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<zeddii> RP: *very* little, but there was an inotify difference, and a rwsem difference, both small, but could absolutely account for the hanging test.
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<LetoThe2nd> yo dudx
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<mckoan> good morning
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<RP> zeddii: hmm. No hanging test but there was https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/87/builds/2208/steps/14/logs/stdio - rcu stall :/
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<qschulz> greetings
<mckoan> qschulz: hi
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<ilunev> RP: still struggling with that issue with mass hash mismatch. Found out that the first clean bitbake launch emits those errors while the second one seems to work fine. Also, recipes are reparsed every bitbake call, cache seems to invalidate. Tried to diff bitbake -e for a package in those two cases. Vars that differ are DATETIME, TIME, IMAGE_NAME (?), IMAGE_VERSION_SUFFIX and LOGFIFO (probably, that's ok).
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<RP> ilunev: that doesn't really make much sense to me. You would be far better off picking a simple early target like quilt-native and seeing whether you can get hash mismatches with that. Look at the output of bitbake-dumpsig for files in tmp/stamps/XXX/quilt-native
<RP> ilunev: to debug it you really need to two sigdata files for the different hashes, then it becomes easy
<ilunev> Finally got it. Lots of noise when comparing with diff, some set values are reordered
<RP> ilunev: try bitbake-diffsigs
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<ilunev> RP: bitbake-diffsigs says quilt-native:do_patch has changed yet there is only a single one (so is with unpack). "Unable to find matching sigdata" with a hash that is indeed absent in stamps/.../quilt-native
<ilunev> yet there are two do_compile, do_configure etc
<ilunev> so it seems like fetch, unpack are going fine, something is wrong with patch (just a single stamp while the following do_configure refers to another hash). And starting with do_configure it diverts.
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<RP> ilunev: finding the diverging task is a good start. Are there two sigdata files for that task?
<ilunev> RP: Just a single one. And the following do_configure in diffsigs complains about the missing file
<RP> ilunev: that is where the challenge is then, getting something for the other hash to diff to :/
<ilunev> RP: I'm thinking about updating my dunfell
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<ilunev> RP: updated dunfell did emit the same warning for quilt-native, but it does not do rebuilds etc, so there's just a single stamp for every task now. Yet the warnings.
<ilunev> and it does not seem to fully reparse recipes now
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<ilunev> the first of the warnings is about do_patch. and that's definitely before even do_fetch is actually executed
<ilunev> There were 509 ERROR messages shown, returning a non-zero exit code for just quilt-native build :-)
<ilunev> RP: when I run -Snone as the warning suggests, I get ERROR: Bitbake's cached basehash does not match the one we just generated (/data/yocto/tmp/yocto-rpi4-builder/build/../poky/meta/recipes-devtools/quilt/quilt-native_0.66.bb:do_patch)!
<RP> ilunev: that sounds like you're hitting this during parsing then and I don't know why, we don't see that anywhere else
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<RP> ilunev: if you've multiple layers and configuration involved I'd probably try removing them and adding back step by step to isolate what is causing it
<ilunev> RP: switched off Mender stuff and it went away...
<RP> ilunev: have you tried asking the mender people?
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<ilunev> RP: yes, trying :-)
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<ilunev> RP: Ok, looks like I finally learned that there's difference between "inherit ..." and INHERIT += "...". I used the former one in local.conf and when I switched to INHERIT it all went fine
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<RP> ilunev: interesting. I wonder why that didn't throw a syntax error
<RP> ilunev: which class was that with?
<ilunev> mender-specific one, "mender-full" to be precise.
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<RP> zeddii: I tried reverting the aufs fix and running ltp locally and I see it stuck in D state for some tests with kernel backtraces in the logs. The latest patch from you didn't do that
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<janvermaete[m]> Somebody got the answer how to keep the .config of uboot and Linux in the artfacts (build/deploy/images...)?
<janvermaete[m]> when the CI doesn't have to build the e.g. kernel, there will be no .config in the build directory.
