a way of saving paths to layers would be nice, its been something I wonder about periodically
<smurray> ah. You'll need to build up a path from COREBASE or the like to add to FILESEXTRAPATHS
<ecdhe> RP: introspection of bblayers.conf could do the trick
<ecdhe> smurray: COREBASE is the root of poky?
<smurray> ecdhe: it's the meta directory in oe-core or poky. There might be something else more convenient, plus there's the issue of baking in layer location, which is less than ideal
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<smurray> ecdhe: using something like ${THISDIR}/../../../meta-ti/recipes-kernel/linux/files in the recipe is another option, but has the same problem
<ecdhe> smurray: ${COREBASE} is cleaner, I appreciate that one
<ecdhe> I need to study the BB recipe env vars
<smurray> it might be possible to cook up something with a block of anon python that parsed it out of BBPATH
<smurray> not amazing either, but maybe a bit more robust
<ecdhe> smurray: I don't understand yocto well enough to get that python to run ahead of teh FILESEXTAPATHS evaluation
<smurray> ecdhe: you'd probably want to d.appendVar (or prependVar) in the python block
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<RP> zedd, paulg, abelloni: I have a more interesting rcu traceback: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/87/builds/2252/steps/14/logs/stdio
<RP> specifically "BUG: scheduling while atomic: swapper/3/0/0x00000002"
<ecdhe> smurray, RP: thanks for your help, completely squashed that bug
<smurray> ecdhe: cool
<jonesv[m]> In my recipe, I want to do `include files/${MACHINE}/my_file.inc` to set the KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD per machine. Is that a bad idea?
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<ecdhe> jonesv[m]: seems reasonable
* RP suspects tomorrow I need to trigger some rcu stalls and see if the kernel does actually recover or crash
<Ch^W> RP: If you grab ftrace data, I am happy to give it a peek. Recommend you keep track of when acquisition starts since the timestamps are relative.
<RP> Ch^W: thanks, I don't think we can capture data accurately enough at the right time currently unfortunately :(
<Ch^W> RP: Even offloading it via netcat to a stable platform?
<Ch^W> it is a simple pipe interface.
<RP> Ch^W: the trouble is the huge amount of data our autobuilders work with during builds
<RP> Ch^W: this issue is rare, maybe 1 in 200 qemu VM runs and we can't enable ftrace on every worker starting them
<jonesv[m]> and one more thing: meta-raspberrypi says that I should set `RPI_USE_U_BOOT = "1"` in my local.conf. Can I do that in the image bb recipe instead?
<ecdhe> jonesv[m]: I believe so
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<jonesv[m]> I am not completely clear about the link between local.conf and the rest. Like if I set it in both places, which one will prevail? local.conf?
<ecdhe> jonesv[m]: there are several options people like to set in local.conf that I think are more appropriate for layers
<jonesv[m]> right, got it
<ecdhe> jonesv[m]: look into layer priority... I'm not sure what the priority of local.conf is but I think in the past local.conf has overridden my layers (please confirm this instead of taking my word)
<jonesv[m]> Also I don't really feel like versioning my local.conf, but typically setting meta-raspberrypi to use u-boot seems like something I want to version :)
<ecdhe> ^^^ exactly -- I want to version control my layer's required options, not have extra documentation
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<jonesv[m]> But I'm kind of realizing that I cannot set `MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS` from my image recipe, could that be?
<jonesv[m]> Somehow it would make sense, but that's what I use to set the `kernel-module-*` I want 🤔
<jonesv[m]> Oh or maybe I should install them as packages with `IMAGE_INSTALL_append` 💡
<jonesv[m]> hmm but then KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD seems like it's not working in my image recipe :-(. I don't get why that would be linked to the bsp/machine configuration
<jonesv[m]> aha!
<jonesv[m]> That one should probably go in my kernel bbappend!
<jonesv[m]> > You can use the KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD variable anywhere that it can be recognized by the kernel recipe or by an out-of-tree kernel module recipe (e.g. a machine configuration file, a distribution configuration file, an append file for the recipe, or the recipe itself).
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<Ch^W> RP: Remind me, when it happens, do all qemu VMs hang? Or just a few?