<RP> janvermaete[m]: extend do_deploy to place it there?
<janvermaete[m]> So, i have to ask it in Yocto itself to create and store it.
<janvermaete[m]> but I don'k now how
<janvermaete[m]> Could be, I will check. But I thought not to be the first one to have this.
<janvermaete[m]> So I would believe it's already there. But I could not find it.
<RP> zeddii: Looking at the diff this doesn't make sense since nothing that is changed is built :/
<RP> zeddii: what was different in my test was the kernel patch level version so I'm starting to suspect something in that
<zeddii> meaning .42 versus .41 ?
<RP> zeddii: yes
<RP> zeddii: I was testing b3b1627391bf18358547d84e4bb4b53438d5cf98 vs bb3f40e801fed14f9233749f7eaa27b105979059
<zeddii> and that was the RCU stall you mentioned first ? (in the first, and not the second) ?
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<RP> zeddii: rcu stall was in the first. hard to tell if it is related or not
<zeddii> yah . I was thinking the same (for the rcu).
<RP> zeddii: starting to think we should upgrade to .42 and see where that gets us
<zeddii> I can send that one right away, I did the upgrade locally. I can send it in about 10 mins. Just have to make sure I don't cross up the SRCREVs and LINUX_VERSIONS.
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<RP> zeddii: the aufs "fixups" look harmless enough to merge onto the branch too. Looks to be a couple of potential bugs there but only if you build aufs which we don't for the autobuilder
<zeddii> I was thinking the same. Let's reset it to stock aufs5, plus 42 and then reasses the behaviour of that.
<RP> zeddii: I do think the ltp stuff does effectively reproduce this issue if you watch the dmesg output and use that as an indicator of issues
<RP> (and ignore the OOMs, its the filesystem null pointer dereferences which are nasty)
<RP> zeddii: spoke too soon, it just blew up with the aufs re-import :/
<zeddii> the ltp hang, right ?
<RP> zeddii: yes, ltp kernel null pointer dereferences in the fs code which can hang
<RP> zeddii: so the issue is there with base-aufsv2 and it doesn't always happen as this did pass tests earlier
<zeddii> which makes things murkier. It could always be there, just a timing window is changing.
<zeddii> in that case, there's really no sense going with it in my update.
<zeddii> let me do .42 and just push the aufs5 revert along with it.
<RP> zeddii: right, sorry to muddy the waters :(
<RP> zeddii: I'm just sharing data points as I see them, wish they made more sense
<zeddii> but we know that we may just be masking whatever it is, but if m1 goes out, we'll get more runs on the changes and can watch to see if it does happen with aufs reverted
<zeddii> and to remind me .. that hang, if I run the test locally a few times, it can happen, right ? so that might be what I need to do to sort it out.
<RP> zeddii: seems to. I'm trying to see if I can isolate it to an faster subset of ltp tests
<RP> zeddii: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = ' ltp' TEST_SUITES = 'ping ssh ltp ltp_compliance' then bitbake core-image-sato -c testimage
<RP> zeddii: that is the full thing, working on a reduced set. Its the unshare test that I've seen hang twice today
<zeddii> ok. i can definitely try some runs with that. I'll try and find a machine I can let it churn on in the background.
<zeddii> I'll do the .42 and aufs5 revert. and the let's see if it is free from ltp hangs through the m1 work.
<zeddii> and then I'll focus on 5.13 and seeing if I can reproduce it on either 5.10 or 5.13 + aufs and make the call to just drop it completely.
<zeddii> and I'll contact the developer, if I can get a decent reproducer.
<zeddii> he's still updating with every kernel release, so it is active.
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<RP> zeddii: makes sense. I'm getting nowhere fast trying to make a smaller reproducer :/
<moto-timo> JPEW: where does gnome-shell-gsettings come from? getting no provider...
<RP> moto-timo: meta-gnome?
* boo tilts over the garden-gnome and looks underneath
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<paulg> irc shuffle fallout will be haunting us for months...
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<moto-timo> maybe I’m missing a distro feature…
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<JPEW> moto-timo: Sorry, I have a local patch to make it a seperate package of gnome-shell
<JPEW> I forgot to mention that
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<moto-timo> JPEW: that makes sense... and I suspected that might be the case
<JPEW> I can push it as an RFC quick. It's pretty simple
<moto-timo> sure
<moto-timo> I'm about to be afk for a few days, so it might wait until the weekend
<JPEW> moto-timo: sent
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<jsbronder> I'm having issues building the esdk in dunfell. It looks like the files in conf/multiconfig are not getting copied to ${WORKDIR}/sdk-ext/image/tmp-renamed-sdk/conf/ but BBMULTICONFIG is getting set in ${WORKDIR}/sdk-ext/image/tmp-renamed-sdk/conf/local.conf
<jsbronder> The actual error from bitbake is: ERROR: ParseError at /home/jbronder/st/veo/head/tmp/build-glibc/work/intel_skylake_64-oe-linux/root-image/1.0-r0/sdk-ext/image/tmp-renamed-sdk/layers/openembedded-core/meta/conf/bitbake.conf:765: Could not include required file conf/multiconfig/mfg.conf
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<jsbronder> I'm not trying to use one of the multiconfigs, just the default.
<RP> jsbronder: esdk will copy your current settings so if you have it set, it will try and copy that into the eSDK
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<RP> jsbronder: we probably need to add a copy of those files
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<jsbronder> RP: I wasn't sure if they were intentionally left out. Should they be getting copied in populate_sdk_ext.bbclass where local.conf is written?
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<jbronder> I suppose I can just work around this by adding BBMULTICONFIG to SDK_LOCAL_CONF_BLACKLIST for now.
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<RP> jsbronder: yes, somewhere like that. As you say, blacklisting may also work
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<JPEW> RP: I added the source mapping JSON to the recipe package data, and it adds several 100 KB to each package file
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<JPEW> err, not the package itself, the package data file for the recipe
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<RP> JPEW: hmm. splitting it to a separate file would probably be nicer maybe (still within packagedata)?
<JPEW> RP: Probably, just so that we don't have to load it unless wanted
<JPEW> which is basically what meta-doubleopen is doing today :)
<RP> JPEW: exactly. Can we save any size by getting rid of path prefixes?
<JPEW> yes
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<RP> JPEW: well, putting it into packagedata should mean we have the data in a common place for anyone to use
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<RP> question is if we want the hit on space usage but I suspect it is probably inevitable
<JPEW> The paths for the processed files aren't the main consumer of space, it's the dependency files (which already use the "/usr/src/debug" prefix)
<JPEW> RP: Ya, you have to store it somewhere
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<JPEW> The only "optimization" would be to make it optional, or use some database format with fast lookup so you don't have to load the whole JSON in memory
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<RP> JPEW: I think if you're using it, the hit is ok?
<RP> as for optional, that is asking for trouble with testing :(
<JPEW> Ya, I think several 100KB isn't too bad in that regard
<JPEW> Right, I'd rather just have it on all the time
<RP> JPEW: the other trick would be to use pickle since it would compress them by using references for the strings
* RP isn't claiming that is a good trick
<JPEW> Ya, that would reduce a lot of duplication since there are a lot of duplicate debug dependencies (I'm look at you libc!)
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<JPEW> TBH, simple compression (lz4) would probably work just a well
<RP> JPEW: would we want to do some kind of custom json by reference/lookup? Is there a module for it? :)
<JPEW> and is really fast
<RP> JPEW: part of standard python?
<JPEW> I wish
<zeddiii> RP: can you try the top two commits: https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/log/?h=zedd/kernel
<JPEW> RP: lz4 is so fast that its not even noticeable in most cases (faster that whatever I/O you happen to be using)... it makes it really attractive for stuff like this
<zeddiii> RP: (I realize you are getting two streams of conversation here). I didn't get the AUFS warnings when I didn't explicitly enable it in my local testing, so we in theory can drop the inhibit that you had done for the AB runs. if it comes back (the audit warning), I'll have to do some configuration fragment changes.
<RP> JPEW: I would love to write out the whole bitbake parsed datastores for debugging
<RP> zeddiii: added to master-next and will trigger a test run. I dropped the config change a while ago after realising I don't see those warnings
<JPEW> RP: You could make lx4c a HOSTTOOL and pipe through that... there is also https://pypi.org/project/lz4/
<JPEW> *lz4c
<JPEW> ... someday bitbake might have to bite the bullet and run in a Python venv so we can actually pull in 3rd party modules reasonably
<RP> JPEW: if bitbake uses it for parsing that is pre HOSTTOOLS which is where this gets messy :(
<RP> JPEW: someday. I just worry about who updates all the docs, CI and so on
* RP knows who likely gets to do that
<RP> its a huge change sadly, way more work than anyone first realises
<JPEW> Hmm....
<JPEW> Are there a lot of users of the bitbake library outside of bitbake itself?
<JPEW> e.g. entrypoints that are *not* through some bitbake or OE provided command
<RP> JPEW: no
<JPEW> It... might not be as bad as you would suspect then
<RP> JPEW: basically the list of problems goes something like new buildtools, recipes for the dependencies, updates to the autobuilder workers to add the depends, updates to the CI code if/as needed, updates to the docs to mention the new dependencies, write the migration entry
<RP> Which doesn't sound too bad until you try it
<JPEW> Fair enough
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<RP> I'm not saying no, I'd love to use more things, its just not straightforward. Even a new buildtools release is a pain :(
<JPEW> Hmm... I guess I'm a little bit confused. The idea of using venv is that it would pull all the bitbake dependencies from PyPI (ideally, there's no change to buildtools because venv is part of Python proper).
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<RP> JPEW: well, it depends whether we care about determinism any more and want a way to run things without the venv
<rburton> you can lock the versions of external deps
<RP> I'm assuming we continue to need to have a way to setup something equivalent with buildtools
<rburton> also i'd say we don't, we just use buildtools to provide a python
<JPEW> RP: I think venv is an established enough thing that we just use it all the time
* RP is really tired of saying no all the time. Should I care? I'm just worn out :(
<RP> I want to do neat cool stuff. I can't even get stable builds right now and am stuck debugging all the junk I've been pushed into running/supporting already.
<JPEW> RP: Ya, that's fair
<dl9pf> can't we just build it as -native and be done ?
<dl9pf> wouldn't break the current scheme
<JPEW> dl9pf: Build what?
<dl9pf> lz4
<RP> dl9pf: for use in the parser?
<JPEW> dl9pf: I don't think so because bitbake might need it before it can build anything
<smurray> if you could defer the tasks that need it, I could imagine a bootstrap phase, maybe?
<dl9pf> just thinking - can we check on very first run within a project and pull/build it ?
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<dl9pf> yep
<rburton> now you've just badly reimplemented venv
<smurray> well, it was just expressed that's not an option ;)
<smurray> if the SBOM stuff is just output generation in recipes, bootstrapping for it seems reasonable? Or is it more fundamental than that?
<JPEW> smurray: I think the discussion was to compress some of the SBOM data, which TBH is completely optional :)
<JPEW> It... sort of went a different direction :)
<v0n> hi all -- my python app requires a custom 'prepare' step to compile protobuf things. Should I add do_compile_prepend in my recipe, or overriding do_configure (since distutils3_do_configure is a noop)?
<v0n> a custom 'setup.py prepare' step*
<RP> there is a desire to make bitbake able to use much more of the wider python module ecosystem. That would certainly be more modern/trendy. it isn't without its downsides. We could no doubt figure out a way to make packagedata able to use lz compression alone
<v0n> copy-pasting the content of distutils3_do_compile into my recipe's do_compile_prepend and s/build/prepare/ seems the way to go for me, but I prefer to double-check with you
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<rburton> i'd just do a do_compile_prepend that invoked the step you need
<rburton> you don't need to copy/paste
<rburton> actually i'd fix the setup.py so that the special protobuf prepare step happens when you do setup.py build
<v0n> rburton: I don't know how to inject a custom step in the build step, without having an ugly double call
<rburton> how do you do this prepare step?
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<v0n> rburton: not my thing, but there seem to be a PreBuild() class in there
<v0n> rburton: btw I thought about copy-pasting distutils3_do_compile because of the usage of ${PYTHON_PN}. can I simply do DEPENDS = "python3" and "python3 setup.py prepare" without prefix in do_compile_prepend?
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<rburton> I meant how do you do the prepare step
<rburton> what are you planning on writing in this new task or prepend
<rburton> RP: am i imagining there being badge urls for layer compatibility results?
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<v0n> rburton: the setup.py 'prepare' task (i.e. this PreBuild class) does call protoc, and for some reasons this cannot be done from within the Build class, because of how the touched __init__.py files
<rburton> so it is a whole new step in setup.py
<rburton> then yes, copy/paste do_compile to a prepend and change 'compile' to 'prepare'
<rburton> erm, 'build' to 'prepare'
<rburton> bonus points for changing the base class so you can set a variable of the stages to build
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<v0n> rburton: so that makes sense? Is there a way to properly integrate the `protoc protos_sub_dir/` call into the build step?
<rburton> i'd have thought it was trivial to do that in setup.py but i didn't write it so <shrugs>
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<RP> rburton: It would be nice
<RP> rburton: really need advocacy to help there
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<rburton> Too warm brain not working
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<v0n> rburton: I think the problem is that this prepare step compiles sources into python files, which are then built|installed. That's why it cannot be added that easily into the Build class
<RP> rburton: know what you mean about warm :/
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<v0n> my custom prepare step is invoked without error, even though I did not mention any DEPENDS to provide the 'protoc' binary, it kinda worries me :)
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<RP> zeddiii: I'm struggling to make my local failure case fail anymore. So frustrating :(
<v0n> if I use RDEPENDS python3-protobuf, which has DEPENDS protobuf, does my recipe have protobuf at build time as well?
<JPEW> v0n: You may need protobuf-native for a build-time host tool
<zeddiii> RP: :(
<JPEW> v0n: e.g `DEPENDS += "protobuf-native"`
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<v0n> JPEW: thank you!
<paulg_> RP, if you've failed to fail, is that a fail?
paulg_ is now known as paulg
* RP notes an ltp test with "sleep 900" in it
<RP> paulg: yes, total fail
<paulg> 'cause why would you ever expect LTP to complete in less than 15h ?
<RP> paulg: indeed. Would be nice if I could ask for "fast" tests only
<paulg> tgamblin was just noticing that the "fast" tests he was running had already racked up 1+ hrs of wall time, so be careful what you wish for. :-P
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<tgamblin> paulg: 2h40m now :)
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<paulg> stellar.
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<khem> RP: zeddiii I am seeing kernel crash on rv32 qemu http://sprunge.us/jgF4tC
<khem> with todays master-next
<RP> khem: likely an issue with 5.10.42? :/
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<zeddiii> odd.
<zeddiii> I wouldn't have expected that.
<v0n> btw the setup.py describes the dependencies, do I still need to add the corresponding RDEPENDS python3-* librairies?
<zeddiii> RP: does the AB run riscv32 ? I can start a local build, but it'll take 3 or 4 hours on my builder.
<paulg> that looks like a rootfs arch mismatch faii
<paulg> /sbin/init .... /bin/bash -- the whole default list all failed to execute?
<RP> zeddiii: no, it isn't official test matrix or supported by YP
<zeddiii> yah. no matter how low my opinion of what gets into -stable, they shouldn't have done that.
<paulg> I'd have to check the code to be sure ; at one point 10+ years ago zeddiii and I had a more informative printk in there if your rootfs was missing completely.
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<v0n> I'm getting (from pydoc import locate) "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pydoc'", isn't it a standard python thing? Am I missing an RDEPENDS maybe?
<v0n> is there a meta package for all standard python-foo ?
<v0n> python3-foo
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<wesm> noob question here, I am trying builds for my raspberrypi-cm3 and I switched from a tar IMAGE_FSTYPES to wic. now I get an error about a missing rpi-zero dtb from do_image_wic. can I get bitbake to build just that dtb file or just exclude it? I'm not using that platform anyway
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<wesm> I don't know why it even wants that one, really
<wesm> since that's not the MACHINE I'm targeting
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<wesm> ok I guess it comes from the meta-raspberrypi/conf/machine/include/rpi-base.inc
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<zeddiii> qemuriscv32 login: root
<zeddiii> Linux qemuriscv32 5.10.42-yocto-standard #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jun 9 13:47:13 UTC 2021 riscv32 riscv32 riscv32 GNU/Linux
<zeddiii> root@qemuriscv32:~# uname -a
<zeddiii> RP: ^------------
<zeddiii> (so keep running with those SRCREVs, we'll sort out why the different results).
<RP> khem: ^^^
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<RP> zeddiii: I have ltp hacked where it faults about 75% of the time in around 8mins
<RP> zeddiii: interestingly, I think the hangs depend on causing earlier tests to trigger the oom killer :/
<zeddiii> heh,. I've seen that before, in fact, maybe even with ltp. it corrupted something so badly in test a), that test b) actually failed.
<jbronder> v0n: python3-modules?
<RP> zeddiii: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/83/builds/2230 - rather green. Only valgrind and a mips serial console warning
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<zeddiii> not bad at all
<ant_> zeddiii, HELO
<RP> [ 357.642597] kernel tried to execute NX-protected page - exploit attempt? (uid: 0)
<ant_> you don't look soo busy so please help to decide if this is a regression or maybe a bugfix... https://lists.openembedded.org/g/openembedded-core/message/152760
<RP> makes a change to NULL pointer dereferences I guess
<ant_> zeddiii, imho it's strange that do_stage needs a function of packagedata.bbclass, even with packaging disabled
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<khem> zeddiii: yes glibc works here too its with musl where its segfaulting
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<khem> RP: zeddiii i think it was a local change in systemd
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<RP> zeddiii: I think I've narrowed down which ltp test trashes the kernel - mtest06 mmap1
<RP> zeddiii: the bad state is then picked up by later tests triggering null pointer dereference
<zeddiii> paulg: ^------- that rings a bell with our old LTP battles. i don't suppose you have anything like that in your mail archives.
* paulg reads
halstead_ is now known as halstead
<paulg> 33 hits on mtest06 :-/
<RP> zeddiii: I can give you a hack to the ltp tests which effectively reproduce this about 70% of the time in around 5 mins
<RP> paulg: anything interesting in the hits?
<RP> zeddiii: I also ruled out the OOM killing FWIW
<paulg> lots of noise and little useful info
<paulg> other than mtest06 appears to be a "flail at random and see what breaks" kind of non-structured test.
<paulg> found a case where it gave random sig 11 and *surprise* -- it was the test taht was busted ass trash.
<RP> zeddiii, paulg: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/t222&id=d7d65aae104caa03afc28837b0abe0b486d5a8b8 IMAGE_INSTALL_append = ' ltp' TEST_SUITES = 'ping ssh ltp' then bitbake core-image-sato; bitbake core-image-sato -c testimage
<RP> zeddiii: I'll now try that with the noaufs kernel
<RP> paulg: it shouldn't be able to trash kernel memory though?
<paulg> I've lost track of what is going on. Does LTP break vanilla 5.10.42, or 5.10.42+aufs, or... and are we chasing an NX warning now, or is each crash different, or ... ?
<RP> paulg: the ltp test above breaks v5.10/standard/base-aufsv2 @ b3b1627391bf18358547d84e4bb4b53438d5cf98 which I think is 5.10.42+aufs with aufs not enabled in the defconfig
<RP> paulg: it triggers a kernel crash which can be an NX fault, a crash in the interrupt handler or a null pointer dereference. I.e. something is trashing kernel memory
<RP> it usually faults in a fs call of some kind like a mount op or an mkdir
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<paulg> any arch? seen on bare metal or only under qemu?
<RP> paulg: I'm testing under qemu on x86-64 with kvm
* paulg isn't a big qemu fan.
<RP> paulg: I don't get real hardware any more
<paulg> yah, most of mine is stray-cat rescue material.
<RP> paulg: I am also trying to stop the autobuilder crashing/hanging and it is all qemu
<paulg> well, lemme see if I can make something out of the above and get it on x86-64 w/o qemu and see what happens. Probably won't be happening before your bedtime tho...
<ant_> RP: last I used qemu it was during gcc6->7 move. It could boot misaligned kernels failing on real hw
<RP> zeddiii, paulg: So far, switching to v5.10/standard/base @ a673c127156c156a4a490ef66e0194d239cfbfa1 has had several runs without provoking the bug
<paulg> maybe I should be looking at aufs for stuff that lives outside of its ifdeffery...
<paulg> not that I really want to, but....
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<RP> zeddiii, paulg: bad news, I have the bug with a673c127156c156a4a490ef66e0194d239cfbfa1
<paulg> well, I guess the next step is vanilla 5.10.42
<RP> paulg: if only zeddiii had pushed that :)
<paulg> ~/git/linux-yocto$ git log --oneline --no-merges a673c12715 ^v5.10.42 | wc -l
<paulg> 110
<paulg> not a helluva lot in there on top of .42
<RP> paulg: can I get vanilla 5.10.42 from linux-yocto?
<paulg> hell ya
<paulg> v5.10/base is probably pointing right at it
<RP> paul: its pointing at .41
<RP> hence my comment above :)
<paulg> nope, that is .41 ; anyway - in a devshell just "git checkout v5.10.42" since zeddiii pushed the tag.
<RP> paulg: I want something I can set the recipe to without having to hack it to pieces :)
<paulg> or if you have your heart set on monkeying with srcrevs
<paulg> ~/git/linux-yocto$ git rev-parse v5.10.42
<paulg> 2276a4a138780f4afe90d41ecb80d0715cf48f5a
<paulg> (don't tell anybody, but I normally build most of my kernels outside of any build system.... ;-)
<RP> paulg: I'm shocked ;-)
<RP> paulg: is 65859eca4dff1af0db5e36d1cfbac15b834c6a65 plain .42?
<paulg> yeah, that is the makefile commit right under the tag
<RP> paulg: given that is on the branch, that should work best then :)
<paulg> ~/git/linux-yocto$ git rev-parse v5.10.42^{}
<paulg> 65859eca4dff1af0db5e36d1cfbac15b834c6a65
<paulg> ...but you knew that already.
<RP> paulg: I used to build kernels outside the buildsystem but it does it so much better than I do now...
<paulg> it gets easier when you slowly drift towards only building for one architecture. :-P
<paulg> gave away all my powerpc boards like 5-8y ago....
<RP> paulg: you're a mips only shop now? :)
<paulg> heh.
<paulg> wonder what Ralf is up to these days?
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<paulg> anyway I'll boot a v5.10.42 @ a673c127156c156a4a490ef66e0194d239cfbfa1 on a turd with ltp already on it and see if I can make it go crunch-bang.
<paulg> going with "defconfig" for now.
<paulg> no modules... x86-64
<RP> paulg: my hacked up test run is basically mm, containers then controllers
<RP> paulg: mm seems to break it, the last bit of containers provokes, controllers then crashes it
<paulg> that will tell me if I can see what y'all are seeing, since you've confirmed a673c is borken.
<RP> paulg: a673c seemed harder to break but I did get a crash
<paulg> I'll see if I can glom your reduced set into the existing ltp on platters. Don't really want to rebuild ltp
<RP> paulg: just copy that hackedup file into the runtests dir
<RP> paulg: that is the magic bits of mm, containers and controller that seem to provoke it
<paulg> has been a while since I've poked at ltp ; will need to clear some cobwebs and dust.
<RP> paulg: of course whether it is the right ltp version... :)
<paulg> yeah, I was going on an assumption that mm tests haven't changed radically, but I might have to revisit that if it doesn' t break.
<RP> zeddiii, paulg: have some good/bad news. 65859eca4dff1af0db5e36d1cfbac15b834c6a65 breaks too. So it is in upstream .42
<v0n> does setuptools3 honor the Python requirements.txt?
<paulg> RP, well you are in this far, with the reproducer handy... test .41 just to confirm it was OK?
<paulg> ~/git/linux-yocto$ git rev-parse v5.10.41^{}
<paulg> 33069919e2dce440d3b8cd101b18f37bb35bdddf
<paulg> zeddiii is no stranger to me griping how -stable has increased their scope of what qualifies ; chances are you've heard him gripe about the same.
<paulg> see the iommu wreckage of late.
<RP> paulg: could be worse, could be the RH kernel where we're chasing bugs from totally new syscalls in a point upgrade
<paulg> don't get me started on ranting about frankenkernels.
<zeddiii> RP: I just pushed the clean .42
<zeddiii> v5.10/base, if you still need it.
<RP> paulg: I am going to have to sleep shortly but I'll try .41 first
<RP> zeddiii: I think we've concluded it is bust too :/
<paulg> I'll see if I can break 42 on bare metal, and then maybe I can continue the "rewind" to something non borked.
<zeddiii> ack'd. took SIGFOOD and was trying to catch up :D
<paulg> yah, I've pending SIGFOOD here.
<paulg> RP, before you flee; what kinds of run quantity are you needing on your mimimized test to see a break on your last couple tests? Less than 5?
<paulg> seeing as this is one of those "doesn't fail doesn't mean good" kinda pseudo-bisects....
<RP> paulg: mostly its taken 2-3 but plain .42 took about 7
<paulg> ok - good to know where the "try harder" threshold is presumed to be currently.
<RP> paulg: you have some "known broken" revisions you can at least know should break...
<RP> zeddiii, paulg: I should say you need to ignore the pass/fail from testimage, you have to look at the qemu console log in WORKDIR/testimage for tracebacks
* RP suspects the ltp test status needs some work.
* paulg won't be using anything from testimage
<paulg> at least not immediately
<RP> zeddiii, paulg: .41 confirmed as bust too
<paulg> whee.
<paulg> .38 was the iommu fixed one, IIRC.
<paulg> maybe we think that was good?
<RP> well, I should sleep. If you have any ideas on what I should be testing tomorrow leave comments :)
<RP> should I pick some early version of 5.10 for comparision?
<paulg> it might be wise
<paulg> in terms of ruling out seomthing !kernel -- like qemu
<paulg> otherwise we might be on a wild goose chase rewinding thru kernels for no value.
<paulg> when was the last time we think the autobuilder didn't spit the dummy on ltp?
<RP> paulg: with all the problems we've been having, hard to say :(
* RP -> Zzzz
<paulg> well, in that case, I typically just carve off a sizeable chunk, like a 1/2 dozen stable versions and see what happens.
<paulg> anyways, if I get a reproducer, then I'll rewind some more. If I don't get one on vanilla .42 then that also tells us it is something specific to toolchain/ltp/qemu/...
<paulg> sigfood
<paulg> I've got "./runltp -f mm" going on vanilla v5.10.42 now - we'll see what that does in the interim
<paulg> serial console should catch any blood spatter and chunks of brain.
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<paulg> INFO: ltp-pan reported all tests PASS
<paulg> LTP Version: 20200515-34-g10c317d6e
<paulg> time to try the "hack" subset.
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<paulg> default mm set did trigger about a 1/2 dozen oom on the sercons though.
